back to article 4G iPod Nano spied on web

Apple's fourth-gen iPod Nano has surfaced on the web, well ahead of next week's anticipated announcement of the product. Online business-oriented market, Alibaba, lists a screen-protector product for the new music player: iPod Nano 4G Apple's 4G iPod Nano It's worth noting the device alleged to the 4G Nano matches pics …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Oh bugger ...

    If it turns out that the pictures are real, and they've gone back to the old iPod Mini styling, then it looks like my credit card is in for some more abuse, especially if they're doing it in chilli red[*] :-(

    Bring on a 16Gb version ...

    [*] - normally I wouldn't touch anything endorsed by that proseletysing twat from U2, but I love the colour of the Product Red iPods.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    indeed, hard to take someone serious how as part of the U2 band has a share in a $800 million property empire + other assets, comes asking me for money to help solve the world problems.... maybe if they liquidated their assets that would feed a lot of hungry folks, or heat a lot of old folks homes? An this is a guy who flew his hat first class from the UK to italy for gig .... what a ****

  3. ruffage
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    Prefer the current design tbh. This new one looks too feminine, and seems to be forgetting what "nano" actually refers to.

  4. rentagas

    new stuff -perhaps even a new story

    New Nano (including 16GB), New touch, new itunes (8), new firmware (2.1) surely a story for el reg somehere

    Paris because she'd prefer a long thin nano to a short fat one

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