back to article Orange bundles free HP laptops with HSDPA deals

Orange has bundled a trio of HP Compaq laptops and USB HSDPA 3G modems with new business-oriented mobile broadband airtime packages. The bundles are based around the Compaq 6735s, 6730s and 6730b, respectively tethered to £35-, £40- and £45-a-month subscriptions. Contracts run for two years for a total expenditure of £840, £ …


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  1. Ryan


    That's the first deal that's tempting me away from O2 in a long long LONG time!

    (O2 have super coverage in Manchester - even in basements I can still get a strong 2G signal).

  2. Thomas

    A wave of the future?

    Will we one day be no more likely to buy a computer than to buy a mobile phone? I guess most consumers use them mainly for network tasks now anyway, so it makes sense. Microsoft may need to be worried; business people making decisions about what hardware to offer the public are likely to be more interested in how much they have to pay to tick the browser, email and office applications boxes than whether or not Windows is involved.

  3. David Cornes

    Buy or rent?

    Do you get to keep the laptop at the end of the contract? Or even better do you get punted an upgrade model by Customer Services?? :-)

  4. Mike


    give me a laptop that i can put in my pocket...

    phones are getting qwerty keyboards and running PDA style operating systems, those types of phones will likely replace the current style phones, but devices of that sort of small size will always be around - bigger devices just aren't as convenient for the average user to carry around with them as they go shopping

  5. Robert E A Harvey
    Paris Hilton


    "500 minutes' Wi-Fi access" - per month? or over the 2 years?

    If the conenctivity is so great, why would you want wifi at all?

    Paris - cos she knows all about buying on buzzwords

  6. Tone

    If the conenctivity is so great, why would you want wifi at all?

    To use when you are out of the UK?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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