back to article North Korean Mata Hari in alleged cyber-spy plot

South Korea has accused its neighbour North Korea of cyber-espionage during the trial of a suspected Mata Hari-style spy. However some political commentators are suggesting that the case against alleged spy Won Jeong Hwa is unsupported by evidence and riddled with inconsistencies. North Korea's electronic warfare division …


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  1. Gordon Fecyk

    North Korea Again? What happened to six hundred hackers?

    This is the same regime that loves to mess with South Korean heads routinely. It's also the same regime that has no visible lights at night time...

    As for spyware e-mail sent to South Korean officers, if the ROK military's computers are as woefully administered as this suggests, I think they have far worse problems than spyware.

  2. E


    N. Korea sent a spy to S. Korea in order to collect email addresses, so N. Korea coould send S. Koreans spam?

    This is called espionage now?

  3. Ishkandar

    South Korean military installations

    Just look in Google or M$ maps. They are all there !! As for South Korean officers getting malware, perhaps they should stop accessing porn-sites hosted in the North !!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    What's in a name?

    Won Jeong Hwa ? Sounds too much like the legendary " Won Hung Hi" for my liking, although she is a woman - allegedly. Is this a genuine story?

    Paris Hilton, much better than the Hanoi version, ask John McCain.....

  5. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Hookers make the Best Lovers or the Best of Lovers... Cinderella Sin Der Elle

    " Declassified US National Archive documents, released after 60 years, paint Kim as the "victim of crude fabrication by a paranoid South Korean Government and a cover-up by the Americans", The Times reports. "

    Early MkUltra Restone Arsenal PreProgramming. ..... Natural BetaTesting.

    "Paris Hilton, much better than the Hanoi version, ask John McCain....." ....By Anonymous Coward Posted Friday 5th September 2008 20:23 GMT

    Is that an unexploded Ordnance, AC? A Hot Live Round? .

  6. Anonymous Coward

    S Korea again?

    How come I never meet women like this? Been in IT for decades and all I ever get to meet in the flesh are the contestants in the "Minger of the Year" awards...

    (Please note: I have never met our esteemed Moderatrix so do NOT include her in this description. Please call off the hounds.)

    Mine's the one with a red carnation in the pocket in the buttonhole and a very battered and rolled-up copy of Playboy in the pocket...

  7. rick buck
    Paris Hilton

    N Korea Spy...Defects!!!

    And they went back to N. Korea?


    ...'cause you sometimes wonder what happened to their brains?

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