back to article Noel Gallagher takes a tumble on YouTube

A fan at the V Festival in Toronto has posted on YouTube entertaining footage of Noel Gallagher taking an unscheduled tumble during a performance of Morning Glory: Quite what provoked this attack is a bit of a mystery, but one commenter suggests the assailant had "obviously heard the new album". Whatever the truth, the chap …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    'bout time somebody did it.

    Nuff said.

  2. Lloyd
    Thumb Up

    Well done that man

    Next time give the Neanderthal plank a kick in the head from me.

  3. Joe K

    Maybe i'm missing something...

    ....but i wouldn't exactly call this entertaining.

    Some gobshite rushed the stage, attacked the talent, and ruined the night for a lot of people.

    Personally, i hope they kicked his teeth out of his head backstage.

  4. Pete James

    Missing Link Takes a Tumble

    Made my day - that URL is going round the office right now!

  5. Matt Thornton


    Well done that man. Went down quicker than a sack of shit. Or Amir Khan.

    RE: Fist-happy Liam - if you watch closely, he only gets his macho act on after the security guards have secured the unidentified assailant and then does his "Yeh yeh yeh, I'm gonna twat you mate eh, yeh?" routine when there's actually little chance of him getting a punch in. If he was truly hard he wouldn't have nutted the bloke of the stage before security arrived.

  6. Matt Thornton

    erm, WOULD

    * erm, I mean he WOULD have nutted the bloke. I was too eager to see wankers like this getting some payback.

  7. Anonymous Coward
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    Oasis - take a lesson from the masters

    As always, it's been done before - and better.

    In 1981 a similar incident happened to the Rolling Stones, except that Keef decided to handle it by unclipping his guitar and smashing the guy in the face with it.

    None of your 5-minute breaks there, they just carry on playing. I know which guitarist I'd want around if it all kicked off.

    Dead Vulture


    Damn you El Reg. I had to sit through 1 minute and 20 seconds of that drivel to get to the push.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    I like the way Liam cowers until 4 large bouncers get the bloke, then he acts all hard again

    They're a pub band.

    These things happen to pub bands.

    You've got to roll with it.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Once again

    Noel takes care of all in a day's work for a band, while his lazy wee brother chews gum, chews words and stares at the ceiling.

    (Rather see the tribute bands.)

    Thumbs down for the stage-crasher, who obviously didn't know to go for Liam.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Shame it didn't happen to Liam instead.

    He's such a twat.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    what a gentleman.

    The gentleman need to be kicked to the inch of his life! It's bound to happen to him sooner or later if that's how he conducts himself in public!

    - dead bird cos that's probably how he'll end up.

  13. Smallbrainfield


    Best comment ever.

    He is a gobshite, but he didn't deserve that.

    I did laugh though.

  14. Nipsirc

    And happy slapping's hilarious too.

    I really don't care whether this happened to someone famous or not, pushing someone over next to the edge of a stage is stupid beyond belief. Perhaps I'm getting old, but I've never found deliberate actions which could lead to someone else's serious injury or death particularly funny.

  15. paul clarke

    Ha Ha

    What goes around......

    About time that tw@ got a smack.

    Bigger than Jesus? What a tosser.

  16. Lukin Brewer

    It couldn't have happened to a *nicer* band...

    Well, actually it could, but competition in that field is fierce.

    During their pub gig days, the Stranglers had to deal with all manner of old-style mods, rockers and teddy boys who would come down to their gigs and attempt, unsuccessfully, to rush the stage and beat them up.

    Guns'n'Roses security are on record as saying that they spent more effort keeping Slash away from the fans, and the drug dealers away from the band, than in herding the fans.

  17. Andy Scott

    it looks staged

    it looks like it was staged as if you look you'll see that the guy came from backstge and i know from working backstage at gigs (inluding oasis) there's always security backstage left and right areas to stop anyone getting on stage that shouldn't be on stage getting on

  18. Lloyd


    "During their pub gig days, the Stranglers had to deal with all manner of old-style mods, rockers and teddy boys who would come down to their gigs and attempt, unsuccessfully, to rush the stage and beat them up."

    Is that why J J Burnel spent so much time pretending he was Hon Kong Phoey?

  19. Stu


    The Gallaghers definitely come across the same way to different people like marmite does.

    But for me, Oasis were okay when they first came out, but as soon as they started putting themselves up on the same level as the Beatles, and givvin-it-laarge all the time, that was it for me. Now I'd just love to see the bros get their asses kicked all the time.

    Lets face it, in terms of entertainment value, seeing this is waaay better than listening to the music, I'd go to any event, even some of these ponsey modern boy/girl bands, if I knew somebody would kick their pretentious asses off stage at some point.

    Dont get me wrong, I'm not one of these brain-dead thug types, but you just have to see things like this once in a while to keep it interesting, their music is just NOT enough.


    As for the previous comment somebody posted about 'ruining it for everybody for the rest of the night', that all depends on how you look at them in general doesn't it.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    not so security

    "there's always security backstage left and right areas to stop anyone getting on stage that shouldn't be on stage getting on"

    Not always i'm usually the only one on my side of the stage when doing monitors

  21. Anonymous Coward

    @Joe K

    "Some gobshite rushed the stage, attacked the talent, and ruined the night for a lot of people"

    1) The gobshite was already on stage with his brother.

    2) Talent? Oh, you mean the drummer.

    3) Ruined the night? It made my (and everybody else in the office's) day!

    You're probably the type who would do exactly what Liam's doing - staying back a good cowardly distance (not even checking to see if your brother's okay) but acting all big and hard when the protection appears.

    Now go and get a life you miserable old git.

  22. Matt West
    Thumb Down


    He could have come on from the front then run around the back of the amps. Or he could have got in through any number of ways. If you're fast enough and lucky enough you can do it. Especially at Festivals where there are armies of hangers on lurking around backstage. Either way that prick may well have cost a couple of people their jobs.

  23. Pete James
    Paris Hilton

    He fumbled his Marthas for a brisket last terrier

    You know what, I reckon the lad doing the push might have been a Man Utd fan.

    There's plenty of decent bands from Manchester at the mo, but it's not these pretensious plagiarists. I wish I knew how on earth they've got away with pumping out the rubbish they cobble together and play - I'd have a crack at it too!

    Got to be Paris. She's been on a must-see video as well. Allegedly.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    They probably needed the 'five minutes' for a little therapy. You know how these super-famous media types are, shocked with horror at the thought that someone may not actually like what they do.

  25. W

    @ Nipsirc


    You wanna go and see a Beatles tribute band? Fine by me.

    You wanna save your hard earned by not going? Fine by me, also.

    You wanna fight? Go and join a boxing club if you're the big man.

    You wanna tarnish the evening I just spent MY hard earned on? You'll wish you hadn't.

    What a bunch of juvenile comments. Possibly the worst I've seen on the Reg.

  26. Frank Bough

    No Way Sis

    what a bunch of tossers making comments today. What kind of a massive bell end thinks it's impressive to push someone over? I mean, over the age of 5?

  27. blackworx

    @ Lloyd

    "Is that why J J Burnel spent so much time pretending he was Hon Kong Phoey?"


  28. Anonymous Coward

    @ Joe K

    What talent ?

    You mean the guy pushing the oik over ?

  29. Franco

    Whats with you people ?

    That was quite a nasty thing to happen to anybody.

    Fine if you don't like their music or you think that they are "rip-off" artists, but I think that opinion drips with jealously, and is coming from people that are upset that they didn't write all the songs Noel has done over the years..

    If you don't like it, dont listen to it, and the fact you find this funny says alot about the people that read the Register..

    Grown ups acting like 5 year olds because "he fell over".. Get a life ffs.

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Judging by the maturity of comments on this article, it seems the average Reg readership age has plummeted to about 5 since this story hit YouTube.

    Paris, cos even she's more mature than some on here.

  31. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    What, no Russian Mafia?

    I'm sure by the time Noel's re-told his version of the story it will be that the Russian Army stormed the stage thinking he was Georgia! For those with short memories.....

  32. Franco

    Hey Matt

    What has Liam getting his teeth knocked out got to do with what happened to Noel the other night ?

    I remember interviews with Noel after that incident, Noel wasn't there and thought that Liam getting his teeth knocked out was quite funny saying " He probably deserved it ".. He didn't try to twist it in any way to suggest Mafia involvement.

    I think peoples imagination's are getting the better on this particular subject. Noel is a stand up guy, really funny in interviews and I think all the comments on this subject are down to pure jealously. He's sitting in his mansion while you lot post comments on the Register instead of doing any work. Sad really !

  33. Andrew Thomas

    No joke

    Just to agree with the posters attacking the idiot who pushed Noel over. Could have seriously injured Noel. Not clever or funny, just an idiot drunk. People who think it is funny must have sad lives.

  34. Franco

    Injuries & Gig Postponded

    Well, it turns out that most of ye got what you wanted:

    "Noel fell heavily on to his monitor speakers when he was pushed suddenly from behind by his attacker and suffered bruising to his ribs and hip. He was examined in a local hospital after the band's performance and has been advised to rest."

    Some "laugh" eh...

  35. Anonymous Coward

    @Andrew Thomas

    Get a life, yawn etc....

  36. kerlmann

    Noel vs Keith...

    ....comparing this incident to the video of Keith Richards attacking a stage marauder with this guitar isn't valid - Noel didn't see this bloke coming at all, or certainly not until it was too late to do anything about it.

    Richards on the other hand (if you watch the vid) has enough time to take his guitar right off, balance himself and tw*t the little bleeder before he even has a chance to lay a finger on him.

  37. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    I can't stop watching it....

    It's like ten Christmases rolled into one :-)

    What also makes me laugh is media reports that Liam had to be restrained from retaliating!

    If you actually watch you see he stays back until Security have a good hold of our hero, then he gingerly goes in whilst holding his arm out backwards for someone to grab hold of and 'restrain' him.

    He's a soft shite!


  38. Sceptical Bastard

    Get a grip, Reg commentards

    Whether or not you think the Gallagher brothers are gobshites, whether or not you think Oasis is a crap act, the fact is that drunken pusballs attacking the turn is not only mindless and potentially injurious but is sticking one up the punters.

    If you think assault is funny, put your favourite band in Oasis's place. Still funny? Watch some 'happy slapping' footage. Still funny? Two hoodies kicking the shit out of a pensioner. Still funny?

    Assault. Very fucking droll. To laugh at this is to condone mindless violence.

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