back to article Coming soon: Spider-Man - The Musical!

Forget Amanda Donohoe and Emmerdale - this week's hot hot hot showbiz news is that Peter Parker could be donning his eight tap shoes as soon as 2009 for Spider-Man - The Musical!. That's according to which says Marvel big cheese David Maisel earlier this week confirmed the exciting news, on the proviso he can find a …


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  1. Joe

    I for one....

    ...welcome our new Arachnid overlords

    Mine's the one with 8 sleeves...

  2. Mike Crawshaw


    There, that's better.

  3. LINCARD1000

    Somebody send...

    ...that man a huge box full of angry Katipo spiders. Or funnel-webs, or brown recluses, or something...

  4. John M

    Dancing on the ceiling - Not

    Aaargh. Enough with the musicals.

  5. Chika

    Musical Spidey?

    Didn't they try this already some years ago with Captain America?

  6. jim
    Thumb Down


    I'd say it could have promise, if i thought it could have promise. I wonder if they'll do a web-based version.

    And Bono?!?!?!?! He should stick to wearing oversized sunglasses and feigning importance.

  7. Adam Foxton
    Thumb Down

    Oblique references to world poverty

    "Everybody gets one. Except these poor children in Africa. Please, everybody, give generously."

    "I'm glad I'm aLIVE to AID these people"

    Doesn't sound too good either...

  8. Nemo Metis
    Paris Hilton

    Oh. My. God.

    An there i was thinking a Sex and the City film, or an ABBA musical was as low as we could go.

    Paris, because as low as she goes, she knows where to stop.

  9. Lloyd
    IT Angle

    Does it look a little like this?

  10. Martin

    What next - Planet of the Apes - the Musical?

    Oh, hang on - the Simpsons already did that....

    Is there nothing that they won't try to make into a musical?

    Twelve Angry Men - The Musical?

    Citizen Kane - The Musical?

    Angela's Ashes - The Musical?

    The Great Gatsby - The Musical?

    The Old Man and the Sea - The Musical?


  11. Timothy Allen

    Don't be so quick to judge

    There are lots of musicals made from unlikely subject matter - admittedly some are utterly awful, but some are really great too. Whilst I knew from the outset that "Lord of the Rings - The Musical" was going to be appalling drivel of the highest (lowest?) order, consider "Wicked" - readers of the Gregory McGuire novel would never have guessed it could have been turned into a show, much less an award-winning, compelling, highly entertaining one. Some of the other successful musicals of the last 30 years have come from very unlikely material - "Cats", "Miss Saigon", even "Les Miserables". And "The Lion King" might have had slightly more commercially sound material to work with, but it also shows that the inclusion of a pop writer doesn't necessarily equal bad music.

    Disclaimer: Whilst I'm a database developer by day, I'm a musical director by night - but I don't have any involvement with Spiderman - The Musical!

  12. Tim
    Thumb Down

    What? No credit?

    That's the last tip I send!

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Debbie does Dallas - The Musical

    It works in my head, does that mean I am a bad person?

  14. Chad H.

    @ martin

    No, of would have to be musical: the musical. A giant musical flies onto the stage....

  15. J


    We aliens here at work have a suspicion that the only people who like musicals (well, the ones that take themselves "seriously"; Blues Brothers or South Park don't count, for example) are: Americans, women, or gays -- in no particular order or combination. But given we have no real data on this, what would it be like in England, for example? Other European countries? Asia? Apparently Indians have some taste for this despicable movie gender too, from the snippets I've seen of Bollywood productions. Is that the case? It turns my stomach to see a narrative interrupted by people singing and dancing all of a sudden...

    For some reason, even being very musical (and a musician) from an early age, I've always loathed musical movies (specially American ones), which used to show in afternoon TV when I was a kid.

  16. Fozzy


    I have now peered into the abyss and seen the terror within.

  17. kain preacher

    G.W. bush

    The musical

  18. The Fuzzy Wotnot


    More to the point Martin, are there no original ideas left in the world? I know there is the old adage "There are only 7 plots in the world, all films are variants of these.", but this is just getting stupid and lazy now. I suppose original ideas simply don't "bring in the green".

  19. Mike Groombridge


    didn't they do that you brought a ticket for the theatre and they just did a musical you didn't know what it was until you got there sure some one did it at the edinburgh festival one year

  20. pastamasta

    Could be worse

    I await, with a heavy sense of impending doom, the inevitable arrival of "X-Men!", the forthcoming Lloyd-Webber musico-theatrical extravaganza, featuring songs such as "Magnet Man", "Requiem For A Jellymutant", "Get Outta My Head, Charles" and "I Get No Kick From Yellow Spandex" which are doubtless destined to become all-time classics.

  21. mutt1170


    Great Gatsby The Musical?

    You know scarily enough I can actually see that one working

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Just... NO! First the blatant puberty gags of the film, now THIS!!!! You shirt-lifting dirtbags are fucking ruining great characters, please FUCK OFF!

    @J - Family Guy gets away with it too.

    More to the point, can we sue these people for taking advantage of Stan Lee's obviously degenerative mental condition?

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ... Lloth (Lolth) is pleased.

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