back to article First Android phone to retail for $199

The Googlephone will cost $199 when it lands on T-Mobile in the US next week. Citing people familiar with the matter, the Wall Street Journal reports that customers will be required to sign up a service contract of unknown duration with T-Mobile in order to bag themselves one of the Android-based talkers. This suggests that …


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  1. Jiminy Krikett

    Errm, someone needs a calculator

    "Nonetheless, a $199 (£110/€140) price tag would mean the phone costs much less than Apple’s iPhone 3G."

    Unless I'm grossly mistaken, the last time I did maths in school, we were taught 110 is greater than 99. So, how the dickens is this £110 Android affair cheaper than the 8gig iPhone at £99?

  2. Norfolk Enchants Paris

    Stupid name

    should be called Marvin

  3. Oliver Humpage
    Jobs Halo


    The iPhone 3G costs £99 (at least the 8GB version does), which was less than £110 the last time I looked.


  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    iPhone starts at $199 too doesn't seem the googlephone is much cheaper as the iPhone also starts at $199 - unless I'm missing something about the tariffs...

  5. D@v3

    2nd ed

    even if they are refering to the much more useful 16GB version, @£159, thats still (only) £49 pounds more/less (depending on which way you look at it) and in my books at least, that doesnt qualify for "much less than" status.

    (and incase your wondering, neither does £50, in this case, might do on a bag of crisps, £50 over on a bag of crisps, now thats a lot of money, but i digress)

    Further more, unless it has a fully functioning mp3 player, (or more to the point, iPod) with either 8 or 16GB nestled away at its core, i would expect it to cost "much less than" an iPhone anyway, due to the reduction/lack of feature.

    Seems to be just another case of people trying to pick away at the sheen that covers the iPhone, because their product isnt up to scratch "yeah, yeah, but, look, look at how cheap it is....." oooooh cheap, thats what i want.

    end rant

  6. Adam C

    Re: Someone needs a calculator

    I think you need to open your eyes. For $199, you get to OWN THE PHONE. It's not locked to a shite network, and it's yours to keep.

    An iPhone 8GB total cost of ownership is massively more expensive than the $199 for the android handset. Wake up! =)

  7. Mike Scott

    It's even worse

    That £110 is the price excluding sales tax, so you need to compare £110 (plus tax) with a UK price for the 3G iPhone of £84.26 (plus VAT).

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Depends on how much the minimum contract is for dunnit.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I think the author was trying, and failing to imply that if it were releasing as a pay as you go handset, and if it were £110, it'd be cheaper than a pay as you 3g iPhone.

  10. Dan H

    Yeah where did you work those prices out?

    Ehh I agree, even if they are referring to the US price of an iphone its still exactly the same as the android at $199, which means the 'much less' comment is totally wrong!

  11. brym
    Jobs Horns

    @ Jiminy Krikett

    Seriously? You're splitting hairs over this?

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    ...much less than Apple's iPhone...

    Which is surprisingly $199 as well.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    @Jiminy Krikett

    In today's education system it's more about 'having a go' than getting the correct answer...

  14. John Molloy

    @ Jiminy

    I think they'll be harking on about the total cost of ownership over the next two years or some such.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    It is better, if El Reg wishes, so it will be...

    Are El Reg going to rate the Android higher that the iPhone come-what-may? Is El Reg cutting its nose off to spite its face? Since when has £110 been less than £99? Lets see what the price plans on offer are first eh?

  16. Shonko Kid
    Gates Horns

    I can't wait to see..

    how they've reconciled 'Open' with Operator lock-in. My guess is it won't be as open as people are expecting.

  17. Thomas Silver badge

    It's not a calculator they need...

    The US iPhone costs $199. So a calculator isn't really needed - since the price of the two phones is _exactly the same_, James Sherwood's insistance that the Android mobile is "costs much less" must refer to some sort of spiritual or psychological cost? I guess he prefers the advertising agency that collects huge amounts of your personal data to the technology firm that gives a disproportionate amount of its money to advertising agencies.

  18. Chris Morrison
    Jobs Horns


    I just checked the car phone warehouse and the i-Drone 8GB is £345.99.

  19. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)


    There is no UK price for the Googlephone. The £110 is simply a conversion of the US price - which is why, as always, it's in parentheses - not what T-Mobile (or whoever, if anyone does) charges for it over here.

  20. Mick Sheppard

    Need a better name

    As the Register, now boringly, calls the iPhone the Jesus Phone a better moniker is needed for the Googlephone.

    How about the Lib-Dem Phone. It promises much, but is late to the party and doesn't quite deliver.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    AdamC: You're an idiot...

    "For $199, you get to OWN THE PHONE."

    You also own the iPhone.

    "It's not locked to a shite network, and it's yours to keep."

    Who's says the Google phone is not locked? And T-Mobile is shite too. And the iPhone is still also yours to keep.

    "An iPhone 8GB total cost of ownership is massively more expensive than the $199 for the android handset."

    So, what's the Android 'total cost of ownership' - do you know what tariffs it will be available on, and for how long? You can't compare something you don't know the fact of.

    What an idiot!

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @AdamC - a confused person

    Are you Brewster in disguise?

  23. MikeG

    Bemused Thursday?

    iPhones for £99? Well, sort of - if you sign up for a contract for a minimum of 18 months at £30 per. Otherwise, a PAYG iPhone is £349.99

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The "cheaper than" comments were made before the iPhone price drops? I having trouble with my timeline on this right now.....

  25. Colin Wilson
    Paris Hilton

    Better moniker for the Googlephone ?


    Paris, because she'd had hers hit a few times too...

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Chris Morrison

    Like for like comparison please. £349.99 buys you a pay&go iphone .. this googlyfone is on a pay monthly tariff so not even slightly the same me thinks. Plus the googliefun is not here today so they can say it will cost peanuts and then up the price at launch (due to economic changes blah). [SCC vendors I'm looking at you]

  27. Glen Silver badge

    re: new name for google phone.


    (can be pronounced goo-bull or goo-<stomatch fluid>. Though i like the sound of the latter (gurgle))


    Goggle +3g =4g =gggg

    I wonder what the gooey will look like.


  28. soaklord

    Should be called

    Roid Phone. Hemmor (ok, the h isn't only silent, it's invisible in this example), Ster, And you decide. But I shall, forever more, refer to it as the roid phone. Did you get rogered by the roid phone cause in the U.S. T-Mob appears to think 3G is the year they'll offer broadband speeds, not a network speed? Seriously, who wants a data phone on EDGE?

    Mine's the one with a Nokia 1100 in the pocket.

  29. Darren7160

    Better than a Lib-Dem how about...

    How about if we go for the truth? Let's call it the conservative-republican phone? Absolutely empty and worthless inside... No substance. Just a phrase, a ditty, a mindless blathering of bankrupt nannering.

    $billions of dollars (welcome to the United Socialist States of America) to cover the greed and ineptitude of the private market? Oh yes! Please, continue thinking based upon dated and very pathetic attempts to rhetorically attack Libs-Dems. Yes! Chase down your neighbor to make sure they are only having sex with the "proper" other sex! Chase down a woman using food stamps, a child eating a free lunch at school and see what kind of car the family owns. Ignore the $billion in the Savings and Loans of the 80's, the ENRON, Global Crossings, TYCOs and the meltdown of the economy based upon the deregulation and "free market" that is costing us. Yes, please continue to blather on sounding like the mindless minion that they want/need. Geeez. Some people find any excuse to try to slam Libs-Dems and they continually show their stupidity. It is so sad. Give it a break. It ain't cute, it ain't witty. It is presenting your stupidity to the whole world. Sad.

    (Moderator, I am sorry, but this crap is really really getting to be a pain. Snide comments that should be answered. I didn't start it... but I sure as hell refuse to sit back and let it pass.)

  30. fluffy


    I don't know what the contract and data situation is in the UK, but in the US, T-Mobile is VASTLY cheaper than AT&T for the same service. When I was on T-Mobile I had 300 anytime, unlimited weekends and M2M, with unlimited data (meaning unlimited bandwidth, although limited to web and email, but tethering was actually allowed!) and 100 SMS, for about US$40 (after taxes). This was the lowest service level with unlimited data, and was more than sufficient for my needs.

    Eventually I got the odd notion that I "needed" an iPhone and so I switched to that. Now my bill is nearly doubled (about $70 after fees and taxes), and while the actual numbers for the service I get have gone up (450 anytime + rollover, unlimited nights + weekends), and the data service is now theoretically not restricted to what ports I can use (although for all practical purposes it is unless I jailbreak my phone), I was hardly coming even close to my previous plan limits, and while my iPhone certainly is a better web browsing and music-listening device, if I had just unlocked it I could have done all this for half the monthly price.

    One thing to note, by the way, is that in the US, T-Mobile doesn't provide any sort of PAYG data (except on the Sidekick), unlike AT&T which has a wide variety of overpriced PAYG data products (and in order to use the only economical ones you have to have a monthly minute plan which is for all intents and purposes even MORE expensive than their contract fees).

    Basically, cellphone service pricing in the US is completely out of whack.

  31. Anonymous Coward


    at least mick's comment was witty and short; as a lib-dem myself responses like yours are simply embarrassing.

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