back to article G1 Android launch pictures leaked?

There may only be several hours to go before T-Mobile officially unveils the G1 Android-based handset. But that hasn’t stopped what’s believed to be the world’s first official photos of the phone being leaked online. G1_02 The G1: available on T-Mobile, runs on Google's Android and made by HTC According to a report by …


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  1. Stuza

    Shame its HTC

    ... guess it will be HTC's usual build quality which is frankly awefull. Shame, they do such a good job of packing in the tech, they forget how to QA the physical hardware.

    On the flip side, I am looking forward to this to help push the user experience in the way the JesusPhone has. Windows Mobile devices are being challenged and thats a good thing - look at the Touch Diamond for example, the Omnia and the soon to be Asus Glaxy7. None of these would be as "good" as they are without the JesusPhone pushing them. I hope Google can do some unique and interesting things as well!

    (No I don't own an Iphone, I am a WinMob user through and through, I just think the Iphone has helped the market develope)

  2. Ian Davies
    Thumb Down

    Don't fancy yours much

    wow, she's a looker, huh?

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Yep, that is one ugly phone! Looks like the iPhones ugly sibling!

    Where are the "What?! No video? I couldn't possibly live without video! How can my ageing parent witness little Timmy's first go on the potty? I can with my Nokia/Sony ?other HTC phone... " There's no front mounted camera either. Google, what are you thinking? How can people at large be expected to cope without video calls? Let hope you remembered MMS... YAWN

  4. Bucky

    Looking good...

    It looks much better than the Fisher Price looking white/cream version we've seen so far.

    Finger crossed it'll live up to the hype!?

    I'm sure I'm due a hol to the States to go pick one up...

  5. Dave Cumming

    Wheres the flames???

    Wheres the Nokia fanboys, the Apple haters, the Bill Gates love children all bombarding this with abuse as they did to the iPhone??

    I'm willing to bet this gets nowhere near the abuse despite clearly being a complete and utter rip off with a much uglier exterior and no doubt will have just as many teething issues.

    And to re-iterate, boy is that a cheap and ugly looking phone.

  6. Tom


    HTC phones are usually pretty nice.. this one looks.. well for the younger readers I will refrain from certain language, but it doesnt look good.

  7. James Pickett (Jp)
    Thumb Down


    Whilst Android might be of great interest to people like me, it's hardly going to make a good first impression on the masses encased in that ugly phone!

    A major style injection required here!

  8. Pete

    Still ugly then.

    I'm still interested on actually getting hold of one and seeing what it can do. If it does everything i need to (camera and video call not even vaguely important to me. Don;t think i've used a phone camera more than 10 times in the last 7 years!!) then I might think about it.

    It is Ugly, but then if it's a workhorse, who cares.

    As for the missing "what, no video" type posts, i'm sure there being feverishly typed into various keyboards as we speak!!

  9. Martin Lyne


    3 megapixel videos aren't worth the bother, and I don't see what's ugly about it. A screen and some buttons. The button decals do look a bit 80's.. but considering it'll be covered by your thumbs, pressed agaisnt your face or in your pocket, not really a bother. The back should be pretty though. And the interface. That's where prettiness counts.

    > 1 Memory slots would be nice. And the list I usually go on about relating to phones.


  10. Paul
    Paris Hilton

    4.6" screen?

    I'd like it if it did have a 4.6" one, but given the form factor I think it would make the rest of the phone too large.

    I've had a play with the iPhone, and while it might be really nice to use, it's way too large for me to carry around all the time.

    I hope the gPhone give Apple a bit of serious competion over the next year. It might help Apple see the light and stop being such a bunch of arses about which apps to let in the app store. Remeber the G1 is just the first Android phone, there will be more to come from other manufacturers who will hopefully make it look significantly cuter.


    (Paris, because she knows that size matters)

  11. Gulfie


    What? No Video? ... sorry, couldn't resist.

    No, my comment is about the size. The iPhone screen is 3.5" and the G1 is 4.6", so thats at least another inch in your pocket (down boy!). iPhone IMHO is as large as you'd want to get - I carry mine in all sorts of pockets and I wouldn't want it to be any bigger than it is - plus bigger = heavier, right?

    And why the buttons? Clearly there is a lot of interaction through the screen, so why add these buttons and why make them look so poxy?

    I like the tech, I think Android has the potential to succeed, but this phone is like the one from the Carphone Warehouse adverts, it'll be going round with a paper bag over it...

  12. Mark C

    Oh look ... another telephone

    Why do people care?

  13. Brad
    Thumb Down

    good god

    chop off those stupid buttons and give up on the hard keyboard. It has a touchscreen! use it!

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Martin Lyne

    "3 megapixel videos aren't worth the bother"


    Standard def TV only has 720x576 = 414,720 pixels

    Normal mobile video is at 320x240 = 76,800 pixels

    Full HD @ 1920x1080 = 2,073,600 pixels

    You reckon 3,000,000 pixels aren't worth the bother ? From a phone ?

    Nobody has 3 megapixel video in a phone. There isn't a storage medium that would keep up.

    Want to try again ?

  15. Neil Hoskins


    There's not point in slagging it off. Like the iPhone, it's probably a reasonable, mid-range device with some good points and bad points. The difference with the iPhone is that this one doesn't seem to warrant adoring followers, whose belief appears to be based on faith rather than facts. The iPhone rubbed me up the wrong way right from the start, when the idiots at the presentation were cheering hysterically at everything Jobs said:

    "It's a phone."


    "It's GSM." [WTF? Like every other phone in the world? No shit?]

    <wild cheers>

    "Look, it's so shiny."


    I could be proved wrong. If the googlephone does, indeed, get launched with similar evangelism, I shall take an instant dislike to it, too.

  16. Ian R

    40,000 BC

    Just found this for non-video fans, made me laugh...

  17. soaklord
    Thumb Down


    Define:android--A robot or other artificial being made to resemble a human.

    In this case, an artificial being made to resemble a smart phone/pda. Made to resemble, not actually succeeding there, is it now? Seriously, that is some bad design from a company that has made huge steps in phone design recently. It reminds me of linux. Packed with the ability to do anything you want to do on inferior hardware, but the software, hardware combo usually aren't all that pretty. Pretty wallpaper, but the rest of the home screen don't thrill me at all.

  18. vincent himpe


    looks like a cheap iPood knock-off. and the screengrabs look like they are photoshopped ...

    can i actually call with it ? its a phone after all you know ...

    [Google icon with horns here]

  19. Anonymous Coward


    what a bunch you are - giving the poor phone a hard life

    GET A LIFE - it's a phone and nothing else!

  20. Mark Daniels

    Android, who cares...

    ... is really how consumers see it.

    Nokia sells stacks of devices, not becuase they have the S60 interface, but becuase 'when you press a button it does the right thing'. For techies yes, S 60, wu hu,.!!

    But for my parents, my wife and the rest of the breathing world, who cares ?

    If Android wins or looses is not about 'Android' it is about the deployment that the handset makes actually apply.

    Nokia could make S60- suck, but it sings. So it wins.


    ps : Don't know which icon I chose, but I quite like it. Clues anyone ?

  21. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Geeky phone

    It's a shame that Google (household name) can't produce the smartphone for the masses.

    Instead they have to go down the usual route of producing a mobile platform and not try and set a form factor.

    Dumbphones are a joy to use because the the software is written to suit the hardware. Not the other way around.

    Only Apple have a mobile platform where the hardware and software work as one. It's ironic given their hardware is the most minimalistic of most smartphones.

    Multitouch should be standard! not just because of pinching and zooming, but because it means applications like drum machines (I have one on the iPhone) and musical keyboards are possible.

  22. Law
    Paris Hilton

    No strong feelings either way

    I think that's the main reason you don't have the jPhone bashing happening here - there arn't any real google fanatics on the scale of apple fanboys, and people don't really care one way or the other about android, not really, there isn't an irritating ad campaign, or company adverts claiming it has features it doesn't... or just popping up in every single episode of How I Met Your Mother and other US tv.

    I was looking forward to Android... then I found out it was going to be released by tmobile... now my experience with them is, they take a manufacturers working firmware, and f*ck it up as best they can, and now they are the first distributors for an OS that google hope will become popular. It might start out usable, quick and solidly built on google test devices, but I guaranty once tmobile have their way, it's gonna be annoying (company jingle for every action, and not optional), slow as hell (tzones this, webnwalk that, have a company screensaver & theme), and extremely buggy and crashy (we needed to control access to features on our network, honest gov).

    I will wait for G2, and when tmobile get their sticky fingers off it.

    Paris - because she's a tmobile fangirl... that sidekick whore!!

  23. Anthony Chambers
    Thumb Down

    Random Time?

    How come the home screen shows 2:47pm but the clock says 9:11? Nowhere in the world do those two times happen at the same time. Stupid phone! :D

  24. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    It's an android

    And more in the Lt. Data line, than Austin Powers fembot!

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