back to article Fancy a shattering ORG45M for £150k?

A UK number plate dealer is offering drivers the chance to enjoy an ORG 45M for a cool £150k, or get their hands on a hot PEN 15 for a mere £99,995. currently has its PEN 15 screwed to some company wheels, as you can see here. A company spokesman said: "Whilst driving around with it on our company Smart car …


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  1. Jamie
    Paris Hilton

    The Sun taking the high moral ground

    Come on, that is like Paris condemning some other tart for being promiscuos.

  2. Stefan

    Thats my afternoon gone... thanks Lester

    I am now looking for as many rude word reg's as poss all afternoon. Come on people... get on there and see whats available.

    Cheers for that

  3. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Sun rejects "penis"

    Well of course, it's a serious word, many Sun 'readers' might not even know what it means, and the use of it would imply some education and ability to speak about the human body without sniggering.

    Now if it had been "C0 CK" or something they'd have snapped it up!

  4. Pie

    FAL 1C

    Is the best number plate I have seen, and it's more subtle than PEN 15

  5. John H Woods

    B10 JOB

    Passed it on the motorway. But I still prefer the local BJ55OMG.

  6. Jim Burrows

    Steve Parrish on his uppers ?

    PEN 15 used to be his number plate.

  7. Dave
    Paris Hilton


    'Cos she knows what the plates mean

  8. Chris Long

    Champagne socialists

    Didn't Derek Hattersley used to own PEN 15?

    What happened to him, anyway?

  9. Chris Long

    I meant Derek Hatton, obviously.

    Google first, ask questions later.

  10. david


    * from rich_twats where money < sense

    I changed my name to SBH 368, much cheaper than changing my number plate...(credit Viz)

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Posers with personalised number plates should...

    ... P155 OFF.

  12. Gav
    IT Angle

    Idiots & Money

    So, idiots with more money than brain cells want a label on their car to let the world know that they are an idiot with more money than brain cells who isn't getting any. Probably because they have the maturity of a sniggering 13 year old virgin.

    I'm sure this will be very useful for us grown-ups in giving these idiots a wide berth, but the IT angle is...?

  13. OneArmJack


    I thought for a second that you'd branched out.

  14. IanD
    Paris Hilton

    Who'd buy them

    What self respecting Clarkson-esque type would buy either of these plates , given that it demonstrates that an ORG45M is far more than a PEN15 ?

    Paris, 'cos she knows the value of both...

  15. Hayden Clark Silver badge

    Derek Hatton...

    .. had DEG5Y on his gold XJS. What a Socialist!

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Passed by PAR 1S this morning

    This plate is affixed to a black BMW 730i, it passed me this morning just to the north west of Cambridge near Madingley.

    The windows were darkened, I couldn't see what she was up to inside.

    Obvious the icon required!

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If you're that rich...

    If you're rich enough to buy 1 for $16m or whatever, why bother? Why not just put 1 on the car anyway & pay the fines for having an invalid numberplate. They could impound your Aston and crush it but who cares... even at $200,000 a pop you afford to get nicked 80 times before it costs the same!

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Forget a personalised plate...

    If you bought a car this year from Northampton, you could have a number plate that starts with KN08 for no extra cost.

    KN08 HED, anyone?

  19. An Unwashed Mass

    @Posers with personalised number plates should...

    There's a similar one (or there used to be unless Gangsta Vehicle Leasing Inc has repo'd it) round here... I think it was P15 0EF with the plate screw partially covering the lower part of the E (or maybe the owner just got done for that... probably screws with ANPR or something)

  20. Anonymous Coward

    D'oh selector

    Your comparison operator is back to front David.

    I'm sorry, I can't let you do that, David.

    David, what are you doing....?

  21. Mark
    Thumb Up

    For £2199 can have F4RTY

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    OBO 110X on the M62 many years ago - think it was on a clapped out Chevette.

  23. Stuart Silver badge

    Darling, Wanna see what I shrunk?

    Sad to see such a tiny PEN 15. I remember when it as fat long roller cruising the North Circ in the 1970s.

  24. Alistair James

    PEN 15

    Steve Parrish 'stole' the number plate from Linda Lovelace (of deepthroat fame) many years ago but eventually he had to buy it.

    BTW I know this as I grew up in the Village he was born and lived in.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ORG 45M

    I'm sure I saw this at the supermarket one day, attached to a gold 4x4 of some description with large chrome wheels.

    My only thought was it was someone overcompensating for a deficiency elsewhere.

  26. yeah, right.

    how.... 1940's.

    So, when is the UK going to upgrade its systems and finally get rid of the whole "let's encode the year and location in the number plate" farce? Or even allow real "ego" plates rather than the joke they have now? It's just so... stupid.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    HOT 69

    my parents used to have this plate back in the early eighties... they sold it to a yuppie for £10000

    Paris, cos she knows what it means...

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    PEN 15

    I remember seeing PEN15 being sold (with vehicle) in the back pages of a magazine found amongst my dad's (not very well hidden) secret porn stash during the 70's.

    Paris because she's allegedly known more than 15 PENs.

  29. Lyndon Barry

    Numbers Only

    All licence plates here in the UAE are number based. The only letters indicate which Emirate you are in, and Dubai plates have letters which I "think" indicate the locality of the car. The lower the number here, the more important you are seen to be. Hence 1 being seen as the most important (until you get into the "VIP" plate area)

    Mind you, I've seen far too many Lexus LS400 with Abu Dhabi plates being driven by complete TW4 T5

  30. Warhelmet

    Free Personalised Number Plates

    i fink that p-pul that wont personalied numbr pl8 shud get them 4 3. As long as they are of form CNT nnnx. This way the police will kno who they r.

  31. paulc

    the Geek's dream plate

    L 1 NUX

    it actually exists...

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    i got 'P54 RAH' if anyone wants to buy it....

    it's ideal for any UK resident, American Republican party fans...

    (who'd like to get thier hands on the the real soccer mom 54RAH...P ) ;p

    though i would like real cash for it in(££££.) please....

    offers over £7.5k


  33. Stevie

    Of course

    I imagine that this is one story that the American readers won't get straight away, since in the States you can specify your own number plate providing it is unique, G rated and fits into your state's license plate format. It just costs more.

  34. Anonymous Coward

    Old Banger

    CUN 69 T Attached to a coach (late 70's) as witnessed by a postie I knew.

    Bus Stop.

  35. Hrishikesh
    Paris Hilton

    A Florida plate A55 RGY

    The biggest hint being that (some) Florida plates have a nice big orange between the two parts.

    Even better, this is a standard series-issue plate, they didn't pay extra for it!

    Paris - probably the best contender to own said plate.

  36. Dave

    P155 OFF

    One of the most requested plates from DVLA select registrations. Never issued, and never will be (Allegedly)

  37. dave lawless

    Someone's committing a crime

    According to the DVLA computer PEN 15 is registered to a BLACK MCC SMART PULSE SOFTIP SEMI-AUTO not a yellow one as shown in the picture.

    And what a "softip" is I can only imagine.

    ORG 45M is currently unregistered which is a bit of a slur against BMW drivers!

  38. Fluffykins Silver badge

    Why it it that

    when prestige cars being driven by complete TW4T5, the chance is they'll be Beemers?

  39. Anonymous Coward

    D1 CED

    You would have to be a dick** to pay that kind of cash for a plating. And you deserve to be chopped up by the missus for not spending the cash on her instead.

  40. Anony mouse

    PEN 15

    Used to be Steve Parrish' number.. but since he moved to the isle of man he can't use UK plates..

    just to clear that up

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