back to article IBM gets virtual and cloudy with 22nm chips

IBM may not be in the same league as Intel when it comes to volume chip production, but the PowerPC family of chips gets embedded in all kinds of devices, and it does a decent volume with its related Power chips in servers, too. Plus, the company sells intellectual property related to chip making. And that is why IBM needs to …


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  1. Emo

    Of course, that tech will come at a price - and we ain't talking cheap

    And if you have to ask, you can't afford it.

  2. Emo


    I for one welcome our 22nm overlords..

  3. Moss Icely Spaceport

    "East Fishkill, New York chip plant"

    That would be a fish and chip shop then?

  4. yadayada

    Higher frequency?

    Don't you mean shorter wavelength, or is this special water?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Power4 generation back in 2001 was nice

    the Power4 generation back in 2001 was very nice however, IBM couldnt even be bothered to unpdate and beef up the Altivec SIMD in the likes of the PS3 and the 360 altivec extentions are so secret as to be useless to the general purpose vendors.

    hell you cant even buy a power*/G* SOC core thats got all of todays required bits included in it as standard today, im talking about the likes of the E300 and the E600 SOC.

    no faster AND improved Altivec SIMD cores, no USB2, no firewire800+,no wireless 11n, hell not even any real H.264 Codec and related updated assistance included inside the SOC that you might ewant to use in your latest cheap wirelessNAS 11n router consumer designs to replace the dumb but cheaper 11g everuone and his dogs reflashing with 3rd party Mesh firmwares and the like.

    then you have the likes of genersi and their long time Efika thats not seem an update in a very long time and thats all they do these days is talk, and their so called developer relations manager is a real joke, so much so noone wants to even deal with him anymore never mind place any serious orders for any potentially new kit, and thats a shame, sack the guy or move and stop all his crazy idea's and code going into the linux kernal and you might get some were one day.

    the best this so call developer manager can come up with is we are not stopping you buying these new x86 mobile chipsets ROTFL, some PPC developer hes turned out to be, encuraging small and large 3rd party developers to just drop any future PPC hardware development and go buy x86 mobile kit.

    with a sad unfocused and talentless "developer relations manager" like that who needs competition or enemys, neko your a sad litttle man that thinks hes something as you migrated to the US taking someones jog in the process, someone/anyone thats got a real talent for helping developers develop new and interesting projects to capable of taking them somewere, you just dont get it and never will, we wont be placing any large and ongoing orders while your at the company boy, your a liability..

  6. Toby Murcott


    Unless physics has changed a lot in the last few years, higher frequency IS shorter wavelength. But then I don't know that much about chip fabbing so am probably missing something...

  7. Franklin


    But! But! But! v in water is smaller (c might be a constant, but the velocity of light isn't) and that affects the relationship of λ(wavelength) to f. has a shockingly lucid (considering the medium) breakdown.

  8. yadayada

    @ let me explain Manuel... (and thank you Toby)

    The whole point is that the water shortens the wavelength, without changing the frequency. The light incident on the silicon has exactly the same frequency with or without. Wavelength is what affects the ability to resolve detail. The water "hack" allows use of the same light source, lens tech etc, whereas EUV is a whole new ballpark of pain.

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