back to article Nokia's next-gen Linux-based net tablet to incorporate HSDPA

Nokia has let slip some of the key features of its next internet tablet, the successor to the N810, reviewed here. Top of the list: integrated HSDPA 3G support. To date, none of the Nokia's Linux-based tablets - the 770, N800 and N810 - have incorporated cellularl connectivity. Like Apple's iPod Touch, they've been intended to …


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  1. Mark

    No 3G, more tablet.

    I'd prefer "no" to these.

    More efficient Bluetooth so you can connect to your phone (on contract), replace that phone and still keep the internet thingy (as opposed to having to get rid of both).

    More ruggedness, more resistance to water.

    Better screen (daylight readability improvements, slight increase in size to A6/6x4).

    Longer battery life.

    Take what the n8xx series gave us and make them more that.

    Not as sexy as 3G, but a damn sight more useful.

  2. Andrew Holt

    Too soon for me

    They had better not release a new version too soon since I just laid out for a N810 a few days before the announcement...

  3. Jonathan Tate


    I purchased by N800 a few months ago. Tethered it to my WiMo phone and suddenly had a decent web browser... and then suddenly a dead WiMo phone. Needless to say, I'd be thrilled if it had built-in 3G.

    Did I mention I loath my HTC Apache and it's vomit inducing battery life?

  4. Michel Vangeel

    What about IR/RF?

    What a tablet like this needs and everyone keeps forgetting is an IR and/or RF transceiver instead of 3G, in my opinion these devices are not mobile enough to take with you everywhere but could really flourish as a multifunctional device for the "home".

    These devices are great for universal remote control possibilities, especially with Maemo (linux) installed. I admit that it is possible to do this via wifi, but that's too laborious and/or slow?

  5. Laurent_Z

    @Michel Vangeel : IR/RF

    I totally agree with the need for a STRONG ir component on the next tablet.

    I didn't buy the last one because it couldn't become the universal remote of my dreams. Mostly because of the IR lack.

    And I don't speak about a 50cm module, I would strongly urge them to get a 8-10 meters transmitter... or a 8-10 meters plugin accessory, which didn't exist for the 810 either.

    For the rest, having a small, light tablet where I can browse the net, check my mail, bring with me in the kitchen to read the recipe, and possibly use as the base commander for my future home automation project and/or as vnc to the home server was a nice hope/idea.

    Let's hope they make it modular, and we can replace the 3G module with an IR/RF one...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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