back to article Cisco borgs Jabber

Cisco Systems plans to assimilate the instant messaging software maker Jabber Inc. into the corporate collective, bolstering the network giant's arsenal of enterprise communication and collaboration tools against the likes of Microsoft, Google, IBM and others. Denver-based Jabber is the commercial software house behind the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    errr its free

    Don't tell the dumbbois at CiscNo, but Jabber is open source protocol, they could have created their own client and integrated without capex.

  2. Neil Greatorex

    Oi! Cisco, Jabber - No!

    I ain't gettin on no jabber enabled cisco device, you crazy fools!

  3. Dan Silver badge


    Why didn't they just implement the XMPP protocol? Even if they wanted to extend the protocol with Cisco-specific stuff they could have done anyway without buying Jabber. Madness.

  4. prathlev

    @err its free

    Developing your own Jabber client isn't free. It takes competent developers. Now they have some. And furthermore they are in a position to steer the development of the "official" Jabber protocol.

  5. Pheet

    slight correction

    "The Jabber protocol acts as a bridge between the firm's own XML-based chat and proprietary Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo IM clients "

    No. There are plug-ins (oft 3. party) available for jabber servers (of which there are several flavours) referred to as gateways, which will bridge to other IM protocols (and other transports such as email).

    There are _extensions_ to the core jabber protocol which define/advise on address translation (so for example becomes ) and on service discovery of available gateways.

    Bit more research needed, or least should have been better phrased IMO.

  6. Robert Ramsay

    spokesman needs to be shot

    "Our intention is to be the interoperability benchmark in the collaboration space."

    SHUT UP! SHUT UP! DIE!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mike Smith


    WEBB owns 1/3 of Jabber. WEBB announced that shareholders will get .32/ share from the CISCO purchase. WEBB is trading at .25/ share today. There is a .07 profit on the table for your taking ladies and gentlemen.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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