back to article Logitech V550 Nano wireless laptop mouse

Logitech's latest cordless mobile mouse offers a neat solution to the problem of where you put the thing when it's not being used: this one you clip onto your laptop. The concept: wherever you take your computer, you'll always have your mouse with you. Like this: Logitech_docking_mouse_03 Logitech's Nano V550: Gentlemen, …


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  1. Sampler
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    Just a thought

    Why don't you stick the nipple on the underside then you don't have to worry about scratching the shiny top?

    Though suppose it could make it unbalanced on the desk.

  2. Watashi

    Carry on up El Reg

    Hur, hur, hur - he said "nipple clips".

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    Stupidest idea ever?

    Why would anyone ever want to glue their mouse to their laptop? It's not going to work very well when you slide the lappy into it's bag is it! And Reg just went along with it :(

    How about a meaningful test - e.g. how well does the whole shebang hold up when the guy in the picture brushed past someone in a corridor. I can hear the sound of snapping little plastic "nipples"...

  4. jubtastic1
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    We don't need no stinking titles

    £50 /$60? Wow, had no idea the exchange rate had crashed so hard.

    Also, whoever thought there was a market for mouse shaped barnacles on laptops needs a good shoeing.

  5. Tom Westheimer
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    A better Mouse (trap) for notebooks

    I have found that batteries always go dead when you need them so I wanted a small mouse that could be recharged with Bluetooth if possible.

    There are desktop mice that have a cradle for recharging but that is too big and clumsy for portability. What I found is a MOGO mouse. It charges in the PC Card slot, has builtin Bluetooth (or comes with a very small BT adapter) and stores in the slot! (I don't work for them but it is an elegant solution)


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  6. Bad Beaver
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    I am supposed to deface the impeccable simplicity of my Powerbook with a protruding glue-on nipple that I can attach a bulging mouse to, as though the Notebook suffered from struma? Excuse me? You cannot be serious. I will take the hassle of stuffing a mouse down some pocket over this any day.

  7. David Simpson


    Yes i think the term LAPTOP BAG fits somewhere in this review, and NASTY LARGE LOGITECH LOGO.

    But why leave it just with the mouse why not have a clip on powerbrick, spare clip on batteryand it would be even handy to be able to clip my favorite mug on so i can use my laptop as a crude tray to carry my tea into the office.

    It's only a cheap ol' laptop isn't it.

  8. Si Lo
    Paris Hilton

    Was there a compe(tit)ion

    To say nipple as many times as possible? :)

    Paris: We've all seen her nipples...

  9. Charles Manning
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    Why I have a cabled mouse

    I have a Logitech cabled laptop mouse - the one with the groove to wrap the cable around + snapper (nipple) to hold the USB plug in place.

    No battery to go flat. I swore off having a battery powered laptop mouse when a battery went flat miles from nowhere (though I could keep a spare battery in the bag no doubt).

    As others have mentioned the crap idea of having a mouse stuck to the outside of a laptop and how easily it will shear off when you bump it against a door frame and how it will make a pressure point when stowed in cabin overhead lockers etc.

    It seems to me that Logitech have taken all the crappest ideas and put them into one mouse.

    About the only good thing is being able to say "nipple" about ten times in one article.

  10. Christian Berger

    Why not just...?

    Why don't they just build trackballs into laptops. You could have a pointing device with you all the time that way.

  11. Goat Jam
    Paris Hilton


    Umm, because trackballs suck would be my guess.

    Yes, I know some people like them but let's face it, they have been around now for near on 20 years and they still haven't really caught on.

    I think we could all learn something form that.

    Paris because . . . . ummm . . . all this talk about nipples I suppose

  12. Tom Simnett

    @ Christian Berger

    You mean a little bit like the Acorn Stork prototype of 1996?

    Sad face, because there was only one innovative computer company and they're gone now.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Aside from the idiotic "design" of gluing a nipple to your machine, why not make the thing Bluetooth?

    Bluetooth is built-in and there's no need to waste a precious USB port for the dopey RF transmitter.

    No sale.

    The internal trackballs of years gone by were okay, but they stuck out and got gummed up. The trackpad is a better solution for a laptop, thought I only use mine when necessary. I actually carry a small Wacom tablet with my MBP. It's flat, fits in my bag better. Besides, working with the pressure-sensitive stylus is SO much better than using a clunky old mouse.

    As for trackballs, I swear by them! Mice are clunky, slow and RSI inducing. Trackballs are FAST and perfect for multiple monitor setups, especially.

  14. Rich

    Will Logitech make its "nipple" a standard connector to attach things to laptops

    Like webcams and the like.

    They could sell a stick on device to attach with. Maybe called a nipple clamp.

  15. Craig
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    @ jubtastic1


    You need to remember that this mouse fits into the electronic equipment, software and entertainment exchange rate, not the publicly announced general exchange rate. This is the exchange rate that sees those paying in £s being charged much more in real terms than those paying in $s.

    It's not the manufacturer's fault, of course, they have to provide all that extra support for the UK base. That English (US) to English (International) translation is very difficult for their Indian call-centre staff.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    @ Bad Beaver

    Quote: "I am supposed to deface the impeccable simplicity of my Powerbook with a protruding glue-on nipple that I can attach a bulging mouse to, as though the Notebook suffered from struma?"

    But there is ALWAYS at least one nipple attached to each Powerbook already.


  17. TeeCee Gold badge


    Should sell like hot cakes to the BDSM crowd.

    They can always bin the mouse, the adaptor and the lid mount. After all, at that price for a tool that can twist nipples off, it's a bargain.

    Yes please. The PVC one with the handcuffs and pliers in the pocket.

  18. Steve

    @Tom Westheimer

    I managed to get a Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 in the US recently for <$50, and I can say I'm very impressed with it. Luckily the Bluetooth adapter it comes with pretends to be a standard USB hub if you can't get Bluetooth working (twunts in IT!)

    Anyway I use it with rechargable AAA's and get weeks on end out if using 8-10 hours a day.

  19. Tom Hawkins

    Goat Jam and Tom Simnett,

    ...please return your irony detectors for recalibration at your earliest convenience, thank you.

  20. Gavin Nottage

    @Goat Jam

    Trackballs don't suck... They can require a bit of time to get used to. So some users try them for a few minutes, then give up and deem them rubbish. Take the effort with a comfortable one and they can become a joy to use.

    But then what do I know - laptop trackpads to me are pretty much unusable (although trackpoints, the nipple like devices in Thinkpads are far better). I guess that's why they need to have these mice for laptops...

  21. Karl Dallas

    Trackballs don't suck!

    What I want is a small laptop friendly trackball to replace that stupid supplied gadget that requires two hands to operate anything like efficiently. I've got three Logitech trackballs that I use on my laptop and two other desktop machines, but the laptop one's far too big for the bag I use. There used to be some really small trackballs that clipped onb the side of the screen, and if anyone has one they'd like to offer up on eBay I'd be a customer.

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