back to article World Camera offers enhanced reality via iPhone

The iPhone again takes us where we've already been with the launch of the Sekia Camera - allowing users to post images, text, and audio locked to a specific location and accessed using enhanced reality. The idea of using a mobile phone to record location-specific information is nothing new - TagandScan launched the same …


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  1. Andy Senyszyn
    Paris Hilton

    Does it work in pubs and clubs?

    ...for the 'After 5 pints view', Click here - for the 'What you'll wake up to in the morning' click here and for 'what she'll look like when she has an affair and divorces you after 10 years of marriage' click here...

    Paris, cos she's not a 5 pint'er...

  2. Tony Barnes
    Thumb Down

    Free phones, watch this space...

    Surely the amount of iPhones that get stolen would sky rocket if you walk around holding the damn thing in front of you like that..!?!?

    The fact you look a complete twat really won't help shift this idea either.

    The only way for this thing to work is direct neural input, or failing that, a more subtle eye mounted unit.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    oh exploitable

    I'd spend all day spotting small corners and nooks and attributing violent/sick/sad stories to them.

    See that archway? Someone hung themselves.

    Look at that roof: That's where they jumped from. On the floor: That's where they landed. Watch your feet.

    Or tagging random houses with "Garry Glitter used to live here". Ah joy.

  4. Nic


    Cant find it in the app store yet.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    This actually sounds fairly awesome, but I suspect GPS probably doesn't provide the level of accuracy necessary for this to work well.

  6. joe K

    I don't get it

    Could someone please try and explain the concept clearly? Don't think I'm getting it properly...

  7. Joe

    Re: oh exploitable

    Or, even worse: "Gary Glitter lives here now"!

  8. Eric Pedersen

    "Virtual Light" anyone?

    I think William Gibson deserves a bit of credit for introducing the concept. Such a pity that sci-fi novels don't count as prior art, seeing as so many patents are pure fiction.

    I, for one, welcome our new geo-tagging overlords...

    Blu-man, cause he looks a little like Mr. G.

  9. Ascylto

    And ...

    Imagine walking around with your iPhone held up like that AND getting caught on the Google street camera!

    Triple Twatpoints!

  10. Ian Ferguson

    Good idea but... do you get that level of positional detail? GPS is nowhere near. And not only does it need to gather your exact location to the nearest centimetre, it needs to know what direction you are pointing in, what angle you are looking at, and what the field of view angle is, to be able to tag things correctly. Oh, and it all needs to work indoors as well as out.

    And most tags will become immediately redundant - there's no point in tagging a specific product on a shop's shelf, because within a week there might be different products.

    By the look of the video, it is using artificial intelligence to recognise items by the photo, as well as positional data; being able to run this kind of software on a handheld device is a long, long way away.

  11. Anonymous Coward


    whatever happened to tagandscan?

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