back to article Custom-car creator preps electric Porsche

Porsche may or may not be working on an electric sportscar - there's nothing lined up for its Paris Motor Show appearance, that's for sure - but if you want one, turn to German auto tuner Ruf. Ruf Porsche CTR3 Ruf's custom Porsche CTR3: will the 'leccy one look like this? Next month, the company will show off a prototype …


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  1. Luke Watson


    I assume you mean Ruf later in the article? or is Tuf a different company... i not being sarcastic, im just interested.

  2. Pete James


    Not the first porker to be connected to the Porsche name. the new stuff is for nancy-boys tho compared to the early 70's RS. I drove a very good replica and that stimulated/scared me quite enough thanks.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Porsche engineering comes full circle

    Ah, the company is finally getting back to its roots... after all (Dr Ferdinand) Porsche's first design was the 1901 electric Lohner-Porsche - driven by hub-mounted motors, and in one version powered by a bang-up-to-date petrol-electric hybrid power source. Can't think of a better car manufacturer to develop exciting electric vehicles, even if this project is led by a third party.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    TUF ? Never heard of 'em

    TUF or RUF ? Who's it gonna be lads ?

    Peter R.

  5. Nicholas Ettel
    Thumb Down

    URL icon

    This has nothing to do with the story, however I've noticed that Reg Hardware is still using the old style shortcut icons in the address bar instead of the new (and, admittedly, more stylish) icons on El Reg proper. Was this just overlooked? Or is this on purpose?

    I ask because it massively clashes with my OCD. THEY DON'T MATCH AND IT'S PAINFUL! :(

  6. Robert Moore

    Why why why

    Why is it some little guy can make an electric car that is cool, goes fast, and can even go a distance I might need to travel, but all the big car manufacturers insist on making slow ugly piles of steaming crap with a range that can not get me to work, let alone getting me back home?

  7. Robert E A Harvey

    Not for the first time

    Go have a look at the Voltsporsche Kit at - OK, it only fits old ones, but it's been around a while. Claims "85 mph top speed and 80 - 100 miles range"

  8. Eugene Goodrich

    Good for London folk...

    This must be a lovely thing to hear for the poor folk who live inside London's congestion-fee, er, I mean pollution-fee, er, I mean estimated carbon-output-per-mile fee area where merely garaging a Porsche now costs thousands per year.

  9. Steven Raith


    500lb/ft of torque, and given that Ruf tend to use Porsche platforms [although I *believe* they are a manufacturer in their own right, much like Alpina, with thier own chassis numbers] probably rear engined....

    ...who wants to put a fiver on it being a '73 RS stylee widowmaker for those lucky enough to be in the position to buy one?

    Steven R

    [petrolhead, sorry]

  10. Stuart Halliday

    Out of date?

    Isn't Lithium Sulphate batteries the latest thing? Twice the capacity of Lithium Ion.

  11. Matthew Barker
    Thumb Up

    If it's under 100k...

    It'd be a better alternative than that leccy from california with the wonky transmission.

  12. Tracy Nelson

    100HP? Bah. Why not something like...

    ...the Mini with electric hubs ( 640HP, 0-100kph in 4.5 sec, 200-250 mile range on electric, what's not to love? Well, except maybe the lack of brakes (no mechanical braking, it's all done via the hub motors).

  13. karakal

    @Matthew Barker

    If you mean the Tesla it is a very good car, and it is even sporty.

    And the "normal" CTR3 costs around 452.200 Euro so I don't think the electric version would be cheaper than 100k...

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