back to article NYC invites 911 crime-busting snaps

Callers to New York's 911 and non-emergency 311 lines can now send photo and video footage from PCs or mobile phones - the better to finger ne'er-do-wells and report "quality-of-life problems like uncollected garbage", as AP puts it. The city yesterday rolled out its $250,000 image software, developed over 18 months, as part …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Something in it for the UK?

    This, to me, seems like the the ultimate deterrent to that most heinous of British crimes, public photography. Catch a few candid snaps of the candid snappers in the act then bundle them into the back of the divvy van and whisk them off to rough justice. And as you are collaring the errant box brownie bandit, you can nab the informer, Nokia-handed.

    There are laws against that sort of thing, you know.

  2. chris
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    Evidence integrity FAIL

    Anyone who's wise will send their footage to i-witness video or a similar organisation that can be trusted to not edit out the middle bit between "walking down the street being black" and "lying in a pool of blood having fallen up some stairs".

    Hell, judging from that cop who attacked the cyclist in New York, even *YouTube* would be a better place to put your video evidence.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    stich up by Photoshop.

    Take photo of car belonging to person I don't like, add to photo to some fly tipped rubbish. Dee daa...

    Remember the UK police have used phots and videos to catch crims for years, we just call it YouTube or The Daily Mail....

  4. Steve Kay


    They nicked this idea from GTA4....

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Not entirely sure about the NY Legal System


    But surely, the information sent in will not be enough to convict somebody of any crime without any other evidence, as it can be tainted. With other evidence it is corroborating information that strengthens the Police's argument.

    Any decent lawyer will be able to determine if the case is based entirely upon the photo/video evidence, and can debunk it as potentially "shopped". If enough evidence exists to prove the guilt of an individual, then even if a piece of evidence is tainted, it can be dismissed, and the remaining evidence stands on it's own merit. If you have enough evidence to prove someone's guilt, then the District Attorney would be foolish to bring up" taintable" evidence in court.

    In short, Photo's and Videos from unknown sources are useful in the investigative stage of the process. That is all.

  6. Pierre

    Not even useful for investigation

    "In short, Photo's and Videos from unknown sources are useful in the investigative stage of the process. That is all."

    Not even. Because a potentially fake piece of evidence can lead the pigs on the wrong track, and we know how efficient some of them can be at finding evidence -ANY evidence- when they are convinced of something. A whole lotta convicted innocents coming your way, NY.

  7. Adam
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    Software For $250,000?

    $250,000? Bargain - would have cost taxpayers more like $250,000,000 in the UK.

  8. ian

    Photoshopping can be detected

    In fact, it can be easily detected, simply google "Detecting photoshopping". If the NYPD plods have good advise, they'll trust but verify (tm).

    Otherwise, this scheme does seem much better than videoing every square metre of the British Isles, 24 hours per day and then ignoring the result because the resolution is crap.

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