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Portable loudspeakers are always a tricky proposition. Generally, small speakers produce an equally small sound. If you do try to pump up the volume then the sound tends to become distorted. So there’s a difficult balancing act between the size of the speakers and the quality and volume of the sound that they can produce. …


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  1. jonathan keith
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    Props to the sub

    For the Zevon reference.

  2. It'sa Mea... Mario

    I just can't get it out of my head...

    that Harman Kardon is a spoonerism..

  3. Charles Tsang

    PreIpod speakers...

    I use a generic 2.1 system from the Saitek A200.

    Looks cool and is the first product I''ve bought with a cleaning cloth due to it's black gloss surfaces!

  4. Richard Clark

    mp3 speakers?

    what are mp3 speakers exactly?

    mpeg-1 layer 3 encoded cones of paper?

  5. Chris

    Nimzy Vibro Max?

    I'm sure her indoors has got one of those hidden in her knicker drawer.

  6. Nev
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    Seem to have missed the two best portable speakers...

    Saitek A200 for long trips where you are sure you have power and a bit more luggage space. (It really needs mains power.)

    Sony SRS-T70 for short trips with only hand luggage. (Also allows un-amplified audio when you run out of power.)

  7. Sam


    Shit quality anyway, why bother spending money on something that isn't there?

  8. V
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    I haven't heard any of the others, but a roommate has the Logitech Pure-Fi Anywheres, and they sound worse than my laptop speakers (which are crap as it is).

  9. Richard Porter

    There's no such thing ...

    as an MP3 speaker! MP3 is a compression algorithm. These would appear to be active speakers (i.e. with built-in amplifiers) which have docks for separate MP3 players.

    What I need for talking newspaper playback use is an active speaker with a USB socket and which can play MP3 files from USB flash memory.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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