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It may be fanciful but let's try the analogy anyway. An outfit called 3Tera has set up partnerships with data centre hosters around the world and says it can run apps in these data centres as if they were in a single cloud data centre. Is this virtualizing data centres like servers? What happens is that 3Tera software called …


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  1. Pete Silver badge

    If it's tuesday, this must be Belgium

    So your critical application, you know: the one your company depends on for it's revenue and ultimately it's survival flits from datacentre to datacentre. With luck, the gigabytes (or tens, or hundreds of GB) follows along without corruption and with suitable backups in place, and without too many unauthorised copies being made by the less honest/regulated entities it happens to meet on it's travels.

    Hopefully the "cloud" controller won't change it's location too often, as even a paltry 10GB of data will take some significant amount of time (downtime?) to squirt up a network to it's new home.

    While I can see the appeal of those organisations that have admitted to themselves that they can't (or are not inclined) to look after their own computing, it does sound as if it's mixing the worst of outsourcing with the reliability of a T5 luggage handling system for corporate data: where did we last see that app?

  2. Paul O

    Sounds a bit like what MS calls DSI

    The "dynamic systems initiative" was going to result in smart apps that would find appropriate resources to run each component on - lots of noise ~ 2 years ago but we haven't really seen any output yet

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