back to article suffers lower case t breakdown

The lower case letter 't' was briefly removed from the home page of Cisco's website on Thursday morning. The Sesame Street-style caper failed to affect capital letter Ts. Numerous Reg readers were quick to tell us of the curious case of the missing letter on Thursday morning. Several theories emerged, including the …


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  1. Paul Stephenson
    Thumb Up


    errrr lol?

  2. Kev


    ... they were on a 't' break!

  3. Andrew Duff

    Missing leer beween s and u

    Looking a he response from Cisco suppor his morning, I be hey were shiing hemselves!

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Wha a bunch of useless cuns.

  5. MattW

    An ovewraed ler anyway

    he world would be a beer place wihou 's

  6. Craig McLean
    Paris Hilton

    Flaky regexp?

    removal of tabs using s/t// instead of s/\t// perchance?

    Paris, queen of the regexp.

  7. John Imrie

    Missing 't'

    o all he oher people who wro commens wih ou ''s i's no big and i's no clever

  8. Simon Riley

    Downrigh Bizarre

    I'm no exper bu his srikes me as downrigh bizarre. Somehing I've never experienced in en years of working on the Inerne.

    I'll get me coa

  9. Neil Bauers

    To err is human...

    To really foul things up, you need a computer.

  10. CJDL

    Yorkshire t's ?

    Maybe they are Yorkshire t's and have all gone t'pub. Or, since they are already silent, maybe they decided to become invisible too :-)

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Saving bandwidth?

    Maybe they were trying to save bandwidth by removing the letter t from the English alphabet? Obviously a capital T is useful.

    I suspect all those trying to view the page to see the fault offset the saving it so they just put it back in.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Cisco isup

    rather than titsup I assume

  13. Paul Coen

    As someone who played Infocom games

    I can only conclude that a group of salesmen showed up at the door, and in return for a flashlight, gave them a T-remover.

  14. Matt Bradley

    Getting rid of tabs

    Looks to me like somebody tried to regex out of tabs from the documents, but somehow forgot to escape their expression properly...

  15. chuBb.

    regexp snafu?

    whats the betting \t was the culprit?

    html optimisation gone wrong, e.g. stripping tabs out of code to reduce page size by a few bytes

    .*?t*\w..... instead of .*?\t*\w.....

  16. thefutureboy

    So... was a good job it wasn't that would be really funny if you took all the letter ts out.

    I'll ge my coa

  17. Garry Mills

    Skip o Fooer

    I think I knew him, Irish fisherman

    Maybe this was "speak like the Irish" day and nobody else knew?

  18. Justin

    Glottal Stops

    Finally! The Sarfeet 'as it's way. We all know wo! a Da!a cen!er is. Looks like Cisco is doing it's bi! for promo!ing the Lympics in 2012.

    Is any of their ki! available on the Mile End Road?

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    Best Typo by Cisco ever.. "Ineroperabiliy Systems"

  20. Anonymous John

    Some wadangle

    with a spell checker?

  21. Vic

    And they'd like you to think

    That they're the kind of guys who dot their Is and cross their Ts? Huh? They don't even have Ts. That's just damn careless.

  22. Feargal Reilly

    Poor sod whoever was responsible

    Probably was a find-and-replace gone wrong.

    Guy who was responsible is probably feeling like a supid cun righ now.

  23. Fluffykins Silver badge

    Oh God, it's so obvious:

    They caught it at T Break.


    Two sugars please

  24. RW

    You've all got it wrong

    Welcome to our new Brazilian overlords!

  25. Fluffykins Silver badge


    You unspeakable bastard! You beat me to it!!!

  26. Fluffykins Silver badge

    OK then.

    Was this due to over-enthusiastic use of T-Cut?

  27. Martin Lyne

    I think..

    This should actually be listed under "Rise of the Machines"



    and others..

    Cisco supercomputers gaining sentience, start by restructuring simple words under the guise of an accident, subliminally sending us signs to go to war and that it wants to control humanity.

    Probably engineered the credit crunch too.. get us at each others' throats!

  28. kain preacher

    Big bird

    How come no one has questioned him yet ??

  29. Jon Green

    Been there, done that the 't'!

    (And you're not having it back!)

  30. skeptical i

    takedown order

    Pro'ly some uber Gargantu-Corp got delusions of relevance, thought it had copyrights to the letter 't', and issued a takedown order at which some poor n00b at Cisco panicked and complied; bosses were on the golf course (after having reserved their 't' time -- were they in on it?) at the time, hence so long before the situation was rectified.

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