back to article Samsung parades Omnia 3G smartphone

Last night, at a lavish event in London, Samsung proudly paraded its brand new 3G Windows Mobile 6.1-based touchscreen handset, the SGH-i900 -aka Omnia. The Omnia was first seen back in April at a European trade fair, but it hasn't been known exactly when Samsung would make its frontal assault on the iPhone available in the UK …


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  1. Gary Littlemore
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    I've got one...

    I've had this phone for about 3 week now and it's a beautifully crafted phone, windows mobile works well with the Samsung GUI. I can’t fault it in any way.

  2. Pawel

    no HW 3d

    It's a shame that Samsung, like e.g. HTC hadn't provide drivers for the graphics accelerator ...

  3. ruffage
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    Shame the stylus isn't housed inside the phone's body but on a chain instead, like a girl's lucky charm.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    I HAD one...

    Got it from Expansys at immense expense, all excited.

    AND sooooo many problems from day one: No charger in box (must have been a refurb), no charging from USB ever with all the patches and different machines and operating systems - just nowt; no key lock despite tech help; and the worst part...touch screen is like something out of the 80's compared to an iPhone I am afraid.

    Looks = great!

    Haptic Feedback = only sometimes works - ie with phone keypad, but not with email keyboard annoyingly. But superb when working - soon everyone will be doing this

    Phone = Great!

    GPS = Great!

    Touchscreen = Terrible! I switched to using the stylus which they included cause they obviously knew this would happen. Thing has to dangle off the side cause there is no space for it to be inserted. Annoying.

    Music = Great

    Widgets = Mahh. Bit Lame - just gets in the way and not sizeable, switched to standard win mob home screen after a while

    Could just be me, but sooooo disappointed - really wanted this to work.

    Good enough to keep an eye on if Samsung issue an update to improve the touchscreen which was the biggest disappointment. If it gets sorted then I will get another.

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