back to article Slimline Xbox 360 to be named the Pure?

Microsoft could be in the final stages of renaming one of its Xbox 360 models - or introducing a new one - if a rather sketchy snap is to be believed. Xbox_Pure Metal plates have also been disregarded, whatever that means... A snap of what appears to be an internal company memo has surfaced on website Cheap Ass Gamer (CAG …


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  1. ben
    Thumb Up

    New Fab

    They are imminently releasing the new revision "jasper" with both a 65nm CPU and a 65nm GPU.

    Maybe they decided the heat reduction would allow them to make a slimline xbox?

  2. Kevin J Padley


    If I remember correctly "pure" is what the victorians called dog and cat mess, it used to be used for leather tanning. Xbox - pure - dogs**t..... say no more!

  3. paul

    Could be good

    As long as it doesn't sound like a jet engine like the current. I've got one but only as I didnt pay for it (gift). Its not allowed in my lounge because of the noise (other half and cat hate it).

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Shouldn't they be fixing the CURRENT ones.

    before putting the inefficient 360 internals into a smaller case, with even less airflow..

    Still Microsoft have proven, consumers are idiots, and they continue to buy, regardless of how unreliable the product may be.

    If you own a 360, you can congratulate yourself for totally destroying quality in consumer products.

  5. Mike
    Paris Hilton

    Dubious at best

    So it is not even remotely possible that exhibit A here could have been printed on any other printer other than an XBox HQ printer?

    It isn't GilZ putting a few random words on a page, printing and then scribbling over it with some incomprehensible daub.

    How about a suggestion who the initialled names are: MG - is this Melinda Gates, stepping into hubby's role and taking control of M$' activities perchance?

    I would expect something a shade more authentic-looking than this shot to lay claim to first spot - even if this is proved to later be true.

    For shame, for shame.

    Paris, cos at least she'd get a video while working undercover.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Having worked at Xbox I kinda doubt this is genuine for a number of reasons:

    - Stuff like this would be handled by e-mail, and this doesn't even look like a print out of one.

    - Microsofties address each other with their email handles (billg, steveb), not initials... though they've recently changed those, so maybe that's bollocks.

    - A decision like this would need to be approved by more than two people unless you get REALLY high up.

    - MSFT are religious about spelling it "Xbox" (i.e. capital X, lowercase box) though the higher up you get the less people care.

    Then again it would make sense I guess ;)

  7. Darren B

    How about lean as in

    it is a bit lean on features.

  8. Dave


    Actually you have to thank Sony for starting that with the PS1, MS just see that the supposed biggest and best get away with it.

    I dont have a 360 or a PS3, i just worked in the industry during the launch. If the internets was as available back then as it is now then Sony wouldnt have even made it to the PS2.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture


    CAG Podcast is having a contest, the winner is the one who writes a blog post with the best b.s. that gets picked up by the most mainstream news outlets. El Reg has been pwnd.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    sense of perspective sadly lacking

    I've got three Xbox 360s and I will now congratulate myself that I hae achieved my evil design of single handedly destroying quality in consumer products. Mwhhhahhhhh A Job well done.

    Is this all consumer products? Or just electronic ones? dog biscuits?

    Al Quaeda look and learn .... dont bother flying into buildings just buy an xbox.

    Sheesh some people

  11. Jeppe

    PS2 Slim was a success

    Remember hos the bulky, noisy PS2 was replaced by the slimmed-down workalike version?

    That's what Microsoft wants to do. We'll see if they finally manage to make a better console than they make keyboards and mice!

  12. Iain

    Wait 18 months.

    According to other sources, the next step after Jasper's die shrink of the GPU is that in early 2010 we'll get the CPU and GPU combined into a single-chip solution. At which point the rest of the board can shrink, and that's when you'll get your smaller Xbox Box.

    That, or this is just the replacement for the Arcade. The fact that they're talking about faceplates suggests it might not be a different size to the current models after all.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    It's a HOAX

    This has been confirmed a hoax. CAG ran a contest to see which of its members could create a fake rumor credible enough to be picked up by a news blog.

  14. aManFromEarth
    Gates Halo

    Wide disc drive on slim xbox

    On current Xbox 360s the hard disc attaches to the top of the console when it's vertical. If MS decide to make a slim version of the 360 the current hard discs wont fit so they'll either have to:

    1. Put the hard disc on the side which would look rubbish.

    2. Abandon compatibility with current hard disc and introduce a new form factor.

    3. Not support hard discs and rely only on memory cards. Given the rate at which flash memory capacity is increasing this might be practical within an 18 month time frame.

  15. matty


    "Actually you have to thank Sony for starting that with the PS1, MS just see that the supposed biggest and best get away with it"

    Actually, you have to thank SEGA for starting that with the Master System and the Megadrive... Both systems were later re-released after being shrunk down and the newer, smaller Master System even had Alex Kidd included on the main board...

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