back to article Toshiba takes wraps off netbook

It's official: Toshiba today formally launched its entry into the Small, Cheap Computer arena, following Dell's lead and equipping the Linux version with Ubuntu 8.04. The NB100 is an 8.9in model - the display resolution is 1024 x 600 - and powered by Intel's 1.6GHz Atom N270. Depending on the version you choose, it'll come …


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  1. dervheid

    Looks good, spec good, but...

    the clincher WILL be the PRICE!

    Just couldn't see the point of buying it if it's not going to be *lots* cheaper than a full size similar spec laptop (sub £250). Any bets?

  2. David Gosnell


    Where's the USP? At £260 (probably ex-VAT?) it's really thoroughly unexceptional.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Its fugly

  4. Tony Hoyle
    Thumb Down

    Way too high starting price

    I was thnking the same - £260 starting price is just too high for a netbook. The whole point of these things is they're *cheap*. The starting price should be around the level of the eepc (I got mine for £140) and have those kind of prices only for the higher end ones... much higher than that and you might as well get a laptop.

  5. Steve

    how are the specs good

    They're identical to every other netbook out there. The AA1 appears to be the same spec as the base model Tosh with a lower price.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ...your still not getting it are you. Netbooks should be £200 max. If you can't make it for that don't bother. For every tortured genius who posts that they are happy to pay the same price as a full specced laptop just because it's lighter to carry there will be 20 more sat there thinking 'too much for that'.

  7. Tony


    Some people just won't be happy until they are giving them away!

    If the potential price point of £250 is too expensive then you need something else - it really is simple. eeePC the right price point for you? Then go get one of those.

    Getting tired of reading people complaining about the price of things, have they not considered that maybe the SCC niche extends from £140 to the base level of BCC (big cheap computers) at around £300?

    Just like a Fiesta can cost upwards of £16k - get over it.


    No icon for me because all the new ones are shit.

  8. Piloti

    ? Trolley your off you are

    £260 way to high?

    Just thing about that for a minute. £260. Less than a PDA. Less than the real cost of a decent mobile 'phone, A night in a good hotel, or a cheap away day return with almost any railway in the country.....

    I think some of you need to get a real kick in the reality pants; £260 for a LAPTOP is not, NOT over priced you oiks.


  9. OldDogNewWalk

    Got to get the specs right first

    It's a netbook for lawds sake - why does it need 120Gb HD?

    My view FWIW.

    Just put in an 8-16Gb SSD and make sure it can use SDHC cards.

    Make the screen 1024x768 and the web will be more usable.

    Battery life should be 5Hrs+ whilst using WIFi.

    It should not be made by Asus 'cos they rip you off re. battery capacity.

    XP is good for people like me (6 months ago)

    Linux is good for people like me (now)

    Weight should be less than 1.2Kg

    Keyboard must go right to sides of the case.

    Yada, yada, yada............

  10. Julian Bond
    Thumb Up

    Nowt wrong with this one

    These things are getting really good now and there's not much left that's wrong with one, the only downside on this one is the mic speaker connectors on the front edge. They should be on the LH Edge on all laptops so you don 't snag your wrists on them. But if that's really the only complaint, it's a very small one.

    And as for the price, it's *so* much cheaper than previous tiny laptops. As longs as it's below £300 inc VAT, its ok.

  11. Richard

    Too expensive and ugly

    Just picked up an Acer (512Mg / 8Gig version in glossy white 8-) for £193 including £5 discount and free delivery (to store).

    Where you ask? Tesco Direct of course ... pick up a catalogue instore, scan it, get a £5 discount code, order there or online and get it delivered there 2 days later. Sorted ... oh and 396 IDcard points .. which brings this beauty down to £189ish in real terms. You'll have to be quick as the double points and £5 discount offer will run out soon.

    And these clowns what £260 for the same thing; no wait, this one is ugly. An extra £65 for a bigger battery might be worth it to some people but not me. Besides it really is ugly.

  12. Max Jalil

    Bring back the Libretto

    or get a second hand portege (like me!)

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It'll never sell ...

    ...there don't have a beach babe.

    Where is the eeePC beach babe icon?

  14. W

    Nope. Again. Repeat after me:

    Benchmark: £250 for XP on >12GB SSD w/ 1GB RAM, 8.9" screen, Atom CPU & 4hrs battery. Keyboards/touchpads being down to personal preference.

    901? - Nearly, but needs to shed £30+

    Mini 9? - Needs to shed £50+ and manage 4 hours battery life.

    Wind / 4211? - 10" screen, but needs better battery life and to offer SSD option.

    AA1? - also needs better battery life and to offer SSD option.

    Tosh? - Fails on grounds of price, no SSD, and having a fat arse. Basically, it's a big, expensive AA1/4211.

    Come on guys - first to reach the benchmark gets my dosh. But be quick! Before integrated 3G and becomes a requirement.

  15. Alan


    Why is that on every story about a new SCC there's loads of tossers complaining about it being too dear, or ugly, or the wrong colour etc.

    If you don't like this one, or prefer the Acer or MSI, keep it to yourselves, all the people who aren't anally retentive are sick to death of your wingeing...

  16. Anthony


    I still get annoyed that people don't understand what these machines are useful for. I have quite a large laptop because I like to use it in the office as if it were a desktop. When I travel it is a real pain in the ass. By the time I have taken most of my clothes off and and put my laptop in the x-ray machine I am tired. My friend came to see me with one of the original eeepc's and I loved it apart from the silly small screen.

    These machines are not meant to be your standard laptop. Don't keep comparing the prices to a larger laptop.

  17. b

    no SSD, no proper "SCC"!

    sorry, but without an SSD you fail, Toshiba!

    otherwise, have to say, nice looking slab of plastic..esp the gold one, how many gold laptops do you see?!



    p.s. baby laptop thread:

    more stuff and nonsense at:

    all welcome!

  18. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    Another one

    Not fussed about appearance. As for price, well it wouldn't require a second mortgage. However they are still to short on battery life. My money stays in my pocket until we get at least 7 hours (bearing in mind this will drop with aging).

  19. Richard

    @Haters @Annoyed

    It's quite simple. These vendors are jumping on the SCC / netbook / laptop bandwagon that ASUS was brave enough to start rolling last year (and my EEE701 has been turned in to a Car Computer with touch screen, GPS, 3G, ODBII and car-cams) BUT most of these late comers are missing the point and deserve to be lambasted.

    SMALL and CHEAP .. those are the simple requirements.

    ASUS blew the budget when moving up to a more usable screen size. Acer have got it and have a winner with the Aspire One [typing this on one]. Everyone else either has something too small (screen < 9") or too expensive (> £250).

    The battery life would be much better on all these SCCs if the battery factory fire had not happened but oh well that's life.

    Ideal SCC spec for me ... an Acer Aspire One size and looks ... 1 Gig RAM, 8 - 12 Gig SDD, 9" LED backlit LCD, 6 - 8 hour battery and built-in 3G HSDPA modem. Oh and all for £230 - £250 inc vat please.

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