back to article Apple ships 4GB iPod Nano instead of 16GB version

A Dublin-based Register Hardware reader almost received one of the recently revealed 4GB fourth-generation iPod Nanos, thanks to an Apple shipment blunder. iPod_4G_screenshot A reader almost got a 4GB Nano instead of a 16GB model Click for full-size image The reader, Paul, told us how he ordered a 16GB capacity version of …


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  1. bluesxman
    Thumb Down

    Slow news day?


  2. bluesxman

    Fruit Retailer In Order Cock-up Shocka!

    Corrects own mistake - punter happy!

    Hmmm now how do I fill that out to a couple o' hundred words?

  3. Michael Warburton


    I ordered a pint of Worthington's the other weekend, the barman returned with a pint of Fosters. Thankfully he too realised his mistake and promptly supplied the aforementioned pint of bitter.

    I wouldn't have thought this would be something The Reg would like to report on, but now I'm not so sure.

  4. David Gosnell

    In fairness to James...

    Deep down, the story is really a reflection on Apple's silliness, 4G obviously being easily confused with 4GB.

    Why didn't they get the damn thing right to start with, or is it just that they know what a bunch of trend-following sheep their average customers are, so they'll upgrade to any old crap just to have the latest gear so long as it has half-eaten food for a logo?

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