back to article Oracle website 'not found' as Ellison et al schmooze customers

It's just as well Oracle customers are today holed up at the firm's OpenWorld event in San Francisco seeing as, for the second time inside a month, the Oracle website is having a little lie-down. is in urgent need of resuscitation, and, at time of writing, the database giant could not be reached for comment. El Reg …


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  1. David Mantripp


    Oh so that's why Jive Forum has been quietly end-of-life'd..... died of shame.

  2. TheCreditCruncher


    Seems fine to me.....

  3. Steve
    Thumb Down

    OpenWorld too

    It's probably the same crappy network that supplies the wifi at OpenWorld in Moscone. Or rather, /doesn't /supply the wifi...

  4. Joel Mansford

    Got an e-mail from them today about business continuity

    "Discover the business value and power of maximised business continuity.

    In this competitive world, downtime is not an option for modern businesses. Customer satisfaction and employee productivity depend on business continuity. But limited resources and budgets, and rapid growth can leave the door open to potential threats.

    The good news is that you can maximise business continuity without big investments. Oracle solutions can integrate easily with your existing IT environment. And as a result, it can help you create a secure, easily accessible, always-available information infrastructure with low administration and maintenance costs.

    • Can you cost-effectively maximise business continuity?

    • Can you increase employee productivity and customer confidence?

    • Can you reduce business risks as a result?

    Yes, you can."


This topic is closed for new posts.

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