back to article American girls love to talk: Official

A new study of US teenagers puts mobile phones into the hands of 91 per cent of 17-year-old girls, while only 78 per cent of their male compatriots can make a mobile call. The study comes from MultiMedia Intelligence, working with Experian, and draws on data from interviews, consumer surveys and handset usage databases, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Next Week: "Bears quite partial to shitting in woods"

    closely followed by "Pope suspected to believe in God"

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Next up on El Reg: water is wet.

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  3. Ian Ferguson
    Paris Hilton

    Caring by mobile

    We had a theatre open day recently, and due to the very real dangers of the place backstage, we made sure everyone knew Children Must Be Accompanied. Some kids were running round on their own; I challenged them, and they said, "oh it's okay, our parents are waiting outside, and we've got our mobiles".

    Great - the mobile can stop them falling down a ladder then. In a building that has no network signal.

  4. Aremmes
    Paris Hilton

    Thanks, Captain Obvious

    Why does it take a scientific study to figure out what every self-respecting todger dragger already knows? My wife occupies 90% of the talking time in our house, and she's not even American. The article's title might as well be "Girls love to talk: Bloody Obvious".

    Paris, 'cause she wouldn't carry a (very hackable) mobe if she can't talk on it.

  5. J

    8 year olds with cell phones?

    That's really freaky, let me tell you... I guess I'm just getting old. When I was a lad...

  6. Charles Silver badge

    Why 13 or 16 but not in between?

    Perhaps a hypothesis: when boys turn 13 and are first seen as true teenagers (and thus why it doesn't happen at 14 or 15 a lot), parents give them a phone to help keep an ear on them as they start to roam more. As for 16, that's the legal driving age in most of the USA, so again it becomes a check and balance when a teen behind the wheel starts to roam even further.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Next contestant - Sybil Fawlty from Torquay

    Specialist subject - the bleedin' obvious.

  8. Eddie Johnson

    El Reg lost its memory?

    This is at least the second story in the past week to use "mobe," a word that was banned from the Register years ago. I know you have an influx of new hacks but a little edumacation seems to be in order.

  9. Foxhill

    What's Quaterly when it's at home?

    Seriously, you'd think someone would have LOOKED at the sodding graph before releasing it.

  10. IR


    Shouldn't this be linked with the story about the woman who found porn on her phone and want damages because a child might have seen it?

  11. Shagbert

    RE: El Reg lost its memory?

    In before Ms Bee, since I seem to recall she has a bee in her bonnet about this:

  12. Anonymous Coward


    nice try, but the moderatrix doesn't fall for easy tricks like that :-P

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