back to article IMDb adds full-length streaming movies

Internet Movie Database, the popular film and TV reference website owned by, has begun showing free streaming movies and television episodes for users in the United States. The site says it's added more than 6,000 feature films and TV shows courtesy of CBS,, Sony Pictures Television and about 500 …


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  1. Mad Hacker
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    The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo

    Manimal? Nice try. I won't be happy until I can get The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo.

  2. Robert Moore
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    No Automan either. I am very disappointed.

  3. Joe K

    Bloody US

    Damn that "Keep it in the homeland" attitude.

    In related news, Sony very quietly killed off a payment method on the PSN network this week. Entropay virtual Visa's are no longer accepted, simply because some non-US guys were getting around the IP restrictions and buying movies and stuff in their own filthy commie countries.


  4. An Unwashed Mass
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    I read the article and immediately went looking for Automan too

    Maybe Streethawk next?

  5. Rog69
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    Cool, Hulu + a VPN connection to my companies office in the states has got me through some very boring shifts at work so I'm looking forward to my productivity dropping even further now.

  6. Anonymous Coward
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    Tales of the Gold Monkey


    Oh wait, I live in the UK.

    Forget it, I'll look for a torrent.

  7. ChrisInBelgium


    That's what's wrong with everything on the web lately, "Only for viewers in the US" - "Only available in the UK", etc...

    That seems to be the new way of aggrevating people. The video on these sites is not available to watch, but they don't mind showing us their ads while telling us that.

    'Inter'-net? Don't make me laugh. More and more it's becoming localised and licensed-net.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    You would think, given that it's effectively losing them money, they'd have sorted their licensing issues out by now.

  9. Dave
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    piffle and tosh!

    What, no Streethawk?


  10. Jack Harrer
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    Re: Automan

    Nothing in UK. NOW I'M DISAPPOINTED!!!

    Shame, bittorrent I suppose then...

  11. Chris Cheale

    Manimal et al

    These films should really be the movie equivalent of abandonwarez by now - who in their right might would actually _pay_ for them?

    Although I noticed "Anaconda" was still on FilmFlex for about £3 a little while ago - wibble.

    Mines the one with the BeebEm and Repton in the pocket, cheers.

  12. GabeMac

    Talk about this today on my show

    Thanks for this article. It was a good insight into IMDB and Amazon's strategy. I used it as a reference on my daily tech show on Mobuzz today. Thanks again, here is the episode:

  13. pdsok

    wot a waste

    dunno about showing movies, be better if they could actually find some pictures of some actors to go on their pages. Every time I goto IMDB to find some info on a film and the actors in it there are no pics of the actors available . . .database my arse.

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