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With Windows HPC Server 2008, the parallel supercomputing variant of Microsoft's Windows operating system, being released this week, there are probably a lot more people who want to see how it works than are willing to shell out a lot of cash to give it a whirl. And that is one reason why IBM has set up a test drive of Windows …


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  1. Solomon Grundy

    New Hack?

    Is Timothy Prickett Morgan the replacement for the chick (Ashley) that was seduced by the Gray Lady? If so he's doing a pretty good job.

    If he's not the new hack then fuck him right in the ear; two times. (just kidding)

    My only suggestion would be to drop one of his extra names or shorten it to something cool like T.P. Morgan or Tim Prickett or something. Three names is one too many and it sounds really Old English...Wonder if he plays polo?

  2. Steve Evans


    Is that all?

    I hope you've the units wrong!

    If not, that's pretty crap! Given that consumer 1TB drives are now less than £100, did IBM really only spend £5k on the storage media?

    (Yes I know industrial grade server drives cost more, but I assumed IBM had some buying clout!).

  3. Daniel Gould

    BSoD anyone

    Look here for their current status info .... Nice to see a representation of the quality of the product....

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