back to article TJX hacker breaks ranks with guilty plea

One of the 11 alleged cybercrooks charged with the infamous TJX hack has admitted his involvement in the attack. Damon Patrick Toey, 23 and from Miami, pleaded guilty to credit card fraud, aggravated identity theft and several other offences, the Boston Globe reports. Toey was released on bail following his plea, though he was …


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  1. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    Waht does "barred from using computers." actually mean?

    Seriously - can he stay home playing Xbox? Drive a (modern) car? Use a mobile phone?

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Not even Pr0N?

  3. Anonymous from Mars

    Barred from using computers.

    "Barred from using computers." That's like a living death sentence in today's modern world.

    No ATM.

    No pin pads.

    No modern cards.

    No mobile phones.

    No modern TVs.

    No video game consoles.

    No CD, DVD, or BD players.

    No e-books.

    No modern-day appliances.

    No job (what, you think you can clock in? HA!)

    Start researching the 1960's, because that's how you'll be living (except worse because any modern conveniences have computers inside of them now).

    Oh, sorry, you can't even do research. No wikipedia, no public library (the card catalog is on a computer these days, you know). Nope, you can't get the librarian to look it up for you, because that would make him or her an accomplice.

    What can you do? Get pissed every day at the pub. Eh, not too bad.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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