back to article VMware co-founder quits for academia

After his wife was whacked as CEO by EMC padrino Joe Tucci, VMware co-founder Mendel Rosenblum has decided to retreat to the altogether cosier world of academia. Rosenblum announced his resignation and return to Stanford University in an company-wide email on Monday night, The New York Times reports. Rosenblum is married to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    U-turn if you want to

    But Ashlee Vance is a man; he mentioned his wife (an author) in one of his earlier articles, and linked to her book at Unless you are proposing that a woman could be married to a woman! Imagine that!

  2. Iain

    Perhaps not...

    He used to write for The Register, so probably some in-house joke.

  3. Paul M.

    Ashley on Ashlee action

    Huh - an "Ashley" comes to the aid of "Ashlee".

    Maybe it was dark when you met, "Ashley", but "he" is definitely a ladyboy.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Having seen the photos of Ashlee at the reg Christmas do, there's no way he was born in 1977. Unless he had a very hard paper round. eg, he delivered papers during the Black Plague.

  5. Steve Wehrle

    Mendel Rosenblum is gone ..

    but his VMWare image lives on...

    Couldn't they even get a Snapshot ?

  6. Dan
    Thumb Down

    Meanwhile, back on topic....

    Things are not looking good for VMware. It's crucial to have the right people on board right now to keep VMware ahead of Microsoft et al. This is just playing into the chair-throwers monkey-hands...

  7. psychicist

    This is good news

    With all the other x86 virtualisation solutions maturing to the point that they are potentially competing with VMware's offerings, it's good to see him return to academia to rethink the approach for virtualisation that is being taken today.

    Processors containing binary translation instructions are already available or being taped out soon, so the need for virtualisation instructions will fade away and a thorough revision of the whole concept is in order.

    I hope he will go back to work on SimOS or a new project from scratch as a potential solution for MIPS or VLIW based virtualisation that is becoming relevant again with the future release of the Loongson 3 processor. He's made his millions, but now it's time for computer science again.

  8. Jack Pastor

    Is Ashlee still at El Reg

    Did he get a legitimate job with the New York Times ?? ..where he can make stuff up and they'll publish it ??

  9. Marvin the Martian

    The altogether cozier world of academia?

    Now he's in for a surprise. There the fighting is so much more personal, because the stakes are so low.

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