back to article Dell confirms 12in netbook? MID? Tablet?

Dell has confirmed it is indeed working on a 12in netbook-style laptop, as UK grocer Tesco recently let slip on its website. Dell's European marketing chief for consumer products, David Clifton, admitted today that, yes, the PC giant's recently released Inspiron Mini 9 9in Small, Cheap Computer will soon be joined by a 12in …


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  1. b

    not quite a baby!

    more of a small child laptop...

    anyway, i recently bought into this space with an hp tx1340ea, which is a 12", but it has a touch screen, so the picture isn't great (you get a slight silvery sheen to the screen). but apart from that it's a fully functionaing laptop. dvd burner etc.

    so it's definately not a baby ("scc"), but i'll bet dell do it for a dam site less than the £700 hp took off me for it!

    anyone else noticed that the cheapest lappy's are 15.4"?

    they must be making so many of the 15.4" panels that they are the cheapest to buy, but i have to say, i really like the 12" size, tho i'm eyeing up a 10" can do most things with it, whereas a 10" may start doing your eyes in after long periods..idk..



    p.s. stuff and nonsense:

  2. Tom Smith Silver badge

    Latitude XT

    Dell already make an 11" tablet PC (called the Latitude XT), so I'd expect a very small laptop rather than a tablet, unless they're going to make a more consumer friendly version.

  3. Rob Foster
    Thumb Up

    Shot across MS bow?

    (I may be wrong but...)

    Isn't there at 10.2 inch limitation on screen size for MID devices/UMPCs running XP? So a 12 inch screen with an Atom mobile processor probably runs Ubuntu quite nicely but may be underpowered for a satisfying Vista experience (if such a thing exists).

    Is this a case of Dell forcing the XP retirement issue? MicroShaft may not be too happy about this. I may actually have to start liking Dell...

  4. W

    @ b

    "they must be making so many of the 15.4" panels that they are the cheapest to buy"

    Er, that'd be "economies of scale" then? See:

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