back to article Ubuntu zoo preps for new arrival

Unassuming Ubuntu has announced a new clever creature is coming to its alliterative aggregation of Linux distros. The Jaunty Jackalope is the neat nomenclature for the 9.04 version of Ubuntu Linux, with 9.04 being, in the Ubuntu Y.MM scheme of distro versions, 2009 April. The Jackalope is a mythical cross between a jack …


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  1. Paul


    I assume it will have to begin with K so I would guess...

    Kinky Koala

  2. Marvin the Martian
    Thumb Up

    I don't know 9.10's name

    But 26 versions from now will be Hungry Hippo. Because Cheers is out of fashion (else it'd be Hungry Heifer).

  3. Andy Miller

    Alphabetic Alliteration

    Gutsy Gibbon, Hardy Heron, Jaunty Jackalope; can I see a pattern?

    Could be Kinky Kangaroo next. The big question is what follows Zonked Zebra?

  4. Dom

    Something beginning with K, of course.

    Kunning Kudu?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Ubuntu 9.10

    Like duh! It is obvious. Kool Koala!

  6. Alastair Smith
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    So clearly the release following Jaunty Jackalope will be Kinky Kingfisher.

  7. Jerome

    A is for Apple...

    Either Mr. Mellor has a little trouble with his alphabet, or he's not quite grokked the Ubuntu naming scheme yet. The 9.10 release is rather more likely to be Killer Kingfisher or Kickass Kestrel than anything to do with a pheasant or a groundhog. Personally, I'm looking forward to hacking Zetetic Zebra onto my 5G iPhone so I can play Duke Nukem Forever on it.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    9.10 name...

    One thing's for sure - it'll be based on the letter K.

    Killer Kangaroo's probably too obvious.

  9. Robert Dorrian

    Next Creature

    It will begin will begin with a K.

    Killer Koala?

    Kind kangaroo?

    Konfuzzled Kat?


  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Keen Kingfisher?

    Kinky Klingon? Knowledgeable Kite?

    There aren't many good combinations of adjectives and animals for K - but then J looks to have been a tricky one.

    As always, better driver support would be nice for the new version.

  11. Didier Trosset

    Names for 9.10 will start with K!

    Following Ubuntu rules, the names for version 9.10 will begin with K. Not english native, I only could think of koala or kitty for the animal name (NZ kiwi bird maybe?). But plenty of good stuff with them: Killer Kitty, Kooky Koala, Knobby Koala, Kinky Kitty, Karateka Koala, Kingsize Koala. Pick yours ...

  12. Jonathan Brazil

    Ubuntu 9.10

    Given the obvious pleasure derived from the woeful use of gratuitous alliteration in Ubuntu releases, surely it would be apt if 9.10 was to be called the "Choking Chicken".

  13. Christos Georgiou

    Re: Alphabetic Alliteration

    // The big question is what follows Zonked Zebra?

    Spreadsheet column notation:

    Aahing Aardvark.

  14. Tom

    Nubnutsu 9.10

    I'd like to see it called the "Kinky Kinkajou", isn't it.

  15. Steve Mansfield

    First sighting

    > Shuttleworth raises the prospect of Ubuntu becoming a much stronger competitor to Windows and Mac OS in 2009, with several million consumer devices, from netbook to desktop PC running it.

    Is he therefore the winner in the annual race to be the first to say '[CurrentYear+1] will be the year of desktop linux'?

  16. frymaster

    I predict...

    Kooky Koala

  17. Francis Fish

    Todally arf tahpic

    I recommend the Jackalope short, which I think is on one of the Shrek DVD's.

    Bound, bound, bound and rebound.

    Ah yes.

  18. Alex Cooper
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    My vote goes to Kung-Fu Kitten :)

  19. Matt Bradley
    Dead Vulture

    Krusty Klown


    Or maybe "Krappy Kookaburra"

    I really wish they'd stop with this stupid naming scheme.

    I guess that it'll be followed by "Lesbian Lemming" or something...

  20. zebthecat

    for insectivores

    kosher katydid

  21. Jamie

    Ubuntu 9.10

    I nominate the name Busty Beaver for 9.10.

    It has a nice catchy name and it will also help appeal to all the geeks out there who want girlfriends but are afraid of girls.

    Before anyone jumps on it 9.11 or 10.0 will be called Lusty Lynx. Then they could use Paris as an icon for the menu button.

  22. Harry Sheppard
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    +1 for Kickass Kestrel

    No real comment, just as title :-D

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You heard it here first.

    It's going to be Keen Koala. I guarantee it.

  24. Narlaquin

    15.10 was inspired by Linus

    That should be the W*nking Walrus release that Mr Torvalds alluded to when describing Diggers. I assume it's Winking.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Whatever happened to "I" ?

    just wondered ....

  26. Chris Officer

    name from experience

    Following my recent experiences with Ubuntu after upgrading to Hardy Heron they should swiftly move forward to a version called Wonky Wireless.

    After weeks of dicking about I gave up and installed Fedora.

  27. Anonymous Coward


    Given its African naming conventions I'd assume Kudu would be involved, Knowledgeable Kudu perhaps, or can't we cope with a silent K....

  28. ChessGeek


    Karma Khameleon.

  29. Tony

    DukeNukem Forever

    That's optimisism for you, that DNF will have been released by then ;)

  30. Robert Browning
    Paris Hilton

    Klepto obviously.

    Surely to steal users from Windows it would have to be a Klepto Kinkajou.

    Paris because she enjoys frolicking with her Kinky Kinkajou.

  31. David Hicks


    Is it necessarily going to be a K naming thing?

    The current release is Hardy Heron, but does nobody remember Hoary Hedgehog? Or Warty Warthog?

    From their version page -

    it looks like they missed out on C as well. Crappy Carp anyone?

  32. Outcast
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    6 months


    Wow, that seemed to go real fast

    Each distro brings new functionality. Great stuff.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    King Kong next of course

    as everyone will want to shoot it down (for a change).

  34. Len Goddard

    Not necessarily alphabetical

    After all, we have already had two 'H' releases (Hardy Heron and Hoary Hedgehog) and a 'W' (Warty Warthog). Equally, Alliterative Animal and Candid Cat are notable by their absence.

  35. phix8


    If only the new version will be able to work with PC's with raid configured dual hard drives. Hardy Heron isn't but I basically made my laptop unusable before I realised this.

  36. Nic Brough

    I reckon they'll go with...

    Keeping up with the memes - something like Killah Kitteh. To be followed by Lolloping Lolcat

    I like the kitty pictures, but I hate the spelling - it's just as cute/funny in English, so Mine's the one with the * cheeseburger * in the pocket

  37. Gianni Straniero
    Dead Vulture

    Alphabetical alliterations

    When did it begin? We've already had the out-of-sequence "Warty Warthog" and "Hoary Hedgehog", haven't we?

    This might provide some inspiration:

    I anticipate some modest celebration at The Register when we reach the letter "V"

  38. Colin Morris


    Were they stuck for animals beginning with 'J' or something? Why make up a (as far as we are aware) mythical creature?

    Why not 'Jaunty Jackass'? Does that make the jokes a bit too easy if the release goes 'tits up'? Or maybe it would put people off installing it in the first place for probably obvious reasons?!

  39. William Towle

    Re: Keen Kingfisher

    AC3> but then J looks to have been a tricky one

    Not sure I was all that easy either!

    @Paul, yes - K indeed. Code name/number rules are detailed at, which drops readily out of a Google search with the previous release names in it.

    My money's on kyphotic kinkajou ... nah, just kidding ;)

  40. Hein Kruger


    hmm, I wonder if that means 9.10 will be a KDE only release. Although by that logic I guess 7.10 should have been GNOME only...

  41. Joseph Haig


    Sorry, but Duke Nukem Forever will not be ready in time for your 5G iPhone ten-finger touch with telepathy control, but it will be out soon!

  42. Anonymous Coward

    Pretty obvious...

    Krappy Koala

  43. BOBSta


    I can't wait to see what Shuts comes up with for 12.10!

    NB: That'll be Q________ Q________

    All bets are currently on "Quick" for the first word.

  44. Jon Green

    African special 'K'

    The Ubuntu naming convention features animals found in Africa, so I'm afraid the Kinky Koala will just have to keep its predilections to itself...

    Dom's Kudu is probably the most likely candidate, although Kob has a decent chance, Kipunji (a monkey, seems like the only one-word 'K' that isn't an antelope) would be fun if a little obscure, and Klipspringer probably gets ruled out on ugliness of name alone.

  45. TeeCee Gold badge

    Krusty the Klown?

    To be immediately followed by Litigious Lawyers of course.

    Tantalising Tux for obvious reasons.

  46. alistair millington
    Thumb Up

    Have your say

    Names can be voted for and suggested you know.

  47. Darren

    What about...

    Kolonic Kestrel!!

  48. The Power Of Greyskull

    Looking forward to...

    I've said it before, but I'm looking forward to Spunky Spermwhale.

  49. Chris


    If you think we'll have DNF before they run out of letters then I think you'll be saddened.

  50. paulc

    Grumpy Groundhog...

    got used ages ago... and supposedly represents the current CVS builds...

  51. Jim
    Paris Hilton

    I'm waiting for..

    Zesty Zebra.

    Might take a stab at Poke'n Paris

    I know, I'm a late adopter.

  52. Gordon Stretch

    Hard to make it catchy for the X X release ...

    Xenophobic Xoloitzquintle?

  53. jimbarter

    Knowing Kodiak


  54. David Given

    Obvious names

    The release following Zealous Zebra, will, of course, be [alculating [obra; shortly followed by \/iolent \/ulture.

  55. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Krappy KDE

    Any chance that 9.10 will have an improved Kubuntu with some focus on getting a KDE 4.x working well? Until then, I'll be sticking with Opensuse and their imaginative 11.x numbering conventions.

  56. Matt

    King size Haddock

    Perhaps I'm missing the point?

    Two other things while I'm here:

    The RAID comment: That's because your laptop isn't doing hardware RAID it's using a driver to do RAID which may only be available for Windows.

    Comment on Linux 'nerds' being afraid of girls: I've been married for twenty years, they've got good reason to be afraid of girls, I know I am!

  57. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Whatever happened to "I" ?

    Did you not read the article then? You don't have to look too hard to find it.

  58. Charles Silver badge

    Re: Alphabetic Alliteration

    The 8.10 "I" is due next month: Intrepid Ibix, I think it's called.

    As for what happens after the 26th distribution (which would make it about 13 years since it first started), I would imagine that (like an alphabetic insulting game), you simply roll over and start again at A, only using new names this time.

  59. Martin Owens

    Other fixes

    >> I really wish they'd stop with this stupid naming scheme.

    What 'Ubuntu 8.10' is too hard? the 'Intrepid Ibex' name is not an offical release name, it's a developer nick name and unless your involved in development you need not use it. Although I see a lot of people do like these names as their more fun than 'Vista' or 'Tiger'.

    >> what happened to 'I'

    It was used for 8.10 out next month aka 'Intrepid Ibex'; Can't wait to see all the new features.

  60. Daniel Voyce

    K eh?

    Kunting Kanionical?

    Hmmm wouldnt be a good marketing campaign really would it?

  61. Wolf

    A serious guess, for a change... :)

    Kindly Kinkajou

    Though I do like Kickass Kestrel. :) Maybe Kingly Kestrel? Is the Kestrel found in Africa at all? Jackolopes certainly aren't!

  62. Jerome
    Thumb Up

    @ Jon Green

    There's plenty of kingfishers and kestrels in Africa, so no need to resort to klipspringers - there's hope for Kickass Kestrel yet.

  63. A J Stiles

    Re: Whatever happened to "I" ?

    Everybody knows you're supposed to go straight from H to J, to avoid mistaking an I for a 1 or an L. Except that they are going to be calling the next release Intrepid Ibex, so there goes that rule .....

    "Warty Warthog" was the first ever Ubuntu release -- "warts and all". Grumpy Groundhog is to Ubuntu what Sid is to Debian: the bleeding-edge version, built from the latest sources. It just took them awhile to get the idea of moving sequentially through the alphabet.

    Phix8 -- most so-called "RAID" cards are not true RAID (managed by a BIOS extension and appearing to the OS as a single physical drive) but implement RAID in software, using a binary-only (and often Windows-only) driver. Linux's native "md" software RAID is much faster than most of these, and has the benefit of Source Code availability. Besides which, anyone who would trust software they hadn't seen the innards of with kernel privileges, deserves to lose data.

  64. Toastan Buttar

    Not Shrek

    The 'Jackalope short' (Boundin') was on before The Incredibles - a Pixar movie.

  65. Paul Ryan

    @ BOBSta

    For Q, there's always the Quagga, an extinct relation of the zebra.

  66. This post has been deleted by a moderator

  67. James Condron


    I can't wait for version whatever-the-fuck-counting-is-not-a-string-point-at-this-time-of-the-night which will begin with a 'P'

    Obviously the animal will be Penguin for the obvious linux reasons, maybe we'll see a hairy chested Tux with a Ron Jeremy 'tasche.

    Porno Penguin

    Though the extreme pornography connotations.. hmm, going across US borders could be fun

  68. Duncan Hare

    Kingly Kudu

    Kingly Kudu

  69. Anonymous Coward

    stupid naming scheme isnt just Ubuntu

    hey, Ubuntu wasnt the first with silly names

    Maybe I'm just sad but hasnt anyone else been following the silly

    names that Linux kernels are given? Look at the Makefile

    of your Linux source and about 7 lines down will be the kernels

    silly name

    2.6.14 was Affluent Albatross

    2.6.12 was Woozy Numbat

    2.6.23 Arr Matey! A Hairy Bilge Rat! - hmmm, thats over the top

    2.6.25 Funky Weasel is Jiggy wit it

    so Ubuntu has a lot of catching up to do!

  70. malcolm

    As a hardy user....

    As a user of HH (3.5.10, not 4.1.x) i must admit it find the naming slightly ... foolish, but - if you stop to think, the first word is the important one, Feisty, Gutsy, Hardy, Intrepid, they all have strength-type connotations.

    We need it - to overcome the stagnation that is Windows.

  71. kain preacher


    Dear Mr AC. I hope you are not implying that they name it KKK or create an acronym that will cause it to be called KKK. Such a name would never sell in the US. If you were to put such a product on US stores, the store would be looted ans burned down. Look up Klu Klux Klan

  72. JJ Jackalope

    "silly" release names

    I also recommend the short video Boundin' which is about a Jackalope and is on The Incredibles DVD. My wife asked about the silly release names and I asked her what kind of luck she has doing a web search for problems related to the Microsoft ".Net" software. I suggested she consider how easy it is to do a web search for "Hardy Heron" and "nVidia driver". She was enlightened.

  73. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Kickass Kestrel ++


  74. Michael Dunn

    Q @Paul Ryan and Roger Laborde

    Yes, Quirky Quagga seems a good enough Q-name

  75. sc

    @ Kickass Kestrel

    Opera's codenames for their browser versions include Kestrel -- explanation here: -- so if that means the next major Ubuntu release will include Opera, I'm all for it. :-)

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