back to article Sony Ericsson eyes up Android

Sony Ericsson has revealed that it's got its eyes on Google's Android platform, which now only powers T-Mobile’s G1 handset. According to a report by Reuters, Dick Komiyama, President of Sony Ericsson, said at a media event in Sweden yesterday that the company is “certainly interested” in the Google-developed platform and that …


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  1. James Paterson

    CTO thinks differently


    Mats Lindoff, Sony Ericsson's chief technology architect, said that the firm had been testing Android with prototype devices, and that Google's was a " holistic" approach.

    "[But] to go with mass production and working with prototypes are two different things," he explained. "If you want to give every service away to Google, then Android is the perfect solution."

  2. Chris Boyle

    LG and Samsung

    ...have previously said they're releasing Android phones in 2009. I wonder if their (and Sony's) hardware will be any better than HTC's? I think HTC had the better track-record of the three, up until the G1, but I don't like the look of that curvy slider. Looks fragile.

  3. Tom Richardson

    Dear Register...

    Please please PLEASE stop referring to mobile phones as "talkers". It's intensely irritating.

    love and kisses,

    Me xxx

  4. Anonymous Coward


    SE has years of experience with Symbian and yet consistently produces overly-buggy phones. Changing OS won't help them I'm afraid.

  5. cmantito
    Thumb Up

    SE + Android = Win

    If SE go with Android, I'm willing to overlook it's mishaps with UIQ. The X1 looked nice, but I will never own a WinMo phone again...

    Maybe SE can pull this one off? Please?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    SE & Symbian Foundation

    Now that SE has announced it is laying off most of its Symbian development centres and canceling the 2008 Symbian portfolio, they will need to retool for Open OS devices in 2009. Let's see if current plans to bring Symbian Foundation devices into SE high and mainstream portfolio bare fruit in 2009. With their mainstream OSE devices becoming increasing slow and buggy SE needs a new platform strategy. It won't be so easy.

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