back to article Hilton documentary reveals hidden side of Paris

Paris Hilton and documentary filmmaker Adria Petty were last night wearing their posh frocks at the Toronto Film Festival for the premiere of the latter's Paris, Not France - the result of a year trailing around after the talented heiress. According the Beeb, the film shows our fave socialite "at work on red carpets, in her …


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  1. Mike Wilson
    IT Angle

    "I knew within a minute that she was ... hard-working."

    Only one minute to work out someone is hard working? Someone please explain this to my boss.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    I didn't know all that...

    "cool chick, a smart girl, and hard-working"

    I knew first and the third one from her "films" but that she's smart? News to me!

    Paris with question marks - for obvious reasons!

  3. Paul Howie
    IT Angle

    To see a new side of her is so exciting

    It seems to me that, as boring as the old side of her was, this new side is mind-numbingly boring.

    Surely there are many slim, rich women who don't spend 24 hours a day on a chaise? I don't want to watch a film about any of them either.

  4. Stephen Gray

    Thats simply not true! :)

    I reject their version of reality and replace it with errr, reality.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Where's the IT angle?

    Oh wait, I'm reading this on a computer.

  6. Frostbite
    Paris Hilton


    I don't think I will see a new side of Paris...

    ...after all, I have already seen all of her online.


  7. Paul
    Paris Hilton


    What an apt name for someone who spent a year making a documentary about Paris.


  8. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    This is the first PH story for six months... I though she was dead or something! She's obviously been hard at it (as usual).

  9. Paul
    Paris Hilton


    Just No! I'm setting up a face book web 2.0 mashup to campain to give us back our Paris!

  10. Anonymous Coward

    reveals hidden side of Paris

    what with a mirror?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Part 2

    I hope it has better camerawork than the last Paris 'Documentary'

    The last one had way to much Eiffel Tower in it...

  12. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "to see a new side of her"

    Wait, there is a side of Paris we haven't yet seen ?

    In another dimension, maybe ?

  13. Geoff Spick
    Paris Hilton


    ...use of the icon for once. Because she's worth it (or something)

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Paris Hilton "at work on red carpets"

    Is that a deleted scene from '1 night in Paris' then ?

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    I think ive seen the better sides of Paris already... just why would people want to see what she gets up to during the day?

    Death - for the first commenter NOT using the icon :-D

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    You've *got* to be kidding me...

    "Business dealings"? "Hard working"?

    Best joke of the day by far. Either that or the spin doctors have been searching out new business, now that Labour are in a death spiral.

  17. John Macintyre
    Paris Hilton


    talented for a 30 minute video me thinks...

    at work on red carpets - cleaning them or walking on them? doesn't take a genius to walk straight though I'm sure she struggles with the concept (oh look this carpet doesn't match my nails, i can't possibly walk on that)

    in her business dealings - night shot videos? What business, trying to make money out of muppets through pointless tv appearances? Or in buying new fashion pets?

    taking about her image - that's all she ever does!

    and relaxing at home - so doing sod all with her talentless ass, clearly.

    paris, well duh!

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Errr, you missed one

    "Cool chick" - I thought she was supposed to be hot (as in totty), hot (as in to trot), and hot (news). I don't know if that counts as one or two, as she does not seem to chicken out of much.

    Hot off being pressed, however, one can't argue with.

  19. Piers

    hard at work on ...carpets, lounging on a chaise taking people's cherries, and so forth.

    Ahhhh, that's what I like about Reg's wordsmithing. :)

  20. Rob
    Paris Hilton

    The question is

    Which side of her is new and how much did it cost?

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    stolen comment

    "All of this will come as a terrible shock to all of us who like our Paris just the way she was - hard at work on carpets, lounging on a chaise taking people's cherries, and so forth. "

    Ah, crap, you stole the comment from me ...

    "hard at work on carpets", LOL, Petty has obviously no idea of her filmo.

  22. Carl Heaton


    Adria Petty?

    Daughter of rocker Tom Petty?

    Thinks Paris is hardworking, smart and cool?

    NOW it makes sense.

  23. Steve


    As long as there are people who spend a year filming her, and other people who care about it, she's clearly not the stupidest person in the world.

  24. TheThing
    Thumb Down

    Proof positive

    ...that the messing about with those big hadron things has transported us to a new reality.

  25. Chris Harden
    Paris Hilton

    a smart girl

    "a smart girl,"

    IE, she was wearing a slutty suit.

  26. Tim
    Paris Hilton

    Oh come on now!

    To be able to make money without talent requires a lot of business sense. I bet she gets that from her dad... money and business sense... by proxy.

  27. Aortic Aneurysm
    Paris Hilton


    to use THE icon,

  28. J
    Paris Hilton

    certainly wasn't lounging on a chaise eating cherries

    Of course not! They were grapes after all...

    "Wait, there is a side of Paris we haven't yet seen ?"

    Yes! The inside, man... the inside! Don't want either, I suppose all stomachs look pretty much the same.

    Yay, legit use of the icon, even if the P angle is actually there.

  29. RW
    Thumb Up

    je s'amuse

    It has endlessly amused me the last few years to witness El Reg readers swallowing the Paris party line, viz. that she's a dimwit and an airhead of the first water with nothing more on her mind than spreading her legs.

    She's very successfully created an airhead persona for public view, and she's making a lot of money out of that myth. In fact, she's a lot smarter and a lot cannier businesswoman than she ever lets on.

    Good for her!

  30. Anonymous Coward

    more sexual innuendo please

    I catch up on IT news at work and would like nothing more than to be sacked because of the sophomoric machito drivel that gets mixed in with the IT news and dry wit that I enjoy.

    Oh, to have all my time free to look for the dirty parts of the Reg and point them out to my friends to remind them what a hip, happening and all-around fabgear dude I am.

    I'm well aware of the fact that dirty bits are to be found in the canon of English literary classics, although they aren't what make the classics classic. They do, however, serve to alienate women and various ethnic groups so let's see more of this in the Reg!

  31. Tim Roberts
    Paris Hilton

    I suppose...

    once you've shown the world the outside and the inside there is only the other side left to show.

    Paris because its about ....... well, Paris

  32. Anonymous Coward

    Crap, the LHC DID do somthing after all!

    "As soon as I met her, I knew within a minute that she was a cool chick, a smart girl, and hard-working"

    Those crazy scientists must have managed to create an alternate universe and I've been somehow transferred to it.

    Perhaps this is an antimatter universe and what I'm reading is about the anti-Paris.

    Wow, maybe there's an anti-Tom Cruse who's straight.

    This is going to take some adjustment...

  33. amanfromMars Silver badge

    GOD is a Concept and Love Sets IT Free42Create Future Realities Today for Tomorrows

    A Smart Girl would be Thinking Last Tango in Paris Drive ...... an Adult Step for Virgin Novice/Immaculate Host and QuITe a Quantum Leap into Venus and Amazon Rules of Engagement for Enjoinment.

    But you wont get too many of the Brothers sharing that Tort/Taught/Thought such is their Awful Ignorance is Such Sweet Perfect Power...... ITs AIMazing Grace.

    Why would IT be Unused? Too Powerful for Brotherly Controls?

    You Bet your Bottom Dollar, it is. Will the Markets Crash 42 Support and Run with IT, or Crash 42 Suppress and Deny ITs XXXXistents, Creating their Own Nemesis .... Virtualised Foe to Challenge and Defeat Them.

  34. Craig

    Re:Part 2

    "The last one had way to much Eiffel Tower in it..."

    From what I hear it's more like "eyefull tower".

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @ je s'amuse (RW)

    You may need to work on your French, but at least you've seen a bit beyond the veneer.

    Airhead or not (and I'd vote for not, knowing the kind of world she lives in), the raw fact is that the girl doesn't need an inheritance as she's cashing in at a rate that every other celeb can only dream of.

    So it's jealousy - she takes in a day what quite a few not even make in a year. If that requires accepting being called dumb, well, that's smart too.

    Paris, because there is only one.

  36. Sceptical Bastard

    Speak for yerself...

    Quote: "... just like everyone else I wondered what she was all about."

    Everyone else? Everyone? Well, I for one have never "wondered what she was all about." What is there to wonder about? She's a vacuous rich spoiled 'Murccan bimbo, whose main purpose in life is to act as an object of ridicule for us El Reg commentards.

    Now, that Sarah Bee - I've often admiringly wondered what she's all about ;)

  37. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Paris is a savvy girl

    born with a silver spoon in her gob, but she has worked the media, and there is a head on those shoulders.

    Those porn tapes were probably leaked on purpose, shows she has a penchant for the harder things in life.

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    yeah but..

    I'm not a big fan of the whole paris thing..

    but you gotta think for a moment.

    For someone that seems like a ditzy blonde girl, she's making a bucketload more money than all of us.

    Clearly there is something smart behind the "image" you see on tv.

    Most likely a team of people i'd say.

  39. Sceptical Bastard


    Quote: "... there is a head on those shoulders"

    Good head, according to the article. Fnarr fnarr.


  40. unitron

    She collided with what?

    "Proof positive...

    (By TheThing

    Posted Thursday 11th September 2008 14:55 GMT)

    ...that the messing about with those big hadron things has transported us to a new reality."

    Wasn't it messing around with a big hadron that made her famous on the intarwebs to begin with?

    Alright, I'll accelerate out of here quietly.

  41. Doug Glass

    What I've Seen

    Pretty much all of her outside. (not impressed)

    Some of her inside. (definitely not impressed)

    A bit of what was outside going inside (negatively impressed)

    I;ve seen enough; I've seen too much really. I may be going blind now.

  42. Charles Manning

    @Mike Wilson

    Perhaps your boss does not want to fantasise about sex with you.

  43. JC
    Gates Horns

    Paris Dear,

    It's quite too late at this point, don't you know everything has it's price and yet not everything can be bought?

    Bill G., for giving it a darn good try anyway.

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    just 3 today

    @ frostbite - we haven't seen her IN-sides yet - but they have some marvellous little cameras in the hospital so I haven't given up all hope yet.

    re: Ms Petty - yeh: "you're SO bad"!... and let's not forget she doesn't just eat cherries.

    @ Sceptical B - LOL

  45. spiny norman
    Gates Halo

    The IT angle

    "I do really detailed excel spread sheets as shot lists breaking down every shot prop, camera and lighting change as well just so I can communicate with my crew properly and this is a big key to a successful shoot for me." Adria Petty

  46. Rich
    Paris Hilton

    Hard Working..?

    I was in Paris a few months ago for work.. started at 10, went for lunch at 12 and got back in the office for 3. Then after a couple of coffees and a couple of smokes I was out of there at half 4...

    Yes, hard wroking indeed.

  47. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    at work on red carpets

    carpet burns come to mind

  48. Sean Nevin

    The media...

    are after all in the business of making money. It's generally in their interest to make things out in such a way that more people will watch it.

    I would not be surprised in the least if it turned out that Paris was, if not actually intelligent, then at least average.

    Certainly not the bumbling, stupid, ditzy barbie doll that the press made her out to be.

  49. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    almost everything has been said

    but nevertheless, i feel strangely compelled

    Paris, 'cuz she's a hard worker

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