back to article New Yorkers to pay for RFID in driving licences

New York drivers will have the option, from June next year, of paying an additional $30 to have an RFID tag embedded in their driving licence, allowing them to cross nearby borders without recourse to a passport. The additional tag offers much the same functionality as the US Passport Card, though it's limited to borders with …


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  1. Ash

    Time to grab...

    ... an RFID blocking wallet!

    *NB* I don't work for ThinkGeek. In fact, i'm not even American. I just think it's fitting.

  2. Stevie Silver badge

    I wish they'd said.

    I just finished paying a couple of hundred dollars for an RFID tagged UK passport so I could go to Canada.


  3. John Macintyre

    not bad price but...

    probably not bad considering the cost of passport i guess, but considering they change every 10 years owing to the change in your photo, surely that's just a money making scheme? Do they really check that many state borders anyway?

  4. Lord Nikon

    if you don't have your chip, your not coming in!

    bit by bit, the new system is coming in.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    "an RFID tag embedded in their driving licence, allowing them to cross nearby borders without recourse to a passport."

    Well if that isnt evidence of the North American Commmunity coming into effect then I dont know what is.

    They have already got NAFTA, which is basically their version of the EEC back in the day where governments pretended they gave a damn about the publics opinion.

    Give it a few years and North America will have the same crap we have to put up with in the EU.

    Shame no one votes this stuff in.

    *\. Handing out NAC jackets, because your all NAC slackies now. - Welcome to hell.

  6. alain williams Silver badge

    Only an ID number ?

    ''The tag will only include an identification number - to allay privacy fears''

    What else do we need to identify a car ? I doubt that it will be that hard to find the ID of your mark's car ... then you put up a sensor or two.

  7. Ash


    Then you'll be wanting a

    Just one more cost to safeguard your privacy.

  8. Steve

    Why does it cost so much

    $30 seems a lot of money for a RFID chip!

  9. Eduard Coli

    What NYDMV/Homeland really need

    If the kind overlords at both of these large and complicated bureaucracies really wanted denizens of the Empire-state to buy in they should make the license "custom". Ideally an image in an acceptable range including sports teams, big waterfalls, puppies, stuff like that then at least people would fell they were getting something for the spend.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    And how much for a NYC ID...


    .."paying an additional $30 to have an RFID tag embedded in their driving licence"

    $90.00? $180.00?


  11. Mike Hocker


    Well, the number will cause a picture to pop up on the agent's screen (this could even be automated picture match) of the reputed license holder.

    For a bit more cash, the buyer could get a 'vanity' number: when they go through, the wall screen (paid for with their dollars!) will light up with puppies, or save the whales, or some steroid toking "athlete" or some such. Of course the agent still gets the mug of the license holder.

    Now that banks have imploded in NY and the gov is losing all that tax revenue, they need every dime they can get. Vanity RFID numbers... surprised EZPass hasn't tried it.

  12. heystoopid
    Paris Hilton

    But then again

    But then again in New Yonkers City only one in 12 adults actually have a drivers license thus that it is no biggie for them as everyone just PT's it on the 24/7/365 transport system .

    Further if you have driven in Yonkersville , you will understand why the solid Russian built T92 tank is required just to survive in peak hour traffic as your fellow motorists are true terrorists in every sense of the word possible .

    But in the land of the paranoid ever bankrupt free enterprise and alleged only democracy in this world of ours ????? , the user has to pay for everything kitchen sink inclusive , for it would not be free enterprise if it were not !

  13. Jesse Dorland

    New World Order powered by iPOD

    Comrades! We are lackies of the bourgeoisie, and American imperialism.

    Turth is out there. however, written in Newspeak.

  14. Allan Dyer


    And how often do NYC drivers attempt to drive to Bermuda and the Caribbean? Last I heard, they are surrounded by water.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Really F*cking Idiotic & Dumb

  16. David

    "Nearby" borders

    How often do New Yorkers drive to Mexico?

  17. Chris Hamilton

    $45 for a passport card?

    Thats what? £30?

    Why can't our government do something similar? Why do I need a 40 page, £80, full blown passport to travel to EU countries? Why not a cut down (and more importantly, cut price) version like this for "nearby" EU borders like France, Belgium and The Netherlands? It's not like I'm going to get a Visa stamp for going to Disneyland. Better still.... why not join Schengen, and I can save £80 and not bother renewing my passport at all.

    But then why did they issue use with credit card sized driving licenses, only to tell us it should be kept with the big paper version at all times?

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