back to article iPod Touch, Nano disassemblies reveal surprises

Repair specialist iFixit's urge to buy new kit and take it to bits continues - it's just disassembled the 2G iPod Touch and the 4G Nano. Revealed: the Touch has a Bluetooth chip, the Nano a scratch-proof screen. The Touch proved easy to take apart, which bodes well for folk looking to get their new player fixed in the future. …


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  1. Rob Crawford

    I hate to say it

    but apple did actually say on their website that the Nano had a glass cover over the display.

    Ad for the bluetooth I could have sworn there was a report regarding data security and the Nike running thingie as it could be read via bluetooth.

    But with accelerometers on board why does one need to buy the Nike+ thingie as sony and many others use the accelometers built into their phones to gather running information anyway

  2. Matthew


    they don't come with radio still...

    Well i don't see any reason to upgrade from my 3g ipod to this one? Why not just buy a screen protector

  3. Michael Habel Silver badge
    Gates Halo

    I'm glad to see...

    the return of the thin nano, for some reasion the short and squatish 3G Nano w/Video really put me off. It was to iPod like only squatier.

    Any word if the 3G jesusPhone has Blu-Tooth??

    Well I to love my old B/W 3G iPod too.

    Kinda wish for a return to that Interface though...

  4. Giles Jones Gold badge


    It's a US design, radio stations in the US are know to be dire with loads of adverts. They don't have a BBC style service on FM there?!

    As for accelerometers instead of a Nike+. That would just record the number steps, the Nike+ measures distance and speed. You can do this with GPS, but why go to the trouble when something like a Garmin Forerunner watch is much simpler and feature rich?

  5. Peyton


    I'm not familiar with BBC radio (to know exactly what it broadcasts), but "NPR" (National Public Radio) is commonly available on FM over here - and it's at least similar in that it is commercial free.

    But yes, most other stations are crap to listen to because of the ads...

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Nike+ in-shoe wireless pedometer

    That sounds like a truely brilliant invention - a solution that not only lets children detect pedophiles approaching them, but also gives them the means to run away really really fast! Sheer genius!!!1!!

  7. Skinny

    Pity they still come with iTunes

    I can't stand it, what with all it's add-on ridiculous software it installs. (Not to mention the apple updater then trying to ram Safari down your throat)

    I had to install it for an aunt of mine, I never realised how lucky I was not to have to use it until then. Why does it need it's own DNS resolver? Why does it have to run it at machine startup, rather than when iTunes loads? Why (as I recently read) does it cause BSOD's?

    Apple they can draw pretty pictures, but they can't code for toffee.

  8. Simon

    @Michael and Giles...

    Michael - my 3G jesus phone has Bluetooth but its not that great... not managed to connect it to much as yet. New firmware out Friday tho that I am hoping will improve that (plus speed in the contacts list and notes applications!)

    Giles - the Nike+ also only records footfalls/number of steps. But it uses a preset average step distance and number of steps per second to work out speed and distance (you can configure these by running a set distance on a treadmill and also doing it walking as the Nike+ is able to tell if you are walking/running depending on a steps/second threshold I presume). So anything with an accelerometer and the relevant program calculating these things could do the same.

    Pretty nifty though either way and I used teh Nike+ a lot when I had a nano... I just wish I could plug it into my iPhone to do the same, or an app is developed... or I will just get a cheap 2gig old nano to go running with (probably safer too in case I dropped it/came out of the arm holder)

    Garmin forerunner is a great tool, for the serious runner or if you got some spare cash. The nike+ is only £20 (and you dont need to buy special trainers, just tuck the unit into a small bag and tuck it under your laces...) and for me it was pretty accurate. Fun fun fun...

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns


    Okay, maybe the Bluetooth thing is.

    But are people here so obsessive about Apple to get excited by a glass screen? Other mobile phones and DAP had glass screens, you don't see their users shouting about it.

  10. Richard

    @you don't see their users shouting about it.

    Now, that is rather telling then isn't it. A bit like not wanting to shout about a cheap haircut or fake tan 8-)

    Apple has a tendency to produce beautiful designs using off the shelf hardware components all mixed together with excellent software to give a more pleasing and smooth experience. Whilst I like to hack at FreeBSD or (not like to) fix Windows PCs, sometimes (most of the time) I like things to just work ... maybe its my age, after nearly 30 years of computing its nice to not have to fight technology.

    As for people moaning about additional software being loaded .. well it is to give you a more Mac-like experience! The Bonjour service and "iTunes helper" runs in the background at start-up to make using the kit easier ... great for the 99% of the population who want things to "just work" and aren't interested in the technical gubbins underneath.

    So Apple use technology to make more consumer focused products. I can live with that.

  11. Richard


    Radio is an optional extra which you can buy as a shuffle sized remote control + FM receiver. Plus what type of radio would you want? FM, XM or DAB?

    Personally prefer my own playlists to some jocko's version.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    "So Apple use technology to make more consumer focused products. I can live with that."


  13. Paul Smith
    Thumb Down


    The reason I don't use something bulky and fragile like the Touch for music is because I run and bike; surely it's not the most obvious device for this kind thing. Why would it have a pedometer?

    Are posers strapping these to their arms/legs/face outside the North East? Is there another kind of running I haven't tried, one that doesn't involve much bouncing or tripping over dogs?

    I can just imagine £hundreds of sparkling glass and metal scraping along the road behind me, people gasping.

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