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Vodafone is to allow customers to send messages to their mates direct from their Facebook page, at a cost of only ten pence per message. The service is a Facebook application snappily entitled "Vodafone Connect to Friends", and is currently only a trial to see if people want to pay for sending messages to their chums. Text …


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  1. citizenx


    >These won't come out of tariff bundles but will remain the same regardless of where the user is logged in from, which is nice.

    Is it? Is it really?!

    Why should it even occur to you to think that it matters where the facebook user is logged in from?

    I'm not sure I "get it".

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    sending texts from abroad

    It normally costs quite a bit to send a text message when you're abroad.

    Although currently, I'm able to send texts for free from the internet so I don't see why I'd want to pay 10p to do the same from within Facebook.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    I'm not on the train....

    I've got no real friends.. I'm on facebook, text you in 10 .... to say.....

    I've got no real friends.. I'm on facebook, text you in 10 .... to say......

    SMS ... Simple messages for Stuuupids

    J***S Crust.. next try Vodaloo.. the place to send an SMS after a vindaloo

  4. Ben Hambidge


    "at a cost of only ten pence per message"

    how on earth ahve we got to the stage where as knowledgeable a media outlet as El Reg thinks that 10p for an SMS is cheap?

    This is an outrageous price!

  5. Terence Eden

    Only 7p

    You can bulk buy the texts so they're only 7p each. You also get 25 free when you sign up. Also, you don't need to be a VF customer - you just need a UK SIM card (so it works on Orange, T-mob etc)


    (I work for Big Red, but I don't speak for them)

  6. Rob


    I pay 3p per text from my phone. Which is already outrageous considering it represents about 0.1seconds of voice traffic data (would you be happy paying £1.80 a minute?) and can be queued.

    On the face of it, 10p might sound reasonable compared to the scandalous roaming prices though. However, O2 let you use your bundled SMS allowance when roaming (at a premium) and it surely can't be long before this piracy is legislated into the history books.

  7. Mike Dyne
    Thumb Down

    Why do this at all?

    when you can go to FB via your phones browser and write on their wall for nothing (OK, so I get "free" data access on my contract, so "free" for me).

  8. Jon H

    Free with O2

    If you have an O2 phone, then facebook will send you text alerts for FREE. So if someone writes on your wall or adds you as a friend etc, then you'll get a text from facebook (usually arrives quicker than the FB email alert too). Costs you nothing. Inifinitly cheaper than Vodaphone! Doesn't sound so wonderful now does it!

    You can even reply to these messages and that does come out of your monthly allowance.

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