back to article Dell launches monster quad-core notebook

Dell today introduced its stylish Precision M6400 quad-core "mobile workstation", the beefy specced desktop replacement it first talked about back in August. It also debut a variant, the M6400 Covet, which is the one with the blazing orange aluminium cover. Dell Precision M6400 Dell Precision M6400: covetable? Both models …


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  1. Jamie


    Could not find this on the website for Dell. Guess they have put it in hiding as they do with everything else that will run something other than Windows.

  2. David S
    Paris Hilton

    Is it just me...

    ...or would you feel somebody's credibility drop if they pulled one of these out in a meeting? Could be the colouring, or else it might be the feeling that they're probably overcompensating for something if-you-get-what-I'm-sayin'...

    I guess the target market probably doesn't need credibility in a business context.

    PH has more meet cred.

  3. tempemeaty
    Paris Hilton

    It's not a server.

    Red Hat Enterprise? o_O;; Sorry. It's not a server.

    It would've been a better choice to go Ubuntu if for no other reason than Ubuntu has great support of Desktop PC software selections. The people who are going to buy this are not going to have time for messing with compiles. They have Graphics work to do.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    That orange glow

    will be from the nVidia GPU...

    Mine's the one with the ATi equipped notebook in the pocket.

  5. Jay Cooper

    Is it sad that.............

    I feel mildly turned on by this?

  6. Michael

    And if you use it on your lap

    you'll probably melt your trousers.

  7. chris


    Is it really a standard keyboard? When I upgraded my XPS M1710 to the M1730 I was extremely annoyed that the six "ins/pos1/pgup/del/end/pgdown" keys had been moved into very non-standard positions!

  8. b
    Thumb Up

    hiya big boy!

    i'll have one..

  9. Craig Foster

    'Bout time!

    Nice to see they finally support Vista 64-bit without nagging and calls to account managers :P

  10. DMJ


    I went to Dell's website and started customizing this thing. Once you start adding all the nice options the price skyrockets! Over 5k, US dollars.

  11. Alan

    Odd error message

    I just tried to configure one of these, so I selected the Quad core option and was warned that this was incompatible with the wireless card. you cannot change the wireless option so you have to deselect the quad core chip.

    Then I selected Vista Business 64 bit so I could load it with 16gb ram and I got this error message...

    "The Operating system you have selected is incompatible with Palm Rest Option."

    So Dell's palm rests are not compatible with 64 bit windows - perhaps they'd better get a certified driver for their palm rests.

    Finally, the only hard drives on offer are 160gb, 250gb and 64gb SSD, and there is no second drive option, so how exactly do you get 1tb of storage.

    With the quad core chip, 16gb RAM, WUXGA screen and 64gb SSD onboard the price is £5125 + vat

  12. evilbobthebob

    Covetable? Yes.

    Portable? No.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Red Hat missing

    @ Jamie

    You have got it wrong Jamie. When it does eventually appear on the website the Windows version will be in plain view but it will be the Red Hat version that will be missing!!


    This system does seem a lot more expensive than the Quad-Core workstation laptop that was reviewed several months back. That already had 1.5 Terabyte of disc space, and about 8Gb of RAM for approx £3000 (iirc).

  14. Warhelmet
    Thumb Down

    Hang On

    Erm, why not buy a 2p - quad core server and a big fat pipe, then buy a reasonably specced laptop, equip it with a 3G modem, pay for lots of different wi-fi access and then just run a grunty VM on the server and connect to that? I'm sure it would be cheaper.

    I suppose you take it to LAN parties.

  15. Andy


    Might just about run Vista with everything turned on...

  16. Mr Floppy


    You can spec up a DreamBook/Sager/Clevo with better graphics cards for a lot less than 5K.

  17. Scott Mckenzie


    Use a decent 3D CAD system and you'll probably find that your "nice" ATI graphics card is little out of it's depth, so i'd stick with nVidia if i were you...

  18. NoCo37


    "...the full range of RGB colours as defined by Adobe."

    I'll let Pantone define my colours... others may merely suggest, thankyouverymuch!

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