back to article Vodafone to offer Nokia 'Tube' iPhone rival

Pictures have emerged online revealing which network operator Nokia has chosen to launch its much-hyped 5800 XpressMedia - aka 'Tube' - phone. Nokia 5800 XpressMedia 'Tube' Vodafone's logo on Nokia's Tube phone Images courtesy Talk About Nseries The leaked images clearly show a Vodafone logo positioned on the bottom of …


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  1. Andrew Rennard
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    Stylus ?

    WTF is that thing - I thought styluses went out of fashion with kipper ties and flares.

  2. Andy Watt
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    Up to the moment as usual...

    The stylus isn't an issue - There's only one gesture I can think of I'd use with that bloody Series 60/80/90 nightmare UI...

    (see icon)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE Stylus

    So you can write handwritten notes with your fingertip can you?

  4. James
    Dead Vulture

    what about the US?

    US mobile service providers offer the worst phones. They're all dumbed down and vendor locked.

    My last 4 phones have all been nokia.


    n-gage QD


    n80 (which is ready for replacement).

    I was so praying that the tube would come in a flavor for T-mo USA. Which as we all know uses 1700AWS for 3g. 1700MHz for downstream and 2100Mhz for upstream. Total pisser, since no useful phones actually support it yet.

    I am clearly a nokia fanboy. I just wish I could get the latest nokia phones here without donating a kidney to pay for them.

  5. shane fitzgerald
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    ...leave kipper ties out of this. Just cos you don't like the phone theres no need to go kipper tie bashing!!

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