back to article HMV keeps Warhammer-ers from goblins

The much-anticipated Warhammer online launches Thursday, with those who pre-ordered the game getting access from Monday. But the true obsessives who bought the Collectors Edition had access from Sunday - as long as they didn't buy it from HMV. The purchase process is somewhat complicated, with customers able to buy a box …


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  1. neb

    har har



  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Just another "WoW killer" that will be completely abandoned when Lich King releases in November and everyone heads back to Azeroth.

    Add this to the pile, right on top of Conan and Lord of the Rings.

  3. Mike Crawshaw

    HMV were really pushing this too...

    HMV were e-mailing people to promote the entire "early access" thing - I got at least 2 emails from them about it, where they were pushing just this game. Apparently you get two exclusive in-game items as well, or something similar. Glad I decided against it (I love the Warhammer novels, but won't pay a monthly subs to play a game, as it's not worth it for the amount of time I would use it).

    Bad HMV. There will be many beardlings adding the name of HMV to their Book of Grudges.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The whole Beta/Launch thing has been a complete joke anyway. So many different beta/early access promises with pre-orders from different people, most not being fulfilled either.

    Any sensible person would wait for this charade to pass before even giving consideration to trying the game out.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Well i'm glad i ordered with for sure now then! Yeah i'm one of those sad true obsessives who ordered the full £60 Collectors Edition. I wasn't aware of this issue, i'll mention it to people tonight, thanks a lot.

  6. Len Goddard
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    Not just HMV

    Basically, the headstart program seems to have been a complete fiasco.

    Most people who bought the pre-order pack from the EA store did not get the access keys to the game until late monday at the soonest (servers were open in the morning) apparently because they had run out of keys and had to generate some more. This problem was apparent over the weekend but no-one from EA is available then so nothing was communicated until monday morning.

    Also, the digital download process (10Gb) didn't work at all. If you couldn't get the Open Beta client you were out of luck.

    There are people who have still not received their access keys. There is a LOT of dissatisfaction being expressed on the EA "community" forums.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Not only but also

    HMV could be said to not know better, being a music store first, but you'd think Game would. I tried pre-odering from them, and they didn't even know there were such a thing as early access codes.

    Thankfully did and thus what little 'life' I had has been sucked away, making me one happy 'sad' geek.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Trusting HMV?

    I'll forgo the obvious comments about what kind of sad, pathetic life a person has to have in order to be buying a collectors edition for a one day headstart on an online game, and just go after HMV :)

    Anyone who buys at HMV on a semi-regular basis should know three things:

    -Never buy full priced items; HMV is way too expensive, but they do put on good deals quite often.

    -Never trust the cashiers; they don't know what they're doing and don't give a crap.

    -Never trust management; same as above.

    So why is this even news-worthy again?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Stop are also having issues are also having issues providing standard edition head-start keys.

  10. Yorkshirepudding
    Paris Hilton


    sure to upset the spottied masses of the tabletop gaming community i just wish they would hurry up with a decent warhammer 40k game on the scale of battlefield or battlefront

    paris just wonders what a warhammer is ;-)

  11. matt
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    re: Pffft

    If you read around the game some more you'll find Mythic has never claimed it to be a "WoW killer". Only thing Mark Jacobs has stated is "I want more subs than EQ (250k) at peak and less than WoW".

    Unlike you, some people never played WoW or have totally had enough of it :P

  12. Ned Fowden


    got my codes on Friday, logged in yesterday, no problems at all

    the game is good, although at first glance (didn't have much time in world) very similar in form & function to WoW

  13. CrackedButter
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    You know

    People might stop it with their need to be first all the time if companies keep this level of commitment up.

  14. Steven
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    Pre Order-Box

    I'm a little confused by this whole "punters needed to leave their email address with HMV staff".

    The pre-order box had 3 codes in it. One for Open beta(ha! That was a joke), one for Head Start and one for in-game items.

    If you bought the pre-order box, then you had everything you needed. I gave my codes away after the disaster that was the beta.

  15. wim
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    system requirements

    15 GB of free space ??

    I mean isn't that a bit much for 1 game ?

    Or am I missing something very important here ?

  16. Dave Bell

    HMV: why?

    HMV has sometimes had ale bargains, but their "sale" price is usually what everyone else is charging.

    I'm not sure why anyone would buy there.

    And this looks like a failure to supply goods or services according to contract. Anyone contacted their local Trading Standards Officer?

  17. Liam

    oh well...

    maybe they can look for a girlfriend while the code arrives, or even move out of their mums house? :)

    seriously - those games only seem to be played by compulsive obsessives with no social skills

    /me ducks as i guess that refers to a lot of techies!

  18. Warhelmet

    Rip Off

    I just had to respond to this...

    The special collectors edition is a blatent rip off. And people who play warhammer smell of wee.

    Mine's the cloak of invisibility.

  19. Simon

    Not just HMV

    It isn't just HMV, Amazon have made a real hash of this as well with many people not getting the game because they didn't order enough for everybody.

    Thankfully Play.Com still delivers the best service and I'm in the game no worries.

  20. Steven


    After the shambles that GoA made of the beta start (Starts on Sunday? No, Monday? Oh, Tuesday... nice lack of communication too and then the firing of the Community Rep who felt insulted by a handful of posters and calling everyone Borderline Sociopaths) and then the distinctive lack of difference from Lord Of The Rings Online (my wife asked me if I'd gotten bored of waiting for Warhammer and had reinstalled LOTRO), this is surely the final icing on the cake for a lot of people.

    Note to European companies: When you launch your account registration system on the same day as the beta launch after stating repeatedly THAT THERE WILL BE NO PROBLEMS and it goes tits up for 3 days, does it ever occur to you to look at the US company handling your game and see that they did Account Registration weeks before the actual game launch in order to iron out any problems?

    One ex-I was looking forward to Warhammer fan, who's remaining with City Of Heroes and Tabula Rasa instead. (Besides, Sci-Fi>Fantasy any day)

  21. Anonymous Coward


    This story is incorrect. Upon purchasing the CE prepurchase pack, you got a leaflet with 3 codes. 1 for th open beta, one for head start and one for the pre-order item. No codes were sent out, so no need for an email address.

  22. matt

    Need a code?

    If anyone has been caught out by HMV on this, I have a spare SE head start code your welcome to

    Send me an email to mattjor^

  23. Nick G
    Gates Horns

    re pfft

    Nah - Lotro will continue on it's merry way as there's not a great deal of cross over player wise. Not much in the way of lolz phat haxxor n00b lewt in Middle Earth!

  24. Haviland

    CE Box

    Like Steven, I got the box with the codes months ago.

    I'll get my +3 Shroud of Not Getting Wet

  25. Anonymous Coward

    HMV Epic Fail

    This is happening to me right now. I'm pretty sure trade descriptions gives me some kind of claim.

    I could cancel my order right now (but lose my collectors edition) and get a code from, or I could just buy another copy, but I don't see why I should - HMV have failed to deliver, and now keep giving empty promises.

  26. James Brash


    I bought the collectors edition from HMV and the codes were in the pre-order box? I've been playing since Sunday.

  27. Darren Hubbard


    That's odd... I purchased a proper Collector's Edition pre-order box from HMV months ago for £9.99 (which will be deducted from my final purchase of the CE) and that already had the codes inside it.

    Or have HMV oversold their pre-orders once these special boxes ran out and they're now in the sticky stuff? Think I might camp outside my HMV on Thursday morning to make sure I get mine!

  28. Kit Temple

    Age issue a problem

    The thing putting me of Warhammer is that it will be full of teenagers - just like WoW is.

    I have found:

    Ultima Online - lots of teens

    Everquest - mostly adults

    Dark Age of Camelot - mixed

    World of Warcraft - lots of teens, not many adults stick with WoW from what I could tell

    Age of Conan - mostly adults (thanks to the 18 rating)

    I'll stick with Age of Conan until one of the new games decides to make the sensible decision to have separate servers for adults and teens. As long as teens realise that "Adults server" means less sexual talk/behaviour rather than on the Teen server then I think they will stick to their servers.

    I don't think Conan has anything that deserves the 18 rating - but it does wonders for the behaviour of people in the game.

  29. Anonymous Coward

    @Age Issue a problem

    Umm you and I must be playing two totally different versions of AoC then. I've bounced around to several servers and found just as many (sometimes more) teens and kids with their lame chuck norris jokes and constant pissing contests etc etc, in AoC as any other game. The 18 rating does nothing for the behavior of people in the game, aside from drawing more 14 year olds wanting to fap to pixelated tits and asking "when i get 2 fuk (insert name of character here)"

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Age Issue a problem

    Give Tabula Rasa or Dungeons & Dragons Online a try.

  31. Angus

    @@Age issue a problem

    Huh.. I am with Kit. Not really had any issues with obvious teens in AoC. There is always the odd twonk but overall it has been pretty good. That being said since I live in Australia and have to play on the US servers I am usually on there off peak hours so the kiddies have probably finished whackin the weasle and are tucked up in bed. :)

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