back to article Oz pub slammed over 'No Undie Sundie'

The powers that be have clamped down on a Melbourne boozer's planned "No Undie Sundie" - a promotion "urging women to remove their underwear in return for a $50 drink card", Oz's Daily Telegraph reports. The Saint Hotel in St Kilda punted the intended deknickering via a newspaper and online ad featuring the famous Britney …


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  1. NotReallyRequired

    Go Aussie Go!

    Don't mind the uptights, they probably still haven't figured out what to do when they get their knickers off anyway :P One day you'll slip one past em.

  2. Martin
    Thumb Up

    I wish......

    I could be the dwarf on No Undie Sundie.....

  3. John Macintyre

    sounds awesome

    no undies, midgets pouring drinks down your throat, sounds like a blast! Just need a pole in the center and it'll be like it's straight out of austin powers/Beverly hills cop :)

    Could it be abused? ie the leave your undies on the bar - what if you brought a second pair? Do the bar staff keep them as a kind of payment? surely you could show a bra strap and no the actual bra, thus showing your bra without much exposure? And lets be honest - most women flash the back of their knickers when they bend down anyway so arguably they'd all get cheap/free drinks?

    NB: Drink responsibly

  4. Alex
    Paris Hilton

    Spot On!

    More of this is needed around the world! If the 'Lay-dee' wants to remove the offending band of cotton, then fine!

    Magic ;o)

    Paris, because she would get a card every visit (thanks for putting the icon back to normal El Reg!)

  5. Chris Collins


    "The ad is bordering on being pornographic."

    "It's almost an invitation to sexual assault"

    So it's neither pornographic nor is it an invitation to sexual assault. Britney's minge is not pornographic as there are not sexual connotations. Plus, presuming the knickerless are capable of not exposing theirs, as do the women who have gone commando, then there isn't really a problem. Poor taste, maybe. Bannination, no

  6. Anonymous Coward
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    Badly packed kebabs

    all round then.

  7. nils
    Paris Hilton


    yea, well, I thought you'd post it anyway..

    I'll keep on supplying you with that sort of stories although you failed to mention me for supplying the story (*sob*)

    Paris, for already earning a couple of those 50$ coupons in the past..

  8. Mike Crawshaw

    I wonder...

    If they'll introduce it in the Walkabout chain over here..?

  9. Neil

    Only in Australia...


  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh really ?

    "Carolyn Worth of Melbourne Centre Against Sexual Assault was more forthright, slamming the event as "stupid and dangerous". She said: "It sends a very bad message, and it is one made very explicit. It's almost an invitation to sexual assault."

    Hang on, I thought women had the right to walk around half naked with no fear of being sexually assaulted ? Now it seems that doing that may be "an invitation to sexual assault".

    Silly me, the main right women have is to say one thing and then do the opposite. Like teaching pole dancing to children. Sexual exploitation for adult women, but fun for kids.

    Is it too much to ask to have some consistency in the propaganda ?

  11. Anonymous Coward

    oh jesus...

    "...makes them more vulnerable to sexual assault"

    Oh ok then, is that how it works down under - you can enter the defence plea 'she already had her knickers off, your Honour' and get away with it? Suppose that's what you get when you start an entire nation off with a penal colony (no pun intended).

    Can't say I'd want to be queuing at a bar with strings of ladies undies above the bar though - it's somewhat less than sanitary!

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    It's a free country .... I think

    So, let's see. There's no law forcing people to wear underwear. There's no law against giving away drink vouchers or free drinks (in fact a few places do it for promotions). There's no law against advertising venues or events. The ads didn't contain images or language likely to offend. So what exactly is wrong? A few people don't like the fact that not all females may be chaste or tea-total? Just what part of "free country" don't they get?

    I bet Paris would show up if she was in town, and we all know her moral standards are beyond reproach.

  13. Dave
    Paris Hilton

    But was it a naked Dwarf?

    We need to be told

    Paris, well she knows about being out in public without underwear

  14. Hywel Thomas


    Don't some women like getting pissed and flashing their tits and bits, under the lustful gaze of dozens of drunken eedjits ?

    The Centre Against Sexual Assault is oppressing them !

  15. Mark


    I'd whip me knacker wrappers off for $50 booze.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Encouraging irresponsible drinking?

    Don't know about the Ozzies, but £20 worth of beer tokens wouldn't really get me or anyone I know "irresponsibly" drunk...

    Do they have to prove they're not wearing two (or more) pairs?

    Can guys claim the prize too? :P

    And do they get their underwear back at the end of the night, or are the bar's costs recouped by selling them on to local japanese guys...

  17. Anonymous Coward

    And to think it's been said...

    ...the Register runs non-IT stories. Hopefully Lester's marvellous Aussie tech piece should put an end to such low calumny!

    They have just discovered the bra in Australia, right?

    Mine's the one with the beer-stained tassels...

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    'event's cancellation "because it was likely to encourage irresponsible drinking".'

    Not because it was sexist or degrading, but that you might get too many "Sheila's" turning up and taking too many of the free cards, thereby cutting profits!

  19. Simon B
    Paris Hilton


    Sue Maclellan, who met landlord Cameron Manning and ordered the event's cancellation "because it was likely to encourage irresponsible drinking" - We can all do that already fully clothed you muppet!!

    Carolyn Worth of Melbourne Centre Against Sexual Assault was more forthright, slamming the event as "stupid and dangerous". She said: "It sends a very bad message, and it is one made very explicit. It's almost an invitation to sexual assault." - Like a pair of knickers normally stop this kind of thing

    Port Phillip mayor Janet Cribbes explained: "... It fuels the fire for irresponsible drinking, irresponsible behaviour and puts young women at risk and makes them more vulnerable to sexual assault. - Another muppet

    Many women already DON'T wear knickers too might I add. Those moaning are just a bunch of prudes!

    i'm sure paris doesn't wear any, she survives ok!

  20. Alex Coxall

    Dwarf episode

    I think you should have left the dwarf episode a mystery, rather like the spagetti incident.

  21. Craig
    IT Angle

    Stupidly sexist naivity

    I wonder how much outrage there would be if a Scottish landlord organised a similar event but requested the men be the ones to abandon underwear in return for the drinks voucher.

    No doubt such an event hosted in Scotland with focus on men being the ones to 'let it hang' under the kilts would be a roaring success, with women turning out by the bus loads for a chance to tease and abuse the men.

    See, women think that if they are encouraged to take off their knickers in a public place, they're opening the door for abuse. Yet us poor Scots get abused by women every time we go out drinking, to the point where some of my friends now refuse to wear a kilt except on special occasions. Women can be such cruel hypocrites.

  22. Ash

    Invitation to sexual assault?

    Is that even possible? I thought the definition of assault was UNSOLICITED physical contact.

    Secondly, why is it only prudes and hippies in positions of power? Why can't we have someone who understands the difference between "adult fun" and "sexual debauchery"? Nobody's having sex on the bar, or doing coke of a bare ass; It's just a stunt to get punters into the bar.

    $50 says there would have been 10:1 men to women, though.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So the following complained....

    Sue Maclellan

    Carolyn Worth

    Janet Cribbes

    I sense a pattern here but can't quite put my finger (or anything else) on it.

  24. thomas k.

    and sexist, too?

    Considering the offer was only available to the ladies, wouldn't that make it a bit sexist, too? What happened to equal opportunity?

    Mine's the one with the holes in the pockets.

  25. John Imrie

    Sex descrimination.

    I bet if I whipped of my undies It wouldn't be a $50 drinks voucher I'd be getting.

  26. Simon Hildreth
    Thumb Up


    are they opening up as my local?

  27. Daniel

    No Undie Sundie?

    the man's a marketing genius!

  28. Neil

    All these comments

    And not one "down under" joke. I'm disappointed!

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What ad?

    >> The ad is bordering on being pornographic.

    Shouldn't we get to decide that for ourselves - El Reg lets the side down again.

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    @UNFAIR! by Mark

    Time to throw out my keyboard and get a new if I can gouge that image out of my brain.

  31. Michael


    "...and puts young women at risk and makes them more vulnerable to sexual assault."

    But not men, naturally, because only women get sexually assaulted. Right?

  32. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    The connection?

    If it weren't for IT we wouldn't hear about this until someone brought the news by ship after a 6-month voyage.

    Hurray for the IT connection!

  33. James Pickett


    ""because it was likely to encourage irresponsible drinking"

    So drinking is only responsible if you've got your underwear in place?

    I wonder what Sir Les Patterson would say? :-)

  34. Chris iverson
    IT Angle

    clearly the IT angle is..

    That it is a pub and there is drinking involved. The long hallowed hobby of us pasty IT types. naturally ladies going commando also should have been enough since cell phone video camera + youtube = ....well you know

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    "She said: "It sends a very bad message, and it is one made very explicit. It's almost an invitation to sexual assault.""

    Great, an expert witness for my sexual assult trial, "she invited me, honest, the aussie woman said so!".

  36. Steen Hive
    Thumb Down


    Doing that in Scotland would likely win you free entry into the Sex Offenders Register. Luckily, both me and my kilt are far, far away from that madness.

  37. Anonymous Coward

    Centre Against Sexual Assault

    Just interested if there's a Centre For Sexual Assault?

    I thought sexual assault was one of those things that you could safely assume that folks were, by and large, against in the first place.

    Mine's the one with the printer's proof for the "Men Against Castration"* newsletter


  38. Moss Icely Spaceport

    St Kilda in Melbourne

    St Kilda is Melbourne's home for the red-light area.

    This kind of activity is tame compared to what goes on around the pub.

  39. skeptical i

    $50 AUD (~$40 USD) in beer vouchers?

    For a pair of underwear? As was suggested above, the owner must be making quite a pretty penny selling the undies to the sadsacks on eBay if s/he's giving away beer for 'em. That's the entrepreneurial spirit!

  40. Stephen


    The $50 for drinks will buy you about 7-9 drinks in a Melbourne pub, unless you go for cocktails which will get you about 4. That's plenty to get an 18-25 year old waif-like lass well and truly liquored up.

    And this is a bad thing how?

    (I'm going to hell...)

  41. Fozzy

    Unenlightened idiots

    I am more than a little pissed off that these arseholes seem to think if I turned up to the pub and saw a couple of hairy beavers it would incite me to either drink more or commit an act that is completely vile. It appears they don't hink the male population, in general, have evolved past the missing link

    it also seems to have slipped their tiny little minds that you can just drive the road and see more than a map of tassie in the nuddie bars But once again the extermists views of the minority are force upon the originally uncaring majority I'm guessing from this thinking these "women" are bitter, old and single

    Alien... beam me up there's no intelligent life here

  42. Enno
    Thumb Down

    st. kilda...

    Yes a few girls going commando for $50 in drinks... that'll be "an invitation to sexual assault"... The prostitutes wandering the streets in this corner of Melbourne or the kerb crawling lowlifes who use their 'services' are no problem though.

    St. Kilda is one of those areas of town where the night life gets a little wilder than average. We all know it and the problems there are not that the pubs run risque promotions but that all levels of bureaucracy still insist on policing the easy/mostly irrelevant laws rather than the ones that matter. And as has been noted, if the pub had broken any actual laws, plod would have been right round, rather than just making vague hand wavy threats in a national newspaper.


  43. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Fucking spoilsport politicians

    Is it possible to vote not to have them as all they seem to do is ban everything or spend lots of taxpayers money fucking things up.

  44. Tim
    Thumb Down


    I'm being oppressed!

  45. roy


    only in Oz!

    lol :p

  46. JimC
    Paris Hilton

    > only in Oz!

    Actually in my Student days my (London) College Student Union had a row of such garments, some obviously unwashed since last worn, pinned up over the bar... I imagine they're long gone by now though...

    Paris Hilton angle - do you need to ask?

  47. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My god

    So what about wet t-shirt contests ??

    Thought America had some prudes. A know few women that would go to the bar just to see the no undies . I wounder would they have the same fit if it was lesbian bar ??

  48. sc


    That's probably the closest the men in there could have come to actually having sex with a woman. How sad.

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