back to article Microsoft Live Search gets Powerset boost

Microsoft yesterday revealed how it has begun integrating Powerset’s semantic internet search technology into its own Live Search product. The software giant reportedly paid $100m for the Silicon Valley startup in July in a - some might say - doomed attempt to challenge Google’s search dominance. Powerset was happy enough to …


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  1. David Kelly


    Live Search looks and acts just like Google. As usual M$ fail to innovate. Instead they buy someone else's idea in the hope that this will give them an edge in the market place. I won't hold my breath ...

  2. Andrew Jackson
    Gates Horns

    Microsoft can dry up and die...

    I don't care what they come up with for their search model. Besides the majority of my searches on Google are through their Linux-specific portal. I'll gladly eat my words when Microsoft can equal Google on that front.

  3. W


    has become the convoluted "╬™ Windows Live™ Hotmail".

    As if Windows is a sexy selling point. Or anyone cares about Live.

    On the Hotmail login page there's an promo saying we should "Share life as it happens - Get the new Windows Live™ - Free!". gets a mention. But there's no link to it!!!

    And in any case, they're too late - the world is already "sharing life as it happens" on myspace, youtube, facebook, bebo, flickr...

    They want to challenge Google, yet they still cling to the Yahoo-esque MSN 'portal' rather than jump wholesale to a nice clean start page.

    One of the reasons for Google becoming a home page for so many people was the simple, clean, "front cover to the internet" look (in a "front cover of an encyclopedia" way rather than and not in a "front cover of Heat magazine" way).

    That and the fact that you can find what you're after with Google. Live search is naff.

    The one useful thing on Live was the maps - before Google added railway stations to theirs and took away Live's USP.

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