back to article Mobes & pheasants litter London's black cabs

The back of a London cab remains one of the most frequent places for anxious or absent-minded travellers to mislay their mobile. Londoners lost an average of three mobile for each London taxi in the last six months, adding up to a total of 55,843 phones for the 21,729 taxis plying their trade in the UK's capital. A survey by …


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  1. Pyers
    Jobs Horns

    Are we turning into merkins?

    I didn't realise we had a capitol in the UK!

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  3. Ben Mathews

    Artifitial limbs?

    That guy must have been legless.

    Mines the one with one arm sewn up.

  4. Chris G Silver badge

    Just wondering

    How many of those laptops and mobes belong to civil servants?

  5. Pete Silver badge

    real reason to work in a cab

    ... is to stop the cabbie striking up a conversation.

    No, I don't know who was in the back last week - I've probably never heard of them and I wouldn't care, even if I had. Stop talking and concentrate on the road.

  6. Jason Togneri
    Dead Vulture

    " the UK's capitol."

    Er, the UK doesn't have a capitol. While the US capital (Washington) has a capitol (the government building occupied by the state legislature, where the United States Senate and the House of Representatives meet), the UK's capital doesn't have a capitol. Please get it right next time, and try not to write in ALL CAPITOLS...

  7. Anonymous Coward


    A comment is required, in addition to a title.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    And also...

    ... half a ton of sensitive government data was found.

    You know I think we have this all wrong I don't think the government does lose data, I think they are using public transport as a cheaper alternative to storage, if that is correct then I applaud them for their cashable efficiency drive ;)

    Mine's the one with nothing in the pockets cause I left it all in a taxi.

  9. Rob Crawford
    Gates Horns


    From the last sentance I assume that Heather Mills can still afford her taxi fairs, though I for one didn't know she had false teeth

    Devil Bill becasue all the apple fanbois will claim it's Bills fault that people are stupid enough to leave their laptops behind (and twice as guilty when an i product is left behind)

  10. DZ-Jay


    I thought "mobes" was banned by decree from El Reg. What's next, mentioned of "lappy" on an HP story?


  11. davenewman
    Thumb Down

    Another report from statistical morons

    Now explain how from a a total of poll of 300 London cabbies, they can work out that exactly 55,843 phones were lost, not 55842 or 55844 phones. You would be lucky to get an estimate within +/-2000 with that sample size.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Is that slang for Shreddies?

  13. Pyers

    Forget capitols, grab a merkin...

    Merkin ->

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Calling all spies!

    Make your work easier, *and* earn extra cash into the bargain!

    Simply apply for a job as a London cabbie. No more risky breaking into offices in the dead of night to photograph files on a microfilm camera! No more midnight dead-drops behind a tree on a frozen windswept Hampstead Heath! No more hours listening to crackly lo-fi wiretaps! Ladies, no more unpleasant sweaty honey-trap work!

    Just drive around all days swearing at cyclists, and before you know it, pissed up MI5 officers will have left all the information your foreign "sponsors" could ever ask for!

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