back to article Oz minister walks plank for dancing drunk in his smalls

An Oz state government minister was yesterday obliged to resign after it was revealed he'd thrown a few shapes to techno music in "very brief" underwear during a drunken late night party in his in his Parliament House office, the Guardian reports. Matt Brown apparently strutted his stuff three months ago while he was New South …


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  1. Neil
    Dead Vulture


    Matt Rees? Nathan Rees? Someone called Brown?

    Lester - shouldn't you have your articles proof-read before publishing to ensure they at least make some sense...?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    He's a Politician

    They get drunk, screw little girls / boys / goats (delete as necessary), fiddle their expenses, abuse their wives and secretaries (if not the same person), hire their own kids on the public payroll (being in Infants school and a Government researcher at the same time can be a bitch).

    And that the GOOD ones.

    At least he kept his shreddies on FFS!

    And he's an Australian!!! He should have been made Minister of Culture.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    sackable offense?

    naaaahhhhhh. extra votes, more like.

    Paris: I wont even bother explaining.

  4. Simon Painter
    Thumb Up

    I'd vote for him

    better the guy who gets drunk and dances in his pants than the guys who take bribes to ask questions and then lie about it

  5. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. Maverick

    so where are the pictures?

    slacking El Reg

    at least a link please or we can't possibly believe that an Australian minister would do such a lewd thing . . . where is Sir Les Patterson when you need him ? eh?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    So in liberal Oz dancing in your pants is a criminal offence? Kind of funny that our antipodean chums are so uptight.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    What a load of fuss about nothing!

    Surely even lawyers and politicians are allowed to be human sometimes, so longs as it doesn't set a very bad example or bring the public office into disrepute. Having said that, I can't shift the mental image of Gordon B. climbing out of his pit at 5am and wandering to the bathroom in his grots, urghhh!

  9. adnim


    I can only presume dancing dressed only in underwear whilst drunk is a criminal offence in OZ. What would have been the outcome had he been drunk and dancing in swimming trunks? His forced resignation is a ridiculous response. I feel the same is true for the police chief super Colin Terry who is under investigation by the police watchdog for dressing as Bin Laden at a village carnival. So what if a handful of people find offence in what are basically non-malicious fun seeking acts.

    How long before we need permission to breathe from the swathes of politically correct bureaucrats that infest seats of power across not just this, but foreign nations too?

  10. Mitur Binesderty


    I think what the guy did was stupid and wrong but should he lose his entire career over it?

  11. Boring Bob
    Thumb Down

    Attack of the Poms

    So the land of Oz is becoming another victim of cultural imperialism. In the past I admired Australians' ability to only take seriously what needed to be taken seriously and spend the rest of the time enjoying life. Instead they now appear to be climbing into the social straight jacket of political correctness that the rest of the Anglo-Saxon world has created for itself.

    It is a sad day when you have to admit that Australians have become a bunch of Poms.

  12. xjy
    Paris Hilton

    Puritan drongos

    Straining at gnats and swallowing camels as usual. The naked human body is something we all have and need and use - and admire when packaged as art or a baby or shower mate. Partying ditto. Forcing people to wear clothes is unnatural and bizarre even. Let those who wish wear what they like, including undies, and the rest of us not. This kind of lunacy is as bad as deluding yourself that spelling equals literacy/communications skills, culture and intelligence.

    It also leads to blindness to bigger issues like the climate, war, injustice, environmental destruction and the wanton crippling or extermination of people in industrial "accidents" or pollution (think Chernobyl or Union Carbide).

    So put a dunce's hat on em and cart them around with bloody great placards reading "I'm a narrow-minded Puritan bigot and deserve every rotten egg and tomato you throw at me" - in the body God gave em.

    (Paris cos she's a child of nature)

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    A good thing he's gone ...

    I mean, he tried to nude up at a party and couldn't even get that right!

  14. bothwell

    yeah yeah, imagine a title here

    "I subsequently put it to former minister Brown late last night that there are too many reports of you in your underwear for me to ignore."

    I really, really love the Australians.

  15. Gilbert Wham

    If we had more ministers... EVERY government in the world who were of the disposition to get completely spangled and do a dance in naught but their kecks, the world would be a MUCH nicer place.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Legal advice?

    Perhaps he should get himself another brief!

  17. Ferry Boat

    It's not true without pictures

    In this case we'll do without them, thanks.

  18. Anonymous Coward


    He got fired for dancing drunk in his underwear? Rather than promoted?

    Are you *sure* this is the same Australia as it used to be? Not some new and lesser-known one where they do things differently?

  19. Chris


    That this was a resigning offense surprises me when you consider what the Australian Cultural Attache to the UK has been up to for years:

  20. John Griffiths

    Tragedy for Matt

    I'm on first name terms with Matt and, having spent a year in his electorate of Kiama (contemplating Seven Mile Beach from a three bedroom house for $250(AUD) a week) I was really surprised by this.

    Mostly because Matt's a smart, reasonably attractive guy, who wields quite a lot of power. And his partner in this scandal, <a href="">Noreen Hay</a> is the frequent answer when journos in the region ask each other over drinks "who is the most repulsive human being in the world?".

    As he's a youngish bloke having just shot his stellar career to pieces with a bush-pig I've got money on fatal a leap into the Kiama blow-hole in the next couple of days.

    But I hope I'm wrong about that.

  21. blackworx
    Thumb Up

    Playmobil mockup please!

    Yeh he'd get my vote too.

    @ John Griffiths: My eyes! My beautiful eyes!

  22. Seán


    She looks like a bag of sick. He should be fired for that it's worse than bestiality.

  23. Mamaragan
    Paris Hilton

    Bloody techno music!

    Reminds me of when the former Australian prime minister Malcolm Fraser was found in the foyer of a dodgy Memphis hotel minus his pants, passport & any recollection of the night before. A man who truly exemplifies the Australia spirit.

    Anyway, I'm wondering what Nathan Rees has against techno music?

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    @John Griffiths

    Noreen Hay makes our Anne Widdecome look like a stunner.

  25. Swee' Pea

    Will the Real Matt Brown Please Stand Up?

    Apparently there is only one Noreen Hay but google yields MANY Matt Browns.

    Perhaps this is a case of misplaced identity.

  26. Neoc
    Thumb Down

    Re: He's a Politician

    "And he's an Australian!!! He should have been made Minister of Culture."

    Had he been wearing Speedos or any other brand of budgie-smugglers and drunk on beer, then too right. However, he was in his underwear and drunk on wine - and that's just gauche. ^_^

  27. Fozzy

    Aussie stnadards are definitely slipping

    I remember the good 'ole days of australian politics,

    Just a couple of our most loved prime ministers

    Malcolm fraser

    Getting so smashed he wandered the corridors of a hotel in his underwear, not remembering who he was, where he was or what he were doing

    Bob Hawke

    Held the world record for drinking a yard glass of beer

    harold Holt

    Went missing after taking dip at his favorite beach his body was near recovered

  28. Kevin Rudd

    Tragedy for OZ

    Yes, we have become a bunch of puritanic, uptight wowsers down here in Australia and it is a bloody tragedy. It is pleasing to read the comments of people that can't see what all the fuss is about, a bloke getting drunk and making a tool of himself in front of his colleagues. I urge you well adjusted Brits to PLEASE move to Australia, to readjust the balance of puritan wowsers to normal people.

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm a republican - I don't believe in titles.

    And in other news...

    "TASMANIAN Premier David Bartlett has sacked his troubled MP Paula Wriedt from her ministerial portfolio.

    Ms Wriedt attempted suicide last month after becoming embroiled in a sex scandal with her ministerial driver Ben Chaffey."


    BTW, Matt Brown was not sacked for dancing in his undies (albeit badly) - he was sacked for lying about it.

  30. Anonymous Coward

    He loses his job ...

    and John Della Bosca gets a promotion...

    WTF is this country coming to?

    Maybe if he abused some people and got his wife to threaten their jobs then maybe he would've gotten a promotion instead.

    But seriously I would rather a fun-loving techno-dancing underwear-prancing minister any day compared to a bigoted alcoholic prat who thinks he's above the law.

    I'll get my coat, the one that covers my hole filled underwear....

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is it just me...

    Every time a politician is in the news for doing something vaguely human, I find that I have a new-found respect for that individual for allowing the veneer to crack and showing the world that politicians aren't all a bunch of stuffy stuck-up emotionless toffs. Ten minutes later, they are usually sacked by their stuffy stuck-up emotionless boss.

    Charles Kennedy has a booze problem - Sacked

    Matt Brown gets tipsy and dances in his pants - Sacked

    Tubby Gordon f**ks the economy - Promoted to PM

  32. Sceptical Bastard

    Knickers news - always popular

    "He conceded he'd been in his underwear, and that gave me no option but to demand his resignation."

    Quiet day, Lester? ;)

    Obviously, the sane response would've been to promote the bloke!

    Time for an El Reg Playmobile outing.

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