back to article YouTube fake tool dumbs down malware distribution

Miscreants have created a tool that dumbs down the process of using fake YouTube websites to spread malware. The YFakeCreator tool allows budding VXers to set up a fake site and configure options such as the properties of a supposed video. Typically users are required to download a fake codec to view content, which is not …


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  1. AC

    cool, one question though ...

    what's the link to download it and have fun with the moronic utoobers ? :D

  2. Marvin the Martian

    I spotted one of those sites.

    It said I had to download a codec called <Silverlight>. They're really thinking I'm stupid.

  3. Alan Parsons

    Underground forums.

    ..Where are they? I'm tired of using my massive intellect for the good of the world and rather fancy trying my hand at a spell of 'evil'...

  4. brym

    Re: Underground forums.

    Why, under the ground, of course. Just short of the lair of the Molemen!

  5. Geoff Mackenzie


    That is all.

  6. Randy Knobloch

    Re: ‘YouTube fake tool dumbs down malware distribution’

    I stay away from YouTube like the Plague!

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Another example

    Here's another example.



  8. Eddie Johnson
    Thumb Down

    Wow, isn't Panda on the ball

    >>Panda found a tool that can turn any executable file into a worm on underground forums back in June.

    Well, I found similar technology, hilariously titled "Back Orifice", back in the 20th century. My version seems to be dated 1996 and it allowed you to easily trojanize the file of your choice. But I haven't used it, I promise. What do I win?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns


    So what's vulnerable here? Opera? FF? Chrome? Lynx? MacOS 6.x? Linuxi? *BSD? VMS? Flash? JS? Cobol? Either or, triple plus more, none of the above, or ain't-telling? Does IT impact that trans^2-Web42.0 experience that aMfM keeps alluding to?

    Or is it simply (yawn) the usual suspects, IE + MS32/64? Really, more clarity is called for in the article if only for honesty. El Reg: if you truly bite the hand that feeds IT, do make sure the marks land accurately if not decisively, yeah?

    (Otherwise, the Phreak-y may have been spun up prematurely. Or not at all. Either way, your readership would lose out on yet another grand learning opportunity.)

    Oh now what??! Red flag?? For violating Reg Rules 3 and 8?! Cos the Moderatrix said so? Well alright then. (shuffle)

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