back to article Cisco's dirty dozen fight IOS flaws

Cisco has posted a bumper crop of 12 security advisories covering flaws in its IOS software and related networking kit. The vulnerabilities create a route for skilled hackers to crash vulnerable systems or obtain sensitive information, among other exploits. Login credentials are not needed to carry out the majority of the …


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  1. jejeje

    Where are their t's?

    How about the missing t's from their webpage today?

    "Cisco Sysems, Inc"


    "Applicaion Neworking Services"

    "Indusry Soluions"

  2. Richard

    They should probably work on fixing first.

    Mine's the one with all the letter 'T's in the pocket.

  3. Feargal Reilly

    welve paches?

    Shame hey forgo to fix heir own websie - here's no lowercase leer on heir fron page.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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