back to article Bosch strategy boutique fails greenwash test

The marketing robots at the UK tentacle of remorseless Teutonic engineering firm Bosch haven't quite mastered the art of eco-friendly promotion guff. Their "Planet Savers" competition offers entrants the exciting opportunity of flying all expenses paid to Florida to witness the launch of the space shuttle, that wonder of our …


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  1. Jacob Reid

    Good on them

    Good to see someone is resisting this 'environment' scam.

  2. mick

    Carbon neutral

    I'm sure they own a rainforest or two to offset the odd launch here and there

  3. MarkJ

    At least they'll know...

    That the privileged few will be given an escape route to a new life in the off world colonies, their every whim catered for by murderous Nexus-6 replicants made by the Bosch corporation.

  4. Dave


    I am sure that the plane was going to make the flight anyway, and space-rockets are our best bet for escaping this rotting planet at the moment, as neither teleportation nor warp-drive have yet made it into the realms of reality.

  5. frank


    "space-rockets are our best bet for escaping this rotting planet"

    We really are completely screwed then.

  6. StopthePropaganda
    Thumb Up

    is this envy we hear?:)

    admit it, Mr. Williams. You just wanna win the prize.

    *gasp* that's it! this story is mere propaganda to keep others from entering so the writer can win his shuttle launch visit! Pure genius! :)

    Being witness to a shuttle launch is one of the things I must do before I die-I've been witness to only one *truly* loud situation-the takeoff roar of the Concorde at full throttle. Next on the LOUD scale is a shuttle launch (I want to get reeal close). Finally, to cap it off, I want to witness an above ground nuclear test. Doesn't get much louder than that!:)

    Beware of your plan works, Mr. Williams. the humidity in Orlando, any time of year, is atrocious. ;)

  7. James

    At least there's hydrogen involved...

    The international flight will involve a fair bit of carbon, and the Solid Rocket Boosters on the side aren't nice chemicals, but the Space Shuttle Main Engines are hydrogen fueled: the giant orange tank is a container of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, which is supposed to be The Fuel Of The Future(TM), as we're always being told.

    (Of course, producing that hydrogen isn't clean, but burning it only produces water.)

  8. Norfolk Enchants Paris
    Dead Vulture


    Rotting planet? I take it you're based in London then!

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