back to article Android-based T-Mobile G1 pics leaked

With just 24 hours or so to go before T-Mobile officially unveils the G1 Android-based handset, pictures of the phone have emerged online to whet consumers’ appetites. Tmobile_G1_01 The T-Mobile G1 is made by HTC Tmobile_G1_04 Touch screen talker with slider keyboard Blogger “Rizzn” posted the pictures online and …


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  1. Steve

    About time...

    ...someone finished designing the iPhone.

  2. Pete

    Is it really the G1 / HTC Dream???

    Erm...Yes it is, and these first appeared late last week, putting the kibosh on the 'Only 24 hours before the official launch' headline.

    So where's the apple Fanboy to start the badly spelt, grammatically awful flaming???

  3. Lloyd
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    Looks an awful lot like...

    the awful MS devices our sales people use currently, but they work in sales bless them so the concept of a phone is nearly beyond them, using it as a smartphone would make them bleed from their ears.

  4. Robert
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    Did they forget to design it?

    That looks horrible. It's like every WM phone out there.

  5. soaklord


    @ Pete Itz zo much fuglier than my jezuzphone! Real bois don't need keyboards.

    Actually, I am a bit disappointed at the looks. The Touch Diamond and Touch Pro from HTC look so much better, would have liked to see that design trend continue with their Roid version. Perhaps function will win out over form.

  6. Martin Lyne

    All I care about..

    .. is how long it takes the Reg to get one. Will this be the phone I've been waiting for? (Read: will version two of this be the phone I've been waiting for?)

  7. Ramazan

    cheap as shit

    it would be, probably, and Linux-based. Enough to attract some flies IMO

  8. Anonymous Coward

    @ pete and steve...

    You can say what you about the iPhone, but that thing I've just seen is pug ugly, UI included. Still this website is full of design 'experts'.

    When are you NERDS going to learn? You all seem to have an opinion as to what good design is/looks like, How product should work et c.. Generally you are wrong. Generally Apple get it right. Whether you like it or not, Jonathan Ive is an extremely talented product design. Fact. I've even seen the immortal "form over function" line on this site. LIKE YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT IS ABOUT!!! Design isn't about opinion, it's about good design that imbeciles like yourselves don't understand. Of course being a mere mortal, and not an uber nerd, I clearly wouldn't understand. Yay Windows et c. If you can do better THEN FCUKING DO IT!!! Otherwise stop your bitching.

    "grammatically awful flaming???". That isn't exactly the finest use of the English language.

  9. Gordon Fecyk

    T-Mobile = GSM. Is it unlocked yet?

    I want one but I'm not on T-Mobile.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Great, another nerd brick

    The iPhone is already slightly too big and heavy to keep in my pocket without making its presence constantly known. Now we have the Android phone with its full keyboard. Is it too much to ask for a cell phone OS that doesn't suck, and for it to run on devices that are the size of normal phones? The HTC Typhoon was a good form factor but then they veered off in the wrong direction.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    re: @ pete and steve...

    [quote]When are you NERDS going to learn? You all seem to have an opinion as to what good design is/looks like, How product should work et c.. Generally you are wrong. Generally Apple get it right.[/quote]

    And yet another fanboi of the Jesus phone who thinks that design is king. You know what? I feel sorry for you. I'm betting you have a few Vertus in your closet as well.

    Design? Who needs design?!? I certainly don't mind if my phone is bulky, so as long as it has the connectivity, and lots of it. Give me a phone which has a 12-band radio (4-band GSM, 6 band UMTS, CDMA2000, and TD-SCDMA - I would want this while visiting my mom who was transferred to China by her employer), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Infrared, DVB-H, GPS, a SD Card slot, touch screen, and a slide out keyboard, and I'd worship it as if it's god. Doesn't matter if it only has a speakerphone. I'm not the kind that would put a phone close to my head and often just use the speakerphone function anyway. Even better if it runs a command line operating system that I can hack and freely install software I write myself. I don't care if it looks like Eee instead of a phone then- I'd just probably hack it some more and put Slackware on it (did I mention I love Slackware? You get to build software from the source yourself!).

    Geek. Because you can never beat the geek.

  12. Christopher A Light


    Should the Google phone be capable of the following:

    Making PHONE CALLS (a revolutionary idea, I know)



    A day's normal usage without recharge (3 on standby)


    Web browsing

    Selling at a reasonable price

    I might be interested - though a 'greasy screen touch control interface' is a bit of a turn off.

    Mobile phones are about UTILITY, as in the 'pick it up, dial, talk' variety. Not DESIGN, as in the 'Oooooh! Shiny! Must have regardless of the cost' JesusPhone variety.

  13. Pete

    So i was right about the flaming....!

    someone bit as i knew they would! Throw a bone and the fanboys always bite!

    As for the design of this thing, yeah it's fugly. Still if it does what i want and need it to, then it's a contender. As far as I am concerned, i care not one iota what the thing looks like, as long as it gets the job done.

    For what i want, the iPhone doesn't cut it. WIndows Mobile does. Palm Used to, and I just don't like the way S60 works. So for me, Windows Mobile is the way to go.

    I'll get me coat, it's the one with the phone that does what i want in the pocket, not what the manufacturer decides i am allowed to do on it....!

  14. Anonymous Coward

    re :re: @ pete and steve...

    You're not a geek! You're an Nerd. Massive difference in my book! Geeks seem to be excited by technology, nerds like yourselves think that technology is just for them, not the man on the street and that it should be as hard as possible to use. Command lines are so 1970's! Come to think of it didn't Xerox invent the GUI in the 1970's?

    Design has everything to do with mobile devices. Has it not occurred to you that UTILITY is part of the design process? As are ERGONOMICS, PACKAGING, FUNCTION, USABILITY and AESTHETICS. These separate facets are commonly referred to as DESIGN.

    "Mobile phones are about UTILITY, as in the 'pick it up, dial, talk' variety. Not DESIGN, as in the 'Oooooh! Shiny! Must have regardless of the cost' JesusPhone variety." The Google phone will retail for the same amount as the iPhone. We know this to be true. The differences will be in the tariffs. The Android OS (or what ever you want to call it) HAS THE SAME DAMNED PREMISE AS THE IPHONE! Joined up thinking would have helped your case here. Like I said "...imbeciles like yourselves don't understand."

    Ask the question "What is Design?" to a product designer (and we know, we're professionals after all!), 9 times out of 10 they'll answer "It's about solving a problem, elegantly." FYI I use a Sony Ericsson K600i through choice, so I'm not a fanboy you tit.

  15. Seán


    It's a damn phone it should

    a) Work well as a phone, which the iPhone does not

    b) Be cheap, which the iPhone is not

    c) Connect using bluetooth and wi-fi, which the iPhone is CRAP at.

    If it'll act as a phone, connect well and run Java then Apple should get a good solid hoof in the balls and realise that the phone market has eaten their lunch exactly as predicted.

    Apples sad sack proprietary attitude is disgusting, if MS do it they get a beating but the apple slobs seem to get away scot free when they inflict Digital Restriction Management on customers.

    As to the fanboys, go buy some lube and do what you know you really want to with your iphone.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    @ AC 02:40 GMT

    That was without a doubt the most pointless, mind numbingly chaotic post I've read here in a while. The subject seemed to indicate a response to a post but the body was just a mindless ramble. Here's a quarter, go buy yourself another brain cell and try again.

    That aside this phone is fugly, and from what has been reported so far I doubt this thing will fly like they are expecting. Not to mention being locked into T-Mobile which is generally a bad idea as their service (even in major metropolitan cities) is shit.

  17. Anonymous Coward

    another one...

    What is so hard to understand? Sean has just described a 3310! I'll give you one thing - perhaps the name iPhone is misreprisentative as it does more! Its wifi works extemely well. I personally don't use Bluetooth - way too insecure, I thought you nerds would be up on that.

    What I don't get is the iPhone has pushed mobile tech to a new level. Nokia and the others have had to up their game - meaning everyones a winner. Rather than say "its not for me.", you lot make unsubstantiated and ignorant remarks - probably cause you're looking for approval - if anyone disagrees they are obviously a fanboy! Then suddenly you're all luddites that "just want a phone". Which is it? As for the fanboy remarks, I'll bet most iPhone owners live away from their parents, most definately with a girlfriend, clearly unlike you lot. Isn't it about time you grew up and realized that tech is for everbody and that you might be wrong? Of course not you are, afterall nerds. Fcuk off back to WoW...

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