back to article Exposed: North Korea's taekwondo assassins

North Korea was yesterday accused of infiltrating an international taekwondo group and using it as a front for espionage and assassination, including a planned 1982 attempt on the life of South Korean president Chun Doo Hwan, Reuters reports. That's according to Choi Jung-hwa, son of the late General Choi Hong-hi who …


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  1. Phil Hare

    As opposed to WTF? Taekwondo

    Which is just the same but in an El Reg T-Shirt.

  2. me
    Thumb Up

    Send in the Chuckie

    The world may rest peacefully. Chuck is available with a simple phone call to kick a$$ anywhere in the world. ITF, WTF, who cares? Chuck-sake rules them all!

  3. Mike Crawshaw

    *sigh* why can't we just all get along?

    and beat the living shit out of each other in the ring without getting political about it?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    i wonder...

    ..if the Korean I learned during my years of TKD was actually so we could report back to our masters. I'll be disappointed if it turns out I can't count to 7 in Korean, or say jumping reverse turning kick (my fave).

  5. Dan

    Taekwondo assassins...

    I hope the assassins didn't fight like the ones in the Olympics, because while that might be a sport, it certainly didn't look like any martial art. No guard, funny armless body-checking, points fighting, the fact that it was full-contact doesn't change the reality that if you wanted to fight one, the winning strategy is staring you in the face.

  6. Smallbrainfield

    "WTF Taekwondo"

    Ha ha ha.

  7. This post has been deleted by its author

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Its like a finger pointing at a loon

    That was taekwondo on the olympics? thought it was the Irish dancing team kicking off.

  9. Chris
    Black Helicopters

    Never mind the Korean Blu Tak brigade

    It's the Japanese Origami and Bonsai groups you really need to keep an eye on!

  10. DGRC

    How many Tae Kwon Do masters does it take to change a light bulb?


    One to change the bulb and nine to say, "In my style, we do it different."

    And with that I'm calling the Chuckster. I'm sure I'm now on some TKD assassin's hit list.

  11. ian
    IT Angle


    Can I be the first to ask how this relates to IT?

    No? Allright then.

  12. Mark Menzies

    @ Phil Hair

    "Which is just the same but in an El Reg T-Shirt."

    WTF!!! Its TKD don't you know...

  13. Chris G Silver badge

    What about Chuck Norris?

    He must be in his sixties now, I know he is older than me and I'm 57. Whilst I'm sure a smack in the gob from chuck will probably make your dentist happy I somehow doubt that he is up to scratch against some of the youngsters around. As for TKD it's a joke, there are a couple of FHB guys in Kent who would knock seven bells out of them. FHB? Fuckin Hard Bastards!

  14. kain preacher

    @Chris G

    Ok then how about Jet Li or Wesley Snipes

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Olympic assassins...

    > the winning strategy is staring you in the face.

    LOL and also the back - AFAIK they don't train/compete with strikes there either... and that is without even getting into the numerous sweeping opportunities.... totally a sport.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Chuck Norris

    Mr. Norris is currently 68. However, don't assume that means he's feeble...

    A former co-worker was at a dinner table with Mr. Norris within the past decade and witnessed him kicking a drunk in the head--while seated. (The drunk slapped him in the back of the head first.)

    _Never_ assume a martial arts expert isn't capable just because he/she looks old.


  17. Tim

    It wouldn't be the olympics if it was dangerous... least that's the general idea, isn't it?

    I bet the assassin's used long range rifles, who needs martial arts when you're tooled up?

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