back to article Touchscreen BlackBerry details leaked

Details of the BlackBerry Storm have been leaked around the internet, apparently coming from internal documents and one video presentation, showing how RIM plans to take on the iPhone. The handset, previously rumoured to be called 'Thunder', will apparently be exclusive to Verizon in the USA and features a touch screen with …


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  1. Geoff Mackenzie


    I was wondering what McCain was working on these days.

  2. fhyndoh

    mmm. Haptics...

    Oooh. haptics...even the jesusphone ain't got haptics...

    meh. f**k them. i'll stick to me netbook thanks, it's cheaper...and it's got skype and e-mail

    i'll get my coat. it's linux...

  3. Thomas

    Something the other vendors still don't seem to get

    The iPhone is impressive because:

    1) it commercialised multitouch, and is built near-exclusively around direct manipulation

    2) it has a GPU

    Single touch interfaces don't allow you to do things like zoom in and out as direct manipulation; therefore they make the user feel more distant from the thing they are manipulating.

    The GPU lets it do the fast panning, zooming and spinning that is easily attacked as eye candy but also provides a whole lot of context for less technical users. It's all about building a more convincing metaphor.

    It's not clear if this BlackBerry misses the point on the former, but from the video it clearly misses the point on the latter. The difference between icons moving swiftly off the screen and the CPU doing a pained three frame animation of icons vanishing behind an 80s-style video transition is that the former makes you think about a spatiality inside the machine and breaks down the modality of your tasks, the latter just makes you aware that you're working with a piece of hardware that's got some weird transitions.

    Obviously it's a BlackBerry, so it's still much more suitable for the enterprise on any technical evaluation. They'll probably sell millions of them.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A credible reply to Apple's iPhone

    18 months after the original was introduced, of course.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Business first

    This handset will sell to a lot more to the consumer in the US, but in the UK Blackberry consumer sales are on the up as well. RIM is slowly gaining sales with UK consumers, and don't forget the celeb backing. When it does come to market in the UK I think Vodafone will be first to stock this device, and depending on my handling it I may well buy one.

    @ Thomas:

    The transition may be customisable or set by theme.

    Paris because she'll probably loose one with some incriminating photos on it.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Whalesong alert

    >the former makes you think about a spatiality inside the machine and breaks down the modality of your tasks, the latter just makes you aware that you're working with a piece of hardware that's got some weird transitions.

    Please can I have the same mushrooms he has been eating ? Or is it Kool Aid....

    Strange coz the overall impression of the Bejaysus phone seems to be one of 'weird transitions' designed by Fisher Price on an oversized piece of hardware, they'll probably sell millions of them.

  7. James O'Brien

    I know this probably wont be posted but worth a try

    So what we are to believe is that the new Blackberry will be giving a RIMming to the JesusPhone?

    Ok yes I know and I will sack myself for that comment once I get home and have some lager.

  8. Miles Hipkin

    video gone

    The vid is locked down now with the text:

    This Website is meant solely for use by Verizon employees in the course of their business responsibilities.

    To access this Website configure your browser to use a Proxy Server. Contact your Network Administrator for more information.

    If you see this page after changing your configuration complete the form and click Submit. We will contact you for further assistance.

  9. Gareth Saunders

    @Whalesong alert

    Actually, Thomas has a point. If you knew anything about what you're attacking, you would know that this field, known as Human Computer Interaction, is all about how to abstract the working of a device to a point where only the intuition of the user is required, rather than having to learn the mechanics of it operation. This is pretty much where the iPhone has truly shined.

    It has been a considerable focal point for most consumer electronic and software firms since the dawn of mass electronics, multi-touch input and guestures itself being the in-vouge with giants such as Microsoft, Apple and TI, (mouse) gestures also pioneered the known browser vendor Opera amongst others. These are, of course, intended to be analagous to the action being performed, and thus far more intuitive.

    And at least Thomas provides critical thought and an actual argument, rather that spouting fuzzwords such as 'Whalesong', 'Kool Aid', 'Bejaysus phone'* and just sounding like a general (anti-) fanboi prat.

    Though, James' comment had me in stitches. Boffin icon, as we should all at least **try** to engage brain before mouth, and (IMO) unconsidered irrationality should be frowned upon.

    * JesusPhone tto you and me.

  10. David Kelly


    I have to agree with Thomas here. Watching yesterday's Android demo it was painfully obvious how poor the user experience on an interface with single touch would be if you were used to the joys of multitouch.

    RIMM is going to have to do something really spectacular to compete with Apple. I don't see it happening.

    @AC: RIMM's total sales may be growing but that's only because the smartphone market is growing as a whole. In terms of market share everything I have read about RIMM recently shows them losing market share to Apple and Nokia.

  11. Norfolk Enchants Paris
    Black Helicopters

    good on them

    Everyone else has tried to jump on the touchscreen bandwagon so why not the RIMmers? What gets my goat is all these super duper phones being restricted to single networks. That's a bandwagon that RIM could have happily not jumped on. It's OK if you are already there but change providers to get the latest shiny thing? Each to their own I suppose. I guess the network handed some cash to RIM.

    Apple did a great job getting a multitude of people on to AT&T but that was with something that was quite special at the time (love it or no, the iPhone had the x-factor and brand recognition that made people want to switch). How many punters are really going to change carriers for the latest B/Berry I wonder.

    I'll reserve judgement on the phone itself until I see one, but for now I'm happy with my Luddite's special, £9.99 Nokia 2610.

    Black Helicopter because it may be there but it doesn't really bother me.

  12. sleepy

    Not ready or not competitive

    This funky leak lets Crackberry believers think an iPhone killer is in the works when it possibly isn't a killer, and isn't soon. By making it an "accident" they don't have to say anything more.

    As pointed out by others, an intuitive interface isn't easy, especially for a company coming from a glorified pager device.

    RIM is the worthiest competitor for Apple, but despite the iPhone's problems, it's still a very hard product to come close to.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Business first (2)

    @ David Kelly

    Very true that the market is a factor but it must be considered that RIM has a lot of corporate, government and military customers. As well as it's increasing consumer base.

    The security and granular IT policy as well as reporting is what makes BlackBerry so popular to such organisations, windows mobile devices and Apple iPhones can't currently come close. For a while yet I think RIM will lead in these sectors due to the policy and security requirements of some businesses.

    @ sleepy

    If you read you'll soon see they've come a long way from the original remote engineer/sales pager system they developed. Although its their own have a look at this for instance:

    I do think there will be some software issues, maybe even hardware judging by the new Bold. Hopefully the obligatory firmware upgrade should iron these out as with most RIM handhelds. Hardware will obviously remain to be seen.

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