back to article Today be talk like a pirate day

We're sure you don't really need reminding, but today is Talk Like A Pirate Day - in fact extended into one long buckaneer-lingo weekend since the internationally famous celebration falls on a Friday, me hearties. Nuff said, really, except to add that it's time to get fired up on grog, keelhaul Noel Edmonds, give Sarah Palin a …


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  1. Dangermouse

    Sarah Palin's pussy?


    Am I the only one who doesn't find her attractive?

    Am I?

  2. Edward


    ...and you tell us this at 4pm? This article is next to useless.

    El Reg has been crap recently. Really bad. Never thought I'd end up missing Otto, but...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    "Hahahah" Not

    "Talk like a pirate" day wasn't funny last year. Shockingly, it's not funny this year either.

    How about "stupid sites that are really at home on facebook" day?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    The question is.....

    Why are pirates from the West Country ?

    The answer.....

    Because they arrr

  5. Anonymous Coward


    Sorry bro, but you're on your own. She'd get it all night long!

  6. Anonymous Coward


    Splice the mainbrace!

  7. StillNoCouch

    @ DangerMouse


    You are the only one.

  8. Anonymous Coward


    It be alright Edward. There still be a whole weekend of piracy to enjoy - the article itself sez so.

    We haven't even got to the weevil-ridden ship's biscuit and urine drinking stage yet!

    Mine's the one with the cutlass in the pocket!

  9. Sam

    You have a woman's skin, my lord..

    "Ha ha ha. -Aah! Your skin milord. I'll wager it ne'er

    felt the lash of a cat ,been rubbed

    with salt, and then flayed off by a pirate chief to make

    fine stockings for his best cabin boy! "

  10. Anonymous Coward


    Splice the mainbrace and come about, there's booty to be had, me hearties. Rum for every scallywag and whore on the Spanish Main that joins us, aaaarrgh!

    Arrrgh, it's mighty odd, but that damsel Tina Fey be fine, and that Sarah Palin be fowl, aaarrgh! I say into Davey Jones locker with her ..... the plank, the plank, aaarrrgh!

  11. Anonymous Coward


    even the R4 Today program managed to mention it was ITLAP day just before the 9am news ... admittedly it was as a result of someone emailing them about it.

    So why only tell as at 4pm

    either you're all too busy designing cutsey icons etc so that the Reg can be Web 2.0 compliant (i.e. look nice but have no real use)

    or 4pm BST == 8am PDT ... so the UK team are too busy mending the dishwasher to report news and leaving it to the US reports

  12. John Boyarsky
    Thumb Up


    Hey you didn;t give anyone credit for reminding you about it!

    FYI.-- it was me!

    Baroosk from North Pole

  13. Joseph McEntire

    Sexist Humor? It's about time!

    I've been waiting too long for El Reg to lower their pants. It's about time to take advantage of the fact that a female-type is running for a political office that should rightly be reserved for only those wielding natural insemination devices (aka plonkers.) Let's not forget this great country of ours was founded my men and NOT by women. Women were only vaguely involved, if at all.

  14. Anonymous Coward


    Nope, there's at least one other (and hopefully more). And being a Republican vice-presidential candidate is a pretty big turn-off for me.

    Skull and crossbones because... well, it's obligatory today, innit?

  15. John Macintyre


    Then i guess ye should walk the plank....

  16. David Hagan

    I be pirating iso booty, arh! Arh!

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  17. Dan Wilkinson

    4pm on a Friday.

    That's pretty much a whole day "arrrhhh!!!"ing missed. Surely this sort of stuff is on your calendars, and you prepare the story weeks in advance? Or did someone just remind you in an email? Go on, be honest.

    Damn you Reg! This was important!

  18. Brandon
    Paris Hilton


    Yes. You are the only one.

    Paris, because she doesn't even come close...

  19. Steve Evans


    Aye, I be comin' 'ere to say just that m'self.

    I say we make 'em walk the plank on the point of me trusty ol' cutlass.

  20. Dan Caugherty
    Paris Hilton


    No, you're not.

    (Paris, 'cuz she's an empty-headed celeb as well)

  21. JimC

    > Talk Like a Pirate

    These days isn' t talking like a pirate more on the lines of

    "D00dz u'll nver stp me gtng my warezz" ??

  22. James Le Cuirot

    Milk and cereal

    Thanks to my friend, I was reminded about what day it is pretty early. However, I also got an e-mail reminder from Cravendale Milk, of all places. I am a fan of their milk and happen to be on their mailing list. They have taken to the day's festivities with honourable enthusiasm. Check it out at The Pirate Radio is hilarious! Knowing what their TV ads are also like, I am convinced those Cravendale guys are total nutters. So I happened to have some Cravendale with my cereal this morning and this led me to visit the site for my cereal as well, It just so happened that they had made a mention of this special day as well! Yaaar!!

  23. John
    Thumb Down


    ...and not in a pirate type way..

    "We're sure you don't really need reminding,"

    Dammit I did need reminding but what use is it when its posted at 4pm, I'm reading this now when I'm at home rather than first thing this morning when I could make good use of it :[

  24. Mark

    Dangermouse, you miss the *meaning* of MILF

    It's not necessarily someone you'd pick out of a crowd to bang, but would you do the wheelbarrow with her if she was looking for a change and you KNOW (because she's happily married) that there's no consequences to come from it?

    THAT is the meaning of MILF.

    "You have a woman's hands, my lord!"

    Words from a great pirate, second rate captain but first rate second course.

  25. Nick
    Thumb Up


    Avast ye scurvy dog!! The cat o'nine tales to you for only reminding everyone at 4pm. We been answering the ringer all day with Yarrr.

  26. Gene Cash Silver badge

    so I sez to the pirate...

    "Those are some nice earrings!!" And he says "arrr, me heartie! they were only a buck an ear!"

    (to hell with the coat... RUN!!!)

  27. TJ


    If ye matey don't like thar El Reg, you need but mutiny the ship, and start ye own Swanky Tech ship. For if ye don't, you need not but walk yonder plank!


    (Ever notice how your throat hurts after talking like a pirate? and Yes, I just read that to myself. Outloud. in a cubicle. People are staring. So much Fun!)

  28. Jerry


    Yes, you are.

  29. Quirkafleeg


    ← That icon be much better now!

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    So let loose the hordes of people who think this kind of thing is oh-so-funny, rather than just a light-hearted distraction.

  31. Rockandrollsuicide

    Ye scurvy barstewards...

    ... could have given us what spent the night down in the bilges an ahoy ahead 'o time.

  32. Lord of Dogtown

    Lick a minge day

    Arr I be misreadin yer bootynote,bein a full pirate oi be thinkin ye be promotin the 'Lick a minge ' day, which us northern pirates fear du to the girth of the cat.


  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Excuse me

    But I'll pass on this one. When is walk like an egyptian day?

    @Mark - I never knew milf was such a long acronym. I think its really clever how you got it down to 4 letters.

    @Dangermouse - yes you are.

  34. Chris G

    Loada silly sods!

    But funny.

    A little pedantic question; is this an Islamic skull & crossed swords? As the style of the swords appears quite Arabic as opposed to the traditional naval cutlass one would expect. Which had a full hand guard and a short, broad blade for swarthy cut throats to hack at each other with in the limited confines of a square rigger's deck.

    Full and by lads, full and by!

  35. Daniel

    @Dangermouse & @Mark

    @Dangermouse: No, you aren't.

    @Mark: No, I wouldn't. Not even if she was the last woman on earth, and I hadn't had any in a month of God-fearing Sundaes. Hmm.... Sundaes.


  36. Captain DaFt

    Mandatory pirate day joke

    Yarr, Captain, There be a ships wheel stickin' outer yer pants!

    Aye, it be drivin' me nuts!

    (Yes, I am this shameless!)

  37. Anonymous Coward

    so this pirate walks into a bar...

    With a steering wheel sticking out of his pants. Bartender looks at him and say "How'd that steering wheel get there". Pirate says "I don't know know, but it's driving me nuts" Yaarrrrr

  38. Jason Clery


    Arrgh, me hearties. We talk like prirates because we know their decline causes global warming, and we need to remember the original Pastafarians

  39. Steen Hive
    Paris Hilton


    Agree completely! Thank goodness it takes all-sorts though - all the depraved loons slavering over Palin leaves much more wiggle-room for the sane among us to sniff round real politicians like Yulia Tymoshenko.

    Paris, because it scans like Palin, but it's closer to Kiev.

  40. iamzippy

    Mainbrace O'Clock!

    ...and don't ye knock it all back at once, Jim lad...

    One hand for the ship!

  41. Thomas Kent

    That reminds me...

    ... next time I make a run up to Canada, to stop at the duty free on the return trip and pick up anothe bottle of Lamb's Navy Rum (the 151 proof. Not that 80 proof swill!)

    Tom in Montana

  42. Anonymous Coward


    ...about time ye scurvy lads got up off yer arse t' score a goal against th' Bournemouth Gynaecologists instead o' flappin' yer bung holes!

    > *Or lick Sarah Palin's cat, if ye will.

    Or hail Confuse-A-Cat Ltd. if it be mopin' which ails her. After all, MILFin' aint pretty innit.


  43. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pieces of eight

    Oh sorry! I thought it said "talk like a parrot day".

  44. Anonymous Coward

    @Sarah Palin's pussy...

    I find her attractive enough to take home from a bar. After that though, her personality and worldview would make me pretty queasy. So beauty is only skin deep I guess--at least in her case. She's not one I'd pick for a friend, boss, employee, and certainly not for the VP seat.

    That said, did you hear the one about the pirate that goes into a bar with a steering wheel mounted on his belt buckle? The barkeep says "What's with the steering wheel?" The pirate replies: "Ahhhr it's drivin' me nuts!"

  45. Erik Aamot

    @Dangermouse me lad !

    methinks she a mighty fine lass indeed .. arr .. arrr ! ..ARRR .. ARRRRRRRR !

    de skull and crossbones because at least dis yar me lads, we don't have 2 in that club runn' for prez ..

  46. Stewart Haywood
    Paris Hilton

    @Steen Hive

    You know, I hadn't thought about Yulia for Oh, maybe ten minutes and then your post brought it all back to me. I just had to take another look

    Me timbers are shivered.

  47. Anonymous Coward

    More piratical quotes...

    That's *NOT* a peg-leg, ya scurvy landlubber !! - Long Dong Silver

    Lookout in the crows nest, "Land ho !"

    Captain, "No ! No ! No ! I want for a sea-going one !! "

  48. Chris Hamilton


    Avast, ye scurvy ridden buccaneers!

    I found meself swashbuckling landside at a gathering of the family on the Friday of last, and my usually trusty first mate be not informing me of the events of the day!

    This be why I continue with the pirate speak on this Monday morn, to make up for lost time. Y'arrr! Hoist the main sail, and yo ho ho and a bottle of grog! Bring me my copy of Monkey Island so i can trade insults.

    P.S. Though down here in the darkest Westcountry no one would notice a change in my accent.

  49. Alan Fisher

    Me Neither

    I mean she's not an utter minger no but I wouldn't trip over my tongue chasing after her...I suppose if you like the sort......

  50. Tim

    Yarr...mistress Palin...

    If it be fer jist the one night I be givin it to 'er straight over a barrel, all hearty like! After that her politics might be a bit diff'rent!

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