back to article Samsung turns hostile on SanDisk

Samsung has made a $5.85bn all-cash hostile takeover offer for SanDisk and is waiting for other potential bidders to come out of the woodwork. Toshiba and Seagate are obvious candidates for a bidding war. The background to this bid is that Samsung is the leading supplier of NAND flash memory, used in handheld intelligent …


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  1. sleepy

    Toshiba, Apple?

    Apple must be very interested in the outcome of this, and would love to control flash patents, no doubt. The Sandisk partnership agreements with Toshiba might be quite costly to unravel, with current jointly owned fabs and joint product development.

    It seems to me there could easily a be a bit of realignment of alliances, with Apple, Sandisk & Toshiba figuring out something that makes everyone happy except Samsung (and Microsoft?). With Omnia, Samsung has just done its best to clone the iPhone, a product made with Samsung chips by one of Samsung's best customer. Apple won't like that, even if the Omnia is initially uncompetitive.

  2. Chulang

    not a clone

    Remember LG Had a phone which Apple IPHONE is a cloneof

  3. {¯`·.¸_LÅMߤ¥_¸.·´¯}

    USA USA USA (repeat to fade)

    The US government may have some input to the eventual ownership of this big storage company - my money would be on Seagate, if only the US gov would back their companies in the same way Korea backs theirs!

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